Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

???? Torre’s POV ????

“Open up, bitch”.

I groaned softly, and continue f**k the bitch in the restroom.

Oh yeah’, you’re the best.

She moaned softly and kiss me.

“Bitch, kiss is not allowed”.

I said softly while she glared at me.

I reached my climax, and pull out of her c**t .

Suck it.

I said and put my d**k in her mouth,.

She was sucking it like a bitch .

I released my semens in her f**king mouth.

” You can go now”.

“But you said you love me”.

She said in a cracked voice.

” Bitch, I can’t love you, you’re horny while am horny too”.

I said coldly and left her.

I walked out slamming the door harder…

That Torre for you.

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