Episode 9

{A Gun shot}

Note this story is rated

Robert’s pov

“What? Are you crazy?” She asked and flicked her hair in a sexy way.

“You heard me right, I love you.” I replied as my heart was racing more than usual.

Now, that I think about it I really love this girl, it was just the sex that clouded my thought.

“Ah, ah, ah.” She laughed hysterically with so much effort. “Robert, it’s me can’t you see it’s me Gloria.” She said beating her chest to indicate it was her.

“I know Gloria, I know it’s you, but am being honest with you here, I love you.” I replied trying to pacify the situation.

“I can see you have gone nuts.” She said.

How come she’s talking to me this way and I can’t even react to it.

Robert what have gotten into you.

“Am not, but I know what am saying.” I replied frustrated by her words.

She hissed at me and turned to leave, swaying that sexy ass as she leaves.

‘That ass’ I thought and licked my lips.

I would love to kiss that ass tonight.

“Don’t go yet.” I said stopping her.

“Why?” She asked and stopped.

“You seem to have forgotten your every night duty, I want s*x.” I answered and gave her a naughty look.

“Of course, I never thought you would change.” She replied and approached me.

She walked towards me sexily and pushed me down to the bed just with the tip of a finger.

My whole body was already on fire she just has such effects on me.

How does she turns me on so easily.

She took off her sexy gown, standing in front of me.

So hot! I couldn’t wait anymore I just want to have those b**bs in my mouth and spank that sexy ass of hers.

Her pink nipples, so pretty, everything about her is perfect.

I must definitely have this girl, she can be more than just a s*x slave.

She slowly got on me, and reached for my trouser.

My d*ck was already reacting to her touch, but I won’t be rushing anything tonight.

I will make it slow and sweet.

“Stop.” I halted her next move which makes her look confused.

“Why?” She asked surprised.

“Because I want to see you twerk, that ass is making me crazy.” I replied and spanked her ass hard.

“Dirty.” She said and got down from the bed. “What about music?” She asked and I smirked.

“No music, just dance, shake that ass baby.” I replied while she raised her eyebrows.

Get ready for the show….

Here we go….

She bend her ass and start shaking it with her rump undulating seductively.

“That’s it, exactly how I want it.” I shouted and she kept shaking her ass with vigor which makes me extra f*cking hard.

“Keep shaking it baby.” I yelled encouragement but she doesn’t give a d–n as she keeps up swaying her ass.

My d*ck was so hard and it needed somewhere to release the load.

I stood up from the bed and grabbed her ass into my hands as she keeps shaking it effortlessly.

Feels good, I spanked it a little as I placed my hands on it which was shaking fast on my hands.

“It’s ok.” I stopped her.

I brought out my hard d*ck and got her on her knees.

“Time for a b—–b.” I said to her and she looks at me disgustingly.

I slowly t—-t my d*ck into her pretty lips.

She flickered it with her tongue, playing with it with the tip of her tongue.

She then covered my d*ck with her whole mouth, she kept sliding it as she puts a little effort at the glans, I felt a quick good sensation which makes me yearn for more at that moment.

I held her head applying pressure to it as she sucks my d*ck into her whole mouth.

“Hmmm.” She hummed softly holding my lap so tightly.

“Don’t stop, keep going.” I urged and she continues. She kissed my s—t area and bite it into her mouth with her eyes closed, it felt like heaven, I was so lost in the pleasure I was enjoying from the b—–b.

After minutes of b—–b, I got her on the bed, happy to see that clean and sweet p***y.

This wasn’t going to be about foreplay today but a real f–k.

I stare into her beautiful eyes and I was lost in her gaze for a while.

“What are you waiting for?” She asked and spread her legs wide for easy penetration.

I loved what she just did and at the same time I hate it.

She let’s me f–k her freely only because of the deal not because she wants it

I bring my dck closer to her p**y and rubbed it on her simultaneously.

“Oh…” She moaned which makes me feel pleased.

Her wet p***y dripping with want.

Slowly, I put my d*ck into her, riding into her slowly and affectionately.

I rested my chest on her chest a little feeling her nipples on me which increases my pace.

I was going to take it slowly and sweet but that doesn’t seems to work as I deep f–k her faster.

“Hun… Hun…” I groaned f—–g her with more pressure.

She looked me in the eyes and rubbed my chest which seems a little bit off.

But, in some ways it makes me happy.

The moment she closed her eyes I knew she was enjoying the s*x.

This is it I will slowly make her mine.

After a couple minutes of fcking I pulled out of her and came on her b**bs.

We drifted off to sleep in a spoon position.

But, throughout the night I couldn’t stop caressing her body.

Her hot body.

Gloria’s POV

The next morning I found myself on Roberts bed.

“Oh God! I slept off here.” I said and covered myself up.

I look around the room but couldn’t find Robert.

Maybe he has gone to work.

I don’t care anyways, and I need to take the deal more seriously.

He can’t be f*cking me so easily and for free.

I sat on my butt, and wrap the bedsheets around my body.

As I was about to leave I saw a note on the bed.

Curiously, I picked it up and read it.

“Good morning my love, yesterday was sweet, take care of yourself. From your sweetheart Robert.” I read out and snickered.

Not in his wildest dreams, he’s not my sweetheart.

It’s only a matter of time till I escape this place.

Aggressively, I threw the paper away and was about leaving when two unknown men barge into the room.

I was surprised and scared to see them here with hoods on.

“Who are you…” Unable to finish my words one of them point their guns at me and shot me.

Could this be true? Was I just shot? I held the place I was shot which was gushing out blood.

I losed my balance and fell to the ground and that was how I lose consciousness.

The last thing I saw was the men running out of the room.

Why did they do this? Who could have done this?


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