Episode 2

??‍♀️Gloria’s POV??‍♀️

“What is your plan.” Bianca asked touching my hands and with a look of concern.

“It’s simple, am going to escape this hellish place tomorrow night, all I need is for you to sprinkle this into his food tomorrow night.” I responded bringing out a sleeping portion.

“What’s this?” Bianca asked me suspiciously.

“It’s a sleeping portion, just add a little into his food.” I said and gave it to her.

“And you sure this is going to work, what about his bodyguards?” Bianca asked and shifted close to me.

“That’s right, you just sprinkle it on their food too and when they are fast asleep I will sneak out of the house.” I responded and she nodded in agreement.

“I strongly hope this works.” Bianca said and left.

I really hope it does, am tired of this hellish life, he’s a monster.

??‍Robert’s POV??‍?

My glares were strongly fixed on Gloria as she climbed down the stairs.

Those beautiful bo*bs, pointing straight, her sexy flat tummy which always makes me get lost when I stares at her.

I couldn’t stop looking at her big fat a*s as she swayed past me.

“Won’t you greet me morning.” I said which stopped her halfway.

“Morning.” She replied coldly and sits on the chair.

The moment she sat on the chair with her legs crossed I couldn’t stop thinking about how to go into her as her beautiful thighs were calling me.

“Let’s have breakfast together.” I suggested trying to be nice but she ignored me as her gaze were fixed on the TV.

“Am talking to you, Gloria!” I yelled and she flinched.

“Stop shouting at me!” She yelled back which surprised me.

As she started growing wings? How dare she talk back to me.

I approached her and gripped her by her hair with just enough force to slightly hurt her.

“Come here b—h, I own you, how dare you talk back to me.” I said aggressively and she groaned struggling to move away from my grip.

I dragged her to the dining room and forced her on the table with her ass towards me.

“Leave me alone.” She said while struggling and I gave her a resounding slap which got her on the ground weakly.

I forced her up and got her back in her former position.

“Don’t you ever shout back at me!” I threatened her and strip off her short.

Her beautiful ass naked and my hard d*ck ready for work.

I spanked her ass hard, repeatedly which made her cry out.

I don’t know why but I feel one great joy when she cries whenever I f**k her.

“Cry b—h! cry!” I shouted at her and kept spanking her ass as it jiggles in rhythm.

“Hun, I hate you!!” She shouted and it makes me feel superior in some ways.

“You say what?!” I shouted.

“I hate you bastard!” She cries again.

I grabbed her ass and kept spanking her with no remorse as she kept crying.

I love the way it was shaking in my hands and it makes me want more.

I inserted my d**k into her ass going deep into her.

“Yes, yes.” I groaned as I kept f**king her ass harder and even more harder.

I reached for her b**bs and squeezed it into my hands.

“I.. own… You… B—h!” I said stopping at each intervals.

After minutes of ass f—–g I pulled out of her, got dressed and head to the office.

This is just a little display of how am gonna f**k her tonight.

Tonight will be so bad and she won’t be able to walk.

I thought and couldn’t stop smirking

I don’t know how nor why but I just love f**king her.

I got to the office and started the days work when a thought struck me.

Am I not being too aggressive to her? Does she really deserves the treatment I give her? These thoughts keeps coming back but I shake it off.

It dosent matter anyway, as long as I can keep f*cking her.

After work I head straight home hoping for more f**king.

I got home, shower and changed into some comfy dress.

I remain sitted in my dinning room awaiting dinner when Bianca exited the kitchen in some revealing dresses which exposed her nipples.

I took a second glance at her and ignored her.

She may be tempting to some but not to me.

She served the food and jiggled her ass in her extremely tight short, but suddenly she stopped halfway and walked towards me sexily.

“I will advise you not to eat that food.” She said and it stopped me.

“Why?” I asked giving her a stern look.

“Well, well, what if I told you Gloria poisoned that food.” She replied and bit her lower lips.

“What?!” I exclaimed, “she poisoned the food?” I asked as my face broadened.

You have got to be Kidding me!

She poisoned the food? This is just the beginning, am going to double my treatment to her for this audacity.

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