Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 18

“You guys are so adorable.” Salomeh says coming out of the kitchen.

“You said that almost 10 times already.” I said laughing.

” Because it’s the plain truth.” She replied sitting opposite where I sat.

“I am missing him already.” I said fondling with my fingers.

” Its very obvious. You are yet to share how you met to me.” She said smiling.

” How I met Luke. Wow, it was very magical and romantic.” I said before bursting into laughter.

” Tell me more.” She said folding her hands paying rapt attention.

“It was in college. There was this set of guys who almost raped me this particular night, they already laid me down and tore my clothes apart.”

They already slapped me and I had a cut lips which couldn’t stop dripping blood.

” I kept trying to break loose, I screamed for helped but all was to no avail. The first one began to unbuckle his belt and laid on me.”

” At that point in time, i gave up all hope about getting saved. And at that very minute, this guy came with a power bike, just like an angel and began to trash these guys.”

” He looked so hot as he did this. I stared at him speechlessly till he was done. I wanted to run but the pain I felt in my head stopped me.”

” I won’t hurt you, he said to me so sweetly. He came close, and I hid my exposed b**bs in my hand.”

” He removed his leather jacket and gave it to me facing back.”

” Wear this.” He said pointing the jacket to me.”

“I received it and wore it with my eyes on him to see if he would peep but he didn’t.

“I am done.” I said and he finally turned.

” Am sorry about what those guys did. Where do you stay, you shouldn’t be alone outside by this time.” He said giving me his hand.

I received it and he pulled me up. I held my head in pain and he stared at me.

“I will take you home.” He said making me seat on his power bike. We began to move and I held to him tightly making sure I didn’t let go.

“he took me home and that was it… The chemistry started.” I narrated and she couldn’t stop smiling.

“That was so good of him, and of course romantic.” She said and I laughed.

” Yes it was really romantic.” I said remembering everything like it was few hours ago.

“I hope to find someone like him soon.” She said and I smiled.

” I pray you do too. You would never regret anything.” I said and she nodded smiling.

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