Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 3

“Your senior brother, please is he around??”, one of them asked. With a great sigh of relief I answered, “please that’s his door on the other lane”. It was then I realized they were workers from my brother’s construction firm.

As I was settling on my bed to have some rest, I decided to reach my phone to check up on Angie. To my surprise she sounded happily as if there was nothing at stake. “What’s up with your boyfriend??”, I asked. “Hoh, that boy..forget about him kraa, all he needs from me is a threat to quit the relationship and he’d be sober..he just can’t live without me”, she replied.

(Herrrhhhhh women..I shook my head in awe as I remembered an inscription behind a taxi ‘fear women & save your life’).

“Buh hey, I left my G-string in your room, wanted to come for it this evening buh it’s late, so expect me tomorrow then”, she added.

In preparation towards the next day I quickly hopped online to update myself with new wickedest sex positions.

Unfortunately, none caught my attention since I had already tried them all with Angie.

By 10:00am the next day I had thoroughly cleaned up my room, taken my bath and gotten some vanilla & strawberry ice cream bi (just in case I wanted to try something new).

As prepared as I was, I kept calling Angie until she picked up after the 4th time and straight away said “open the door”. I followed the instruction and was caught in amazement with her level of hotness. I slapped her ass as she entered but she stood still afterwards, turned and seductively called me a naughty boy. I right away locked her shined lips with mine, grabbed her ass as I slammed the door with my left leg. I felt the comfort of her boobs & the piercing of her hardened nipples on my chest after I drew closer. She was bra-less (she wasn’t in bra). She passionately wriggled her tongue on mine till it became redder. I then fed her with the strawberry ice-cream as she undressed herself.

Minutes after, I laid her sexy looking body on the bed & begun painting her curvy body with the ice cream. Her breathing rate kept escalating. I hadn’t entered her yet but she had already cum twice. Gently, I started licking the ice-cream off her boobs. “Awwwnn yes..Oooww yes, this feels good”, she lightly screamed. Upon streaming down her psy with the licking process, she ended up gushing my face with squirt that emanated from her psy. A bit disgusting it was. So i decided to stop. “Why??”, she confusedly asked. “What fun is it to me in giving you the pleasure you always want, the last time I checked you’re even in a relationship..You know what, just leave”, I retorted. She went on her knees begging me just to f*ck her even if it was just one round of sex but I refused. Out of anger she dressed up & left as she banged the door on me.

Please oo, did I do anything wrong??

Would the ‘gods of sex’ forgive me??

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