Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

The headmistress had walked inside the classroom that morning to give the ss3 students some advice and instruction because it was the first term and their first time in ss3, she also informed them about their new biology teacher before living the class, after she left Elvis turned over to George and asked him.

Elvis: have you done that stuff?

George: not yet.

Elvis: you know i have to pass it this morning?

George: but didn’t you just hear the headmistress? We have a new biology teacher.

Elvis: abeg do fast and give me my notebook!

George: yes sir, I’ve heard you.

Lizzy:(walks to them) Elvis?

Elvis: what?

Lizzy: can i borrow your note book, mine isn’t complete.

Elvis: you always have the same story to tell.

Lizzy: please nah.

Elvis: I’ll take that book immediately i see any teacher.

Lizzy: where is it?

Elvis: take it from George.

George: am not through yet.

Elvis:that one is you people’s business. (He stands up and went out of the classroom, and went upstairs, he was about to go into the principal’s office when he bumped into a Lady)

Elvis: am sorry, i wasn’t watching.

Lady: it’s okay, which class are you in?

Elvis: ss3.

Lady: come and show me your class.

Elvis: let me get the list of books from the principal.

Lady: okay.(he went into the office and got the list of books and came out and they headed to his class, when they got there, he sat down and she went to the front of the class and started introducing herself.)

Lady: Good day class.

Class: Good day!

Lady: i know the headmistress must have told you about the new teacher?

Class: yes ma!

Lady: well am the new teacher and my name is Anita.

Class: ok ma!

Anita: so let’s start the class.( they all brought out their books while she took the chalk and Starts writing on the board)…….

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