Episode 1

Honey, baby!!, Please go and open the door, it seems someone is knocking, Alex said as he starts eating his amala with egusi soup piled up with many more of cat fish and meat.

Ok babe, Felicia replied as she went ahead to open the door. Oh mama good morning,Felicia said still at the door looking at her mother-in-law’s frowning face.Shut up, what is good about the morning when I am not hearing the sound of a child in my son’s house mtcheew, Felicia mother in-law said.

Mama, what’s all this,why would you be insulting my own wife like this in front of me,Alex said after cleaning his hands which was stained with soup earlier. What!!?,I was only saying the truth,is not like I was lying,for the past 10 years Alexander,your wife hasn’t even gotten pregnant not to talk of giving birth, Felicia mother in-law replied.Mama please that’s enough, you can be going now,I will come to see later,Alex said.

Ok ooo,I’ve said my own, Felicia mother in-law replied chewing her gum sarcastically.What is happening to me Alex, everyday, embarrassment,Felicia said weeping helplessly. Felicia, why are you crying,you know mama didn’t mean what she said, Alex replied. She didn’t mean what she said?,what are you even saying?, mtcheew, you don’t even care whether I give birth or not,Felicia said and ran to her room upstairs.Ah ah, Felicia??, Alex replied looking confused.

(Few weeks later)

Felicia is seen talking with her friend, Tina about what happened with her and her mother in-law.

Really!, But wait, that your mother in-law, is she mad, I knew she didn’t like you right from the time you got married to Alex, she didn’t want to snap pictures with you on that day, Tina explained.

I don’t what I will do right now tina, I am fed up, Felicia replied as starts crying. Felicia please don’t cry, there is another you can give birth but the child won’t be Alex’s own, Tina said as she looked serious. What!!, you mean I will cheat on Alex, Felicia exclaimed. Yes, Tina replied.

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