Episode 1

Arrogant Bastard.

Bella and sam sat down on the bed, watching
their grandmother who lay looking so pale, it broke Bella’s heart to know that if she doesn’t find money soon her mother will die.
She had been the only hope she and her younger brother sam had ever since their parents died in a fire, Bella returned home after picking sam up from school only to discover their house was on fire, she had tried to go in but the police had showed the dead bodies of her family to her, Bella wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out, sam was just 7 then and she was 15, their grandmother was their only means of survival, the one who put a roof over their heads, it’s been 9 years since that incident happened, and it was just like yesterday.

Sitting and staring at her grandmother broke her heart to the core, where she was working as a waiter her boss try to hit on her, and she quit the job after kneeling her boss, in where the sun doesn’t shine.

She had been trying to get a job ever since then but the old men whom could be her father wanted sex with her, all the grumpy fools, the idiots .they disgust her .

After the doctor had demanded a huge sum of money , Bella didn’t know what to do or where to start from, she had no where to go, who will
borrow her money ? And where will she get the money to pay back.
“Bella I think it’s best I drop out of school ” sam said , her 16 year old brother who’s in his last year in high school to graduate, even his fees is also an issue, but she couldn’t let her brother
not complete school just like her, she dropped out of mid high school working to make sure sam complete his school, but there’s no way she’s letting him drop out.

“Sam, it will be better you stop saying that, I don’t know for how long you will understand that you will never drop out, I won’t let you turn out like me forget it” Bella said angrily.

Sam knew his sister was going through alot, and she was helping him to complete school, and providing for the family necessity since their parents died, but Bella is suffering so much and he wished he could help her, but Bella will never let him and will get mad at him each time he talks about dropping out.
“Bella” sam called and went closer to his sister.

“You can’t keep all this responsibilities on your head, my school , grandmother’s health and our needs , Bella it’s best I drop out” sam said .

“I told you you aint dropping out” she yelled , ” I will try to get money okay , grandmother will be treated and you will graduate” Bella said .

“How will you get such money ? We don’t even have a penny Bella , what and where or how will you get the d–n money ? Sam yelled.
“Don’t you dare raise your voice at me, I will do my best , but forget about dropping out of school, cause that’s not happening” Bella hissed.

Sam couldn’t watch her go through all of this alone “Bella” he held her hand ” am just concerned about you ” sam whispered.

A tear drop from her eyes as she touched he brothers cheek.

“I know, am sorry for yelling” she said kissing his forehead.

Sam was her biggest hope, and she couldn’t stand him being out of school , she didn’t want him to surfer the way she had, she will do all she can to get a job .

Bella left to the grocery store to get some food items with the little money she had, she drove her old wagger , infact she will sale the d–n Rustin car soon and find money to add to pay her grandmother’s treatment, parking it along the other cars she went into the store, and almost 20 minutes later she came out and wanted to enter her car .

She discovered a blue Mercedes Benz behind her car, blocking her path, she tried to see if she could manage any space to pass through but d–n, there was non, she gently walked to the car and try to see if anyone was in it , she knocked at the window glass , she piped in and saw a man and woman making out, it was so gross she hit the glass harder to get their attention, it was pulled down .

“What the hell do you want? A very deep male voice said , when Bella looked into his eyes her mouth dropped open, she started drooling
immediately not caring if his girlfriend or wife was looking at her.

The guy is beyond handsome, he looked so gorgeous and his blue eyes so appealing, she had never seen such a handsome man in her whole life, but his tone was Rude towards her.
“Who the hell are you ? He half yelled making Bella come back from her little trans of thought, Bella face flashed with anger as she stared at him.
“I need you to move your d–n car so I can get going” she said not bothering looking at the woman , she was not even beautiful and her breast is times 3 of hers , yuk she wonders why some women pop their breast, cause it’s unattractive to her .
“Am sure my car isn’t blocking your path ” he said .

“Are you kidding me mr, you need to move it or I will move it myself” she said angrily, now this arrogant jerk was pissing her off.
“Let me see you try ” he smirked at her .
It seems this arrogant jerk didn’t know who his messing with , after all his car will be damaged, hers already has stretch marks , so hers isn’t a problem, she angrily got into her car and started the engine then try to reverse back to the road, it all happened quickly she heard a loud sound and she stopped moving, she sees as the man
came out of his car looking so angry and going to check the mess she had done , well maybe not on purpose.

She came out and went to look it, the ugly lady also came out.

“What the hell” Knight cursed seeing the scratch Bella had done to his car, it was big,Knight faced her.

“Why did you do that ? He yelled.
“I told you I needed to get going and your stupid car was blocking my path but you said I should go ahead ” Bella said looking at Angry Knight.

“Do you have any idea of who your dealing with, I could lock you up for this ” knight yelled. Bella’s eyes widen, could he be serious.

“You can’t be serious Mr, I told you to move your d–n stupid car but you didn’t, does it make sense to arrest me for this stupid car of yours? She yelled back .
“It seems you really don’t know me, I could make you pay for this act young lady” Knight looked at her angrily.
“Okay , sorry, is that okay ? Bella asked.
“Sorry ? Knight scoffed .
“What will sorry do you b—h ” he yelled . Bella didn’t know how it happened but her fist landed on his cheek loudly, and Knight was

“You arrogant bastard, I should have known I was wasting my time speaking to you ” Bella said and turned enter her wagger and drove off .

Knight was shocked, no woman had dared slap him before, and this lady did?
But he couldn’t stop thinking about her face , she looked so beautiful, beautiful than any woman he had ever set eyes on, something made him want her and he will get her .

“Baby you’ve been staring at the dust so long, and you didn’t react when she slapped you , why did you let her go? The lady his with asked .

Knight turned to glare at the artificial lady , her
face boobs , bum everything artificial, but that girl was natural even without make up she’s drop dead gorgeous.

“Yes , why do you care ? He asked the w—e .
“Knight you never let a woman talk to you like
that ” she said .

“Well, so you want to give it a try ? I asked she smiled .

“Of course not , why don’t we get going? She asked.

He didn’t want her around him so he ducked his hand in his pocket and gave her some money.

“I will be driving back alone , you should go home

” Knight said and went into his car drove off and left the lady there fuming.

“You bastard” she muttered under her breath .

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