Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

My name is Jackson or call Jack, the only son of my parents. I woke up one day from the pouring of water on my body. I looked around to see who poured the water on me because my mom had never woken me up by pouring me water. I gasped when I noticed I was in a bush, a thick forest. I could remember that I slept peacefully on my bed the previous night just to wake up by the heavy rain in a forest. It was a mystery to me and I can’t tell how I got into the forest.

‘What the heck am I doing here?!’ I asked rhetorically.

Then I saw a figure, it ran into an Iroko tree and I quickly hid behind a tall mahogany tree.

‘Kpaa’, ‘kpaa’, a hand moved out of the mahogany tree and slapped me, sending me to the ground.

I took to my heels and started running but the more I run, I kept returning to the mahogany tree that slapped me.

It was like running in a circle. I wondered what creature could have slapped me. I wanted to check the time but there was no clock.

My stomach rumbled but it was not time to give it what it needed.

There was only one thing on my mind – ESCAPE! But how do I escape when I kept running in a circle when I tried to run? I knew I was in a jungle, forest of evil spirits.

Then I saw them approaching me, their clothes were tattered, they were male and female. Fresh blood was dripping from their hand and mouth.

Their eyes were as red as fire burning with brimstone and their fingernails were as long as their toe nails, very long. I looked around if I could find where to hide but there was none, though there were many trees in the forest but l knew I can’t hide from them.

At that moment, I though I was dead but when I pinched myself and got a sharp pain, I knew I was alive.

The two blood-sucking monsters were closing by when suddenly, they caught a running squirrel which they tore apart to devour like the hungry animals they are.

With blood oozing from the cut their yellow teeth opened on the animal, they ate it within seconds and dropped the bones.

I thought the squirrel would satisfy them but I was wrong as they started advancing towards me again.

I got up from under another mahogany tree I sat and waited for them in readiness to attack them and fight even if they would eventually kill me for breakfast.

Soon, the arrived and the male monster stretched his hand to catch me.

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