Episode 2

What will I do,I have two options,it’s either I cheat on the one I love or I deal with his family’s humiliation, ha ha , Cynthia is calling,Felicia said as she answered the call from her friend.

Oh baby, Felicia, Felicia,big babe, how you dey na, Cynthia said as she put the phone over her ear waiting for Felicia’s reply. I’m not fine at all Cynthia, Felicia said as she starts explaining her problems. Shebi I told you about my mother in-law and the problem she has with me,she is looking for all cost to make sure I get out of that house unless I get pregnant, Felicia continued.

Ha ha, what’s the meaning of that nonsense,but have you gone for a checkup in the hospital,Cynthia replied. No oo, we haven’t but I think the problem is me, Felicia said. Ha ha,why do you think so,don’t you think the problem could be from Alex, Cynthia replied with a surprised look. Noo, In my last marriage,this was the same thing that chike divorced me,would Alex divorce me too, Felicia said as she started to weep.Please stop crying everything will be alright,just wait for God’s time,I would talk to you tomorrow dear, Cynthia replied.Thank you, hmm, wait for God’s time?,Felicia said and slept.


Hello!, Tina, Good morning!, Felicia said as she answered the call sounding tired.Good morning dear,so….,have you made your decision yet, Tina asked Felicia in a weak tone.Yes I have, I can’t continue to leave with this humiliation so I will cheat but only for a child,all I am hoping for is that I have a child, Felicia replied while sighing. Don’t worry,you will by the grace of God,will you come to my place so that I will introduce you to the person, Tina said while smiling devilishly by her self. Ok dear thank you, Felicia said not knowing that Tina had another thing in mind.

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