Episode 1

My mom was shaking her head with tears rolling down her face while occasionally threatening to send me to my grave if I was actually pregnant.

“You’ll meet your father in the grave today oh. I can’t train a useless person.”

The door to the doctors office opened, and Mama dived for the doctor, asking him to tell her the result was negative. The young doctor shook his head and told Mama,

“Please she should come for regular ante-natal.”

As Mama weeped in pure despair, Chima’s face flashed in my eyes.

His dark eyes, and smiles that made my heart skip a beat came to my mind. I remembered the soft sooting feel of his hands as he would wrap them around my tiny waist on some nights.

He was a man of 22 who lived on his own, and I was a naive 16 year old girl captivated by the sweet texts he sent me everyday.


It was sheer temptation that had made me visit him on that cold harmattan evening after Mama had left for an all night prayer meeting. We had talked for a few minutes, before he drew me close to himself and laid a kiss on my forehead. I was electrified, but only smiled. He seemed encouraged, and came for my lips.

I stopped him, Shy at the sudden physical attention.

I saw him frown faintly.

“You know say I love you na. You no love me?,” he asked calmly.

“I love you too,” I said quietly.

Then I felt his hands go under my long skirts, while I gave in.

That was two months ago. Today, Mama was slapping me while asking me who was responsible.

” Who give you Belle?,” she asked in tears.

“Brother Chima wey de drive Okada,” I answered in tears.

Mama began a fresh round of tears.

“OKADA MAN!! Nne you have killed me oh!!”


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