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I felt a gentle tap on my feet. I opened my heavy eyes to see my maid covering her mouth with her folded palms with her other hand gesturing me to stand up. The whole room was chocked with smoke from the burnt alarm clock I had earlier sent bolts of electricity to due to it’s loud and irritating sound which woke me up from my dream of kissing my crush. “Good morning Mark” Aunt Mary said amidst her numerous coughs. “This is the fifth alarm clock you have destroyed in less than a week” she said removing the duvet from my body. “Good morning Aunt” I said making a loud yawn, stretching my hands to opposite directions doing the same for my legs. “Get up now you will be late for school” she said pulling my left ear and dragging it, pulling me to the bathroom. “Now u give you ten minutes to freshen up, breakfast is waiting on the dining table” she said closing the bathroom door on me. I stretched my hands laying them on the sink staring into the mirror. I looked at my dark lips thinking of the dream I earlier had. “I must ask her out” I said to my reflection. I turned on the tap and rinsed my face. In exactly ten minutes I was done with freshning up and wore my uniform. It’s only in Nigeria and high school student still wears uniform. The uniform was a yellow striped t shirt and a blue trouser. I attend Providence high school, the school is owned by the estate we live in. It’s a school for the rich. I live in a duplex. I took my school bag which laid opened on the other side of my bed and I zipped it. I checked my phone to check the time and I saw 7:30 am. I walked down the stairs to the dining table and just took a bite of the sandwich on the round ceramic plate and gulped down the already cold tea. “Aunt Mary” I called. ” Yes Mark” she answered walking out of the kitchen with a napkin which she used to clean her wet palms. “Where is dad” I inquired looking at the left overs on the unpacked plate on the other side of the dining table. “He is in the lab” ” Tell him I am gone” i said giving her a light peck on her plumpy pecks as I bid farewell. I called Gabriel my best friend to come pick me up as he was 18 years already and his dad bought him a Lexus saloon car as his 18th birthday gift few months back. I am 17 years old and I am not yet eligible to drive a car in this d–n hot tropical country called Nigeria. Like for real in U.S.A where I come from I should have owned a car and should have started driving at age 16. A loud honk startled me and I looked forward to see Gabriel gesturing his right hand telling me to come in with his left hand on the steering wheel. I looked left and right before crossing over to the other side where he parked. We drove out of the estate, our school is not far from the entrance of the estate but Gabriel and I still love to arrive in big boys style. In 5 minutes we got to school and Gabriel parked in the students car park. I alighted and as usual all eyes were on us as we made an entry to the school premises. “Thanks man” I said grabbing Gabriel’s hand and hitting my right shoulder against his left shoulder wearing one strap of my bag on my left shoulder leaving the other strap dangling. We disengaged arms and headed towards our individual classes. Gabriel and I are final year students but Gabriel is an art student while I a science student. I got to class 7:55am which meant classes hadn’t begun, so the class was filled with students gisting at various corners of the spacious class room. I sighted Belinda my crush who is an igbo by tribe gisting with Dolapo and Oyindamola who were her besties and also yorubas at the far corner. I am the silent type and u don’t engage in chit chats with just anyone so I walked towards my seat at the far right corner of the class. I settled down and exchanged long lustful glances with Belinda before the bell rang. I kinda feel she likes me too, but I ain’t sure. Belinda is a very beautiful lady the same age as I. She is intelligent, well mannered and also well endowed which always make the pervet minded guys in my class go Gaga for her.

3:00pm school closed and I was set to go. Gabriel is a football lover and makes sure he plays ball after school everyday leaving me to go home myself. I could just charge my hands with large bolts of electricity and fly my self to the house but I didn’t want to expose my power s not especially in this country where every person with flying abilities would be referred to as a witch or wizard. I planned on trekking since I couldn’t find can on time and my dad would be too busy in his d–n lab to come pick me up. It was a 20 minute trek from my school to the gate of the estate and another ten minutes trek from the gate of the estate to my house. ” Aunt Mary I am back” I shouted immediately I stepped foot into the house. ” Welcome boy” she said sitting down on the large couch facing the plasma tv, handling vtye tv remote changing it to BBC news. I threw my bag towards the other couch and headed towards the fridge to pick up a can of malt to quench my thirst. I was about going to my bed room when I sighted one of the headlines. “Massive riot occuring in the centre of Lagos” I murmured to myself. How come, that is one of the safest state in Nigeria. I got interested and headed to the couch and sat down beside Aunt Mary. ” When did you start watching news?” She asked as she slightly increased the volume. “Just now” I replied with a mischievous smirk. ” Now the news in details” the beautiful blonde lady who was the newscaster said. ” Hundreds were killed, tens were injured as a massive riot broke out between the ikeja residents and the Fulani herdsmen who were recently granted RUGA settlement in the area. When I heard Fulani herdsmen I lost interest as I was already used to hearing the killings made by those herdsmen. As I was about to stand up I sighted a man who was a foreigner, wearing a black overall walking away from the scene with an evil smirk on his face. I wondered to myself what’s a foreigner doing there and why did he look pleased. A clip of the ongoing riot video was displayed and I noticed everyone involved in the riot had dilated pupils. Thats weird I thought to myself. “Go take a shower” Aunt Mary said snapping me out of my thoughts. “Yes aunt” I replied raising up my armpits realizing I stink of sweat due to the trek I made under the scorthing sun. I stood up and went to dispose the empty can and went to the other couch to take my bag and headed upstairs.

Later at night

“What’s up Dad” I said as I sat down to eat the scotch egg and vegetables cooked by aunt Mary. ” Mark, how was school?” He replied putting a broccoli into his mouth. ” Like you care” I replied putting the napkin unto my lap and tucking in the other into my clothe. ” Common son, don’t let’s do this again” he said cleaning his mouth with a napkin and drinking in water from a glass cup. “I wish mum was alive” I said silently. He slammed the cutleries on his table adjusting the pair of glasses fixed on the bridge of his nose. It seems he heard me as he stood up angrily throwing the napkins until the table and walking towards the passage leading to his lab. I lost my appetite and wanted to get some fresh air so I decided to take a stroll out. I stroller out of the estate and felt like I needed a drink. I decided to call Gabriel so that we go to “party hard club” to hang out. I waited for him at the gate of the estate and we drove to the club. We went to the counter and I ordered for two bid bottles if trophy while Gabriel ordered for a bottle of gulder. He didn’t want to drink much as he was the one going to drive us back. I opened the first bottle moving my head to the rythym of the naija songs blaring from the speakers with boys dancing to the beats and the ladies swaying their hips with some of the guys holding them and dancing along. “I am coming bro” Gabriel said tapping my shoulder as he sighted a hot chick dancing and twerking all alone. “Don’t kill yourself o” I said jokingly as he left. I felt pressed and needed to ease myself and so I decided to go through the back door if the club to pee at a corner. I headed a sigh of relief as I peed unto the floor at the back of the club. ” Leave me alone” I heard a girlish voice screamed.

That voice sounds familiar as I tried processing it. The scream for help got louder and so I decided to check it out as it sounded close by. I traced the scream to a lonely alley. I saw three young drunk guys, one holding a phone recording the activity, while the two others stripping a lady of her clothes with the intent of raping her. She struggled to free herself vbut she was pinned bdown to the ground and was forced to spread her legs. She was shedding tears. Well I intended to look away and avoid trouble with those drunk guys until she screamed for help again and this time I recognized her voice. “Belinda, oh no I gotta save her” I said to myself. I thought if going back to the club to get help from Gabriel but by then it would have been too late. The first guy unbeltef his trousers while the other held her hands down. “Stop” I shouted coming out from the dark like some hero……..

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