Episode 1

In whatever we do in this life, we should consider how our actions and decisions would affect our future generations. For whether we believe it or not, the actions and decisions we make today are likely to affect our children in the future; either positively or adversely.


“No, don’t even suggest that at all. My parents will never hear of it. My family is not a dumping ground for illegitimate children”, Ugochi snapped at Akin who was surprised at her outburst. Akin maintained his cool and tried explaining to her, the weight of the consequences of her decision. “Sister, I am not saying you should just have this baby. I’m responsible for the pregnancy and I am ashamed of my sins. But we should confess our sins to God and your parents no matter how shameful it may sound. We have sinned and killing an innocent child is a greater mortal sin. Please let’s not bring more punishment upon ourselves”, Akin pleaded with her. Ugochi who knew the sequence of events in her family declined the idea and insisted that she was getting an abortion. After saying that, she stood and left, leaving Akin more regretful.

Ugochi was the fifth child of six children and the third daughter of four daughters. She was the most academically brilliant amongst her siblings. She was smart and knowledgeable. Her quest for education was strong and her Christian background strengthened her resolve to be educated. Her father was a pastor while her mother was a medical doctor. Their parents put in so much efforts in training them and making sure they turned out great. But something was amiss. Ugochi’s eldest sister, Sharon, gave birth at home at the age of twenty. The circumstances surrounding her impregnation were not clear. She claimed that a neighbor forcefully had his way with her but when she was asked to identify the neighbor, she couldn’t. She rather told her parents that the incident was hazy and she couldn’t remember. Even the police investigations and the medical examinations carried out yielded no results.

Their parents dismissed her claims as excuses, admonished her but took care of her and the pregnancy until she put to bed. After having the baby, she continued with her education. Ugochi’s immediate elder sister, Victoria, also had a baby at home at the age of twenty. The circumstances surrounding her impregnation were also unclear. She claimed to have had alcohol for the first time at a friend’s birthday party and passed out. That she woke up and discovered that her genital hurts. When she checked, she found out that her hymen had been broken. She kept the incident from her parents until the pregnancy showed.

The news of their second daughter’s pregnancy was a great blow to Ugochi’s parents. It was a dent on their images both as God’s servants and as respected people in the society. But they didn’t have any other choice than nurturing the pregnancy and ensuring adequate care for their daughter and grandchild. Due to the incidents with their first two daughters, Ugochi’s parents kept close eyes on their younger daughters. They (the parents) never stopped advising them on the dangers of keeping friends of opposite sex. They also made sure that they (the daughters) had all they needed to avoid being enticed with material things. Their close check on Ugochi and her younger sister worked until she gained admission into the University.

On campus, Ugochi was a firebrand Christian. The only things that caught her attention and occupied her mind were studying and the things of the Lord. She was well know among her classmates as a loner who had no friends nor engaged in any social activities. It was in the campus fellowship that she met Akin, who was the assistant student pastor. They became friends, studied the Bible and prayed together, often. Their friendship was totally platonic with no atom of romantic attractions. Ugochi was so happy to have met someone whose goals and hobbies aligned with hers.

On Ugochi’s twentieth birthday, she didn’t have a celebration as other students did. She rather went over to Akin’s apartment for a prayer session ushering her into her new year. After the prayers, they sat down and were discussing when a strange spirit possessed them. The spirit was so strong that they couldn’t control what they were doing. Before they could regain the control of themselves, they have had sex. Immediately after the sex, the spirit possessing them left and there eyes cleared. From then henceforth, they had been praying and asking God for forgiveness.

Few weeks later, Ugochi discovered that she was pregnant. She was devastated. She thought of all the shame the news of her pregnancy would bring to her if exposed, both among her classmates and in the fellowship. She also thought of the shame her parents would face if the news of another of their daughter having a child outside wedlock is heard. She equally thought of how disappointed they’d be with her. She decided never to allow the news come to light.

As she left Akin’s house that day, she headed straight to a hospital. She was going to terminate the pregnancy no matter the condemnation it would bring upon her soul.

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