Episode 1

The class was noisy with students scattered about, I bowed my head engrossed with my Shakespeare novel when I heard a tap on my back,

“Joan you’re here? haven’t you heard? Prisca asked.

“Heard what? I asked confused and heard shouting outside.

Everyone in class got distracted as we rushed out to see my friend in a serious fight.

“Jeez! What are those grown ups doing? I asked so surprised.

“I actually wanted to tell you that, Prisca replied and I immediately threw my book and ran there going into their midst.

“Enough! Its enough! I shouted struggling to tear them apart as they still attempted to throw blows.

“Enough! I shouted but got a heavy hit close to my eyes and I stood still.

Right there the fight was put to a halt as everyone concentrated on me.

“Joan are you okay? I heard voices but my head was too heavy.

I was led to sit down amidst the noises going on while my face was attended to,

“Girlfriend are you okay? Favour asked touching me and I looked at her.

“Seriously? Were you really fighting on the field like a junior student? What will the junior ones do when you just showed an example? I asked.

“You really think I wanted it? What do you take me for? Favour asked.

“You should have controlled yourself and give a report, look what you’ve done now, I said.

“I’m sorry okay, you still look beautiful anyway, Favour said hitting me but that was not funny.

“I’ll be back, some teachers want to see me, Favour said getting up beside me.

“Alright, but be careful with your speech okay, I said and she nodded and ran off.

“There’s no way you won’t have bruises, that’s the disadvantage of having a light complexion, Prisca said giving me a mirror to look at my face.

“God, its so bad, what will i tell my mom? I asked.

“simple, you went into the middle of two elephants fighting, what did you expect? Another replied and i heaved.

“That was my best friend out there and i was so scared, you don’t expect me to watch her without doing anything, I said.

“Oh I forgot when I comes to Favour no one has a say, but look she’s fine and you’re the one with the black eye, who lose? Another student asked.

“It was an accident, no one wanted this to happen right? Please I’m having headache already, I replied touching my forehead.

“Its alright, looks like tomorrow you’ll be coming to school with a sunshade. You’re the senior prefect after all, Prisca said and i smiled.

“And why? I asked.

“You look like a punch bag sorry, by tomorrow you will need a sunshade trust me, another replied with a smirking face

“That’s harsh, Prisca said to her and a teacher approached us.

We greeted him and he saw my face,

“So its true then, what if you got hit in a bad place? The teacher asked.

“It was an accident, I replied.

“Still you shouldn’t have gone into it, the teacher said.

“That was my friend sir, I said.

“Favour can take care of herself and you know that, he said.

“Tell her for us, the girls around concurred and i bowed my head.

“Has it been treated? The teacher asked.

“Yes, we used the first aid, Prisca replied.

“Good, I’ll go get you drugs for pain relief, the teacher said.

“No sir, I don’t take drugs and my mom can handle this, I stopped him.

“Are you sure? He asked and i nodded.

“Then you Better start going home, the teacher said.

“I have to wait for Favour we go home together and she is not back yet, I said and he smiled.

“Alright then, make sure you take care of your eyes okay, he said and left while the girls looked at me quietly.

“What? I asked confused.

Prisca wanted replying but I saw Favour coming,

“Oh she’s here, I said cutting Prisca and stood up to meet her.

“Hey how did it go? I asked.

“Nothing much, they only showed their disappointment that’s all, Favour replied.

“Okay I thought as much, I’ll be going home now, I said.

“Okay let’s go take our bags, Favour said and we held hands walking back while she teased me about my face.

On the way home Favour picked a call and shouted so excited,

“Hey are you serious? I’ll be there tomorrow for sure! She shouted while I smiled wondering who she is talking to.

“Okay expect me tomorrow and I hope you brought something for me? She asked.

“I’ll be there tomorrow okay, welcome, she said and dropped the call.

“Who’s in town? I asked.

“My cousin o my very favorite, she just landed from Cameroon, Favour replied.

“Really, so you’ll be seeing her tomorrow? I asked.

“Sure and we are going together, Favour replied.

“With my face? Oh no, I said.

“Why nau? Is it not the same face you are using to walk on the road? Please you will escort me o or else I won’t go, Favour said with a frown that made me laughed.

“Okay fine but I won’t stay long okay, I accepted and she smiled crossing her hands on me as she talked more of her cousin.

I got home, and the first thing everyone saw was my eyes.

My mom practically stood up from where she sat to touch my face as I walked in,

“Joan, what is this na? My mom asked turning my face clockwise and anticlockwise.

“Mom easy please, it hurts, I said keeping her hands down and sat down.

“What do you mean by that? Who did this to you? My mom seriously asked.

“Mom it was an accident, I replied.

“Acci what? You got hit by a car? My senior brother asked.

“No, but got into a fight…….. “What! My mom cut in.

“No let me finish, it wasn’t me… Like i wasn’t fighting I only wanted to separate Favour……. “Favour again? My mom asked interrupting me and I heaved.

“Joan are you counting at all? How many times has this girl put you in the face of danger? My mom asked.

“Mom what face of danger are you talking about? Aren’t you happy i only have one friend? It wasn’t her fault anyway I gat this black eye, I replied.

“But you went into the fight because of her, my senior bro said.

“I am the school prefect, I am to stop the fight, I said.

“Oh tell me about It, did they also have a black eye? Sweetheart if this your prefect of a post will make you lose an eye then to hell with it! My mom shouted and i rolled my eyes.

“Mom I’m seriously having headache, your shouts isn’t helping matters here, I said.

“And you are not helping matters too, stop going out with that girl! My mom shouted on my face and i closed my eyes and nodded.

“I’ll be in my room, I said taking my bag and slowly left…………..

Surprised right???

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