Episode 4

“Did you search the intern submission forms for a Christina Thomas?” I asked my personal assistant, Matteo. He sat all the forms down on my desk, forcing my eyes to narrow at him. 1

“I did. I even double-checked. Her submission was nowhere to be found,” he answered. A loud sigh surpassed my lips.

Snatching off my reading glasses, I began to rub the bridge of my nose. Christina was quite the vixen. She was the only woman who I couldn’t grasp an understanding of. Her eyes were practically begging me to ruin her innocence, yet she could so easily turn away from me.

“Find out where she has her internship and bring the information to me right away,” I ordered Matteo. He gave me a curt nod before exiting my office.

I gazed at the stack of intern applications on my desk with a curled lip. A whole week had gone by without a word from her. It was challenging to distract my mind from the woman who had my heart for almost two years.

Ever since the moment I met her, I knew she was the woman I needed. She had no clue how long I thought of that night. She wouldn’t understand how many times I emptied my lust to the thought of her.

I kept thinking back to two years ago. That night, I leaned against her bedroom door, jerking myself off to her every moan, squeal, and shout. Something about her stuck to me. Maybe it was the way her body melted against mine like a missing piece to a puzzle or the way she moaned my name out like she was singing her favorite song. 31

Jason was someone I viewed as a friend, but if that weren’t the case, I would’ve pulled open that door and had her in more ways than one. I would have taken her body with everything in me. I was ready to unleash the beast to show her the real way a man can ravish her body. 2

I was so lost in my thoughts, I didn’t notice Jason walking into my office until he cleared his throat. Guilt should’ve been coursing through me, but there wasn’t any. Lust was winding its way into my conscience, and there was nothing I could do about it. 1

“What can I do for you?” I asked behind a tight-lipped smile.

He sat down in the chair directly in front of my desk. Jason wore this blank expression and furrowed brows on his face, leaving behind an atmosphere of tension behind his every movement. My brow arched as I studied him, wondering what was going on in his mind.

“I want you to be honest with me, did you hire me as CFO out of pity, Mr. Mariano?” Jason questioned. 2

Leaning back in my chair, I crossed my arms over my chest. The arch in my brow had eased as my eyes narrowed themselves into slits. “What are you talking about?”

“I don’t understand how this can happen for me. I don’t have a PhD, I am not rich, I am not the smartest cookie in this office. All week, I have been trying to figure out why you would give me this job. Every possible answer comes down to the same thing, the loss of my wife. Did you hire me out of pity?” he expressed.

His words were enough to leave my jaw to clench. I was never the kind of man that did things out of pity. Doing something out of pity was for the weak. Everyone’s life was pitiful, and it wasn’t my duty to hug and kiss my conscience trying to mend their sob stories.

“No. I gave you the job because I felt like I could trust you. You’ve worked for me for many years, and I know you love my company as much as I do. Don’t think for a second that I offered you this position out of pity because I would never give someone such a high position in my company just because I feel bad for them,” I spat out.

It wasn’t until after I saw the expression on his face that I realized my frustrations with his daughter were beginning to show in my words. Jason wasn’t at fault for the disobedience of his daughter, who could give me a raging hard-on with just one look. It wasn’t his fault that for a week straight, all I wanted to do was hire Christina as an intern just to keep her for myself.

However, it was his fault for complaining about being afraid to leave his daughter home alone all those nights ago. It was his fault for allowing me to be such a great friend by watching over the girl, who I thought was a child, but turned out to be a full-grown woman. It was his fault for ever believing that a man like me could be in that house alone with a beautiful woman like Christina moaning out my name.

I knew he didn’t allow many people around her. He kept her on a tight leash and pushed away anyone he viewed as a predator. Jason trusted me enough to watch over his daughter, but I fucked around and got addicted to her. I wanted to feel, to burn, and most of all, I wanted to sin. 2

“Thank you, sir. I just like the idea of gaining something because I earned it. I’m sorry for disturbing you,” he muttered, clamping his hands down onto the arms of the chair. My eyes followed him as he stood up.

Suddenly, the elevator doors chimed, bringing my attention towards my office entrance.

Matteo quickly burst in, holding a small file. “I found her, sir! She works for Liam Franco, CEO of Franco Industries!”

My glare had returned and it was aimed directly at the cheering idiot. Matteo’s brows pulled together as he studied my expression. It wasn’t until he noticed Jason standing right in front of me, looking confused as ever, that he understood how much trouble he was in. So much rage was swimming through my emotions to the point that my sanity was beginning to drown.

“Franco Industries? My daughter has an internship there,” Jason pointed out.

“Really? You know, Jason, I wouldn’t trust Franco Industries so easily,” I claimed. Liam was given everything he owns from inheritance, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was going to run it all into the ground. He was arrogant and believed he was far too pretty to ever have to do any productive, honest work. I couldn’t trust that obnoxious idiot with someone as thoughtful as Christina. Knowing that she was with him was enough to piss me off. 1

“I know. I even told Christina about how he is a terrible businessman. However, she believes that this internship was best for the career she’s looking to pursue,” Jason explained.

“She can apply here. Christina is always welcome,” I smiled innocently. Jason seemed pleased with my words because the frown he previously wore had flipped into a grin full of gratitude.

“I’ll let her know. Thank you, sir,” he commented.

I nodded in response before sliding my glasses back onto my face. Jason didn’t waste another minute because he strolled past Matteo and into the awaiting elevator. Matteo waited until Jason was completely gone before sitting the file down on my desk. “I’m so sor—”

“Do better next time,” I chided, “What does it say?”

“She is an intern for Liam Franco, but that’s not all. A lot of reporters had spotted them together at dinners and out walking. It looks as though they may be a couple,” Matteo informed me. I quickly grasped the file and began to flip through the countless articles. No wonder she didn’t accept my offer, Liam was probably giving her the one thing I hadn’t yet, sex.

“Give me my keys. I’m going to be out for the rest of the day.”


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