Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

it was back in 1996 in our “face me i face” compound that i lived with my parents and i should be around 12 or 14 years and i was quite stubborn at my age but one thing that stood out about me was my very huge pipe, i would pull my shorts to bathe outside and the older girls in our compound would make good remarks as they gossip with each other “this boy pipe big oh!, i pity him girlfriend for future” as innocent as i was i loved those remarks so i always take my bath outside whether the bathroom is crowded or not for i want to see the shock of surprise in their eyes and those heart warming accolades.

Aunty comfort my mothers best friend whom is a neighbour too, people in the compound normally say my mum and aunty comfort are the gossips we have in the compound, my mother barely does nothing at home, she is always chewing bubble gum with aunty comfort as they mimic little thundering sound with thier mouth as they chew the gum.

On this fateful day, i didn’t get good grades from my school work and my mum decided to deal with me in her usual style, she brought out those long thick cane to flog me, as she gave me the first lash on my back, i took off in pain, running round the compound and hoping that someone would come out to beg my mother on my behalf and stop the torrents of torture that has already started to befall me, when nobody came to my rescue, i decided to dash into any door that was open and aunty comfort’s room was nearest to where my ordeal was taking place, i dashed into her room, pushed the door and bolted it as fast as i could, turned and right before me was aunty comfort in her eve clothes, water melon boooby and bushy V, i was caught in the frenzy mood that i just paused, she was also surprised because she quickly dropped the cream tube she was holding and quickly took the towel by the bedside and covered herself, “come romel your mama no teach you to dey knock before you enter person house?” so she said as she sat down and looked pissed at me, “aunty sorry, na my mama dey pursue me with cane” i replied still breathing heavily, “oya come sidon here, dis your mama sef be like say she don dey kolo” and yes i felt my mum was going crazy that period because she would be the one to tell my elder sisters not to near aunty comfort that she is an ashawo but yet that was her bestfriend.

As i sat beside aunty comfort, she continued to rub her cream and i watched as her hand caressed her legs and as she moved it to her upper and inner thighs, my pipe started to become strong but i cared less as i watched her, “O boy bring that bra for ontop that table” i stood up and rushed to bring her large bra and i guessed she noticed the shape in my trouser as i tried to put my pipe in between my thighs and cover it, she faced the wall and put the bra on and called me to fix the hook at the back of the bra together and i did without hesitation, it was then that the tip of my now awake pipe hit her back, as she turned and looked at me, drew me close and pulled the shorts i was wearing. A huge fat pipe popped out “chineke!! this boy u no be small pikin oh” she shouted and held my thick beefy pipe and was turning it like she was admiring a pile meat at the market and was pricing with the butcher.

she put her hand in an oval form shaped like a V and massaged my pipe till i saw my pipe stretched to its full length and all the veins showing fully,

“big boy!” she teased as she put her hands into my shirt and twitched my npples then she began to give me my first pipe-job EVER!, she scked from the tip of my pipe down to the end as she choked on it, my pipe was filled with saliva as she grabbed my “garden egg” sized balls into her mouth while her hand was still massaging my lengthy pipe, and i was about camming. i shook in excitement, then she gave me a very painful slap on my chest! “learn to control yourself, you no go carry this big pipe and you go dey release like mumu, if you dey nack calm your body down and nack” so she said, the pain from the slap made all the c.m to run back to wherever they came from.

“Oya come sck my toto, i no talk say make you bite am oh!, you no see as i sck you and one teeth no touch ur p—k, na wetin you go do now” so she said as laid on her back, threw her legs wide apart and pointed to her center spot“na here you go lick with your tongue then you go s*ck inside my toto with your mouth and tongue” she directed my head to her clllit and i brought out my tongue and began to lick it like she directed me,

i was licking slow as she m0aned “do am fast na” and i increased my pace, licking her cl1it while she m0aned so well, i felt proud of myself and then i decided to put my tongue into her pusy and s*ck her well, in anxiety my teeth did bite her c/ntlips “oh! this boy you no sabi anything, no wonder you dey fail for class”

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