Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

The vibration of my tecno pop woke me up the phone seff have tire me I need to change it.

I dragged myself to phone and check it was my junior bro Daniel.

Daniel: Marve I don enter yawa oo

Me: come, why you dey pant like Christmas goat??

Daniel:bro I no dey joke oo I don enter to dey come una house now now.

Me:Idiot I no dey house, no near my house to

Daniel: bro abeg no do laidis.
He said and dropped the call.

Well my name is Marvellous but my niggas call me Marve for short I’m a second class graduate of accountancy in the university of Lagos I relocated to Ibadan where my family lives to look job but I was able to secure an apartment a bit from home.

I quickly got up locked my windows, locked my kitchen door, and my slippers that is outside.

Got inside and brought out the remaining 3k in my wallet plus my ATM and some other percious things, before the idiot will come again saying he need to beg them with some money again.

I started walking to and fro in my room my mind no dey at rest I still remember wetin I went through in the hand of soilders the other time I no dey well to do frog jump oo.

Then I heard a loud knock at the door eeeeeehhh! I don die! I quickly go into the kitchen and took the pestle Mama chidi left in my place the other time no ask me wetin she come do.

Me:who be that?? *I ask in naira marley’s. Voice”

Daniel:na me to open door jharey.

Me:Daniel weti happen where them dey??

Daniel:who be that?

Me:those idiots wey dey pursue una

The idiot just fell on my bed laughing.

Daniel:Abeg shey food dey*he said admist laugh..

Me:The food wey your ancestors bring come here?? Idiot

The idiot open all my pots and ate the rice I reserved for myself..

Daniel:You suppose dey happy say I come

Me:Idiot come dey go
I arranged my room to it’s normal state and started thing about my life when sleep came.

Bang! Bang!

Me:who be that idiot?!?*I said still sleeping.

Idiot open this door now or well break it
My eyes shined immediately!

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