Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 5

We were all drowned in a pool of shock. For the 1st time in my life I was confused beyond measure, not knowing whether to continue pleasuring Tina & forget Angie or do the vice versa. As i kept on anticipating what Angie’s reaction would be, it rather turned out to be opposite. Still standing where she stood, i could notice her face wearing her usual smile. She started walking majestically towards us as she loosed her straight dress leaving her half naked in her blue black bra & undies. I then stood up & met her halfway with a deep kiss, wrapped her in my arms & carried her to join Tina.

The kissing continued but i later extended it to Tina. Kissing two different ladies at the same time was just an awesome feeling. At this point, I just wished the clock won’t tick, just wished it could stand still for us till till till. I started licking Tina’s pussy till she became very wet while Angie caressed her. Panting heavily, I

graduated to eating her pussy until she started squirting. Tina then gave a sigh of relief which indicated that my job was done. ” edwumawura, i gave myself fans in my head” ..Since i knew the sexual history of Angie due to our several sexual escapades, I had no doubt i could make her cum within seconds. ”S3 Angie ho b3 ba de3, ne3 ohia aa ne ”.

I laid Angie down, bisected her legs to two equal angles and started giving her clitoral stimulations‍. I played with her clits using my middle finger for close to 20 minutes. I then changed the ringtone of the stimulation using the tip of my dick. I rubbed her clits thoroughly with the tip of my dick & brushed it through her pussy along the way. As expected, she came & got my dick wet with her squirt‍.

I dunno why my attention was on Tina like that, maybe twas because I needed to impress her at all cost since it was our 1st sexual encounter. I quickly held Tina by her ass, bended her down & inserted my huge cock into her. She gave a gringo scream because her pussy hadn’t met her meter yet, i guess her pussy’s meter was my huge cock. She couldn’t stop making quite funny utterances like, “Jay, w) me s3 ab3 wai”…”di me ma me nhu s33 wedi me”..”k)te na 3y3 d3 sei, fri 3n3 33k), mendi eduane bia biom, wo k)te nkoa na medi”..

Angie just couldn’t stand the moves Tina was giving me so she drew nearer for kisses on her nipples from me. I fucked Tina till she begged me to give her a cumming break. Angie quickly jumped onto my erected dick without any hesitations. I fucked her all the moves till she was tired of cumming‍. After this memorable threesome I couldn’t hide my joy for a good work done, thanks to the 5 tablets of tramadol…. We all slept off till it was 8pm when they decided to leave.

I began experiencing some mild headaches, high body temperature, low appetite for food & certain strange symptoms of ‍. I called Angie four consecutive times the next day to help me out with any drug prescription of which she picked up none. I Whatsapp Tina only for her to be giving straight forward replies of which she ended with “prepare for the worse”.

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