Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

It obvious some people don’t love or let say like s3x, yeah ! Those are people like me, I dislike s3x.

The funny thing is with my attitude toward s³x, boys are my friends, I don’t friend with girls.

Just because girl are too expose, it hard to keep secret with your follow lady,

More also the get tired of you easily once they came across another person.

Am a free person, who like to discuss my personal issue with someone, I can’t keep secret to myself cause I need advice on most issue of my life.

Don’t think am a virgin, cause am not.I don’t hate s³x before my virginity was taking but the beast I call boyfriend make me hate it afterward.

Am so fun in watching porn and reading erotica stories this was what make me submit to my boyfriend and not instantly he demand for it.

Idris was an handsome guy that ladies easily fall for his unresistable charming eyes.

I and Idris meet at a friend birthday party, at first when he approached me, I give no d@mn but he keep on trying his luck.

After some months of disturbing me but no good response, he associate with one of my male friend, that plead with me to give him a tryer.

I agree and every thing start working well with in our relationship, my male friend start jealous cause I no longer play around with them.

Something the one who ask me to give him a tryer will blame himself for doing that.

All I could only tell them is am sorry, I will adjust, we both showcase our love that no one in our area don’t know about this.

It started on my birthday, he organized a small party for me and I was more than happy, we all have fun and I could say that is the best birthday I ever had till now.

After the party he insist I should go home with him that he has a surprise for me, I was curious to know it.

On getting to his house he said he want to make special love with me something like birthday s³x.

I disagree that am not interested, he also leave me alone since I don’t want to but I can see it hurt him so much.

Since than any chance we have to be alone, he always demand for s³x and my reply will be no I don’t want to lose my virginity now.

One Saturday evening, I was less busy in my room, I try to sleep but the sleep never come, so I decide to watch movies on my phone.

From movies I change to porn videos and within minutes I was very horny,

Another thing is I don’t know how to masturbate, I just focus on it till my phone ringingtone distract me.

It was Idris, he said he was some kinda not feeling well and his also hungry, he can’t go out to get what he want to eat.

So I cook little jollof rice and dress up to go and give to him.

On getting to his room he was lying shirtless on the bed, he eat and take the drug I brought on my way.

I sit on the bed while he lie down and please his head on my lap, than he ask maybe he don’t disturb me and I said no.

He ask what I was doing before and I tell him exactly what am doing before he call, which was the biggest mistake ever.

He started playing my lap and saying naught words, I stop him and yes he stop and after few minutes he start his usual habit again.

I try to avoid him but instead he kiss me without letting me break away. Since not like it our first kiss I also kiss him back which I regret doing so.

His hand started playing my body and within second he found his way under my top, I start shivering to his touch and feel horny that I can’t stop him again.

He squeeze my b**b together, I moan to the way he play with my now hard tip.

We’re both naked and I could say I don’t really know how that happen. He kiss me passionate.

Than break the kiss and lick my earlobe, I moan out to the sensitive, he kiss his way to my nick down to my chest.

Immediately his warm mouth stop on my left nipple, it was so unbearable that I start twinkle underneath him.

He svck and lick my nipple changing inbetween the both

like someone is dragging it with him.

I push my b**b forward and hold his head firmly on it, he svck on it so well that am moaning his name.

He stop when am becoming more louder and kiss his way to my puccyy,

I scream when I feel his warm mouth on my cl*t, he start biting on it and I continue twinkling underneath him.

Just when I though is enough he slid his tongue deep inside my puccyy, I almost pass out when my first orgasm hit me.

He continue licking my juice sliding is tongue deeper to search for hidden treasure.

Just has I start enjoying the pressure he stick two finger directly inside my hole. I scream as the pain is uncomparable to any other pain I had before.

Without hesitating he start finger f**king me, going deeper and deeper.

I always thought after the pain,pressure next but this is hurting me badly, I scream on top my voice for him to stop but he just continue damaging my puccyy.

When I can’t bear it anymore I yank his hand off me to catch me breath, I was still breathing heavily when another pain hit me even more painful than the first one.

My eyes almost poop out of socket, I open my mouth to scream but nothing come out, I realize he already insert is d**k inside me………

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