Episode 13

She offered me a chunk of the golden brown chicken to taste. I gaped at her, then continued chewing the tasty chicken. Unknowingly, I sU-Cked in the juice it left in my mouth. Beverly snorted and I realized what I had done.
“It’s obvious that you like it.” I nodded.
“We are having Gamberi Al Rosemarino, Pollo Arrosto and Collins for dinner.”
“What’s that?” She smiled. I tried to open a bowl she covered but she slapped my wrist.
“Youwould find out when it’s served. Now, go wash up, shave and come to feast.”
“Wow, that’s nice” it would have been better if was my birthday.

I could not wait to eat this; I have a weakness for great meal. Within a few minutes I was done shaving and bathing.

Beverly was doing dishes at the sink when I walked in.
“Tay, ain’t you suppose to be in the bathroom?”
“I am done.” I opened my arms so she see I was in my PJs. She chuckled.
“It’s just been what? Five minutes?”
I shrugged.

“Indeed, the easiest way to catch a man is through his stomach.” She whispered.
“Yes, and so what? Just finish, let me do justice to it.”

“That’s funny,” She chuckled. “I was thinking of doing justice to you.” She smacked her butt with her lather covered palm and licked her upper lips with her long tongue.
Oh! We are still here? My heart shivered while she did that, it brought back memories of what happened in the car. Well, I was not missing this food, moreover, I have the licence to cheat now and infact needed some release of my pent up horniness. What the hell? Let’s do this. I walked back to the sitting room.
She declined my request to eat alone, and insisted we ate together. When she was done bathing, she joined me at the dinning in an a green Abercrombie and Fitch shirt. While uncovering the meal, I caught a glimpse of blue p@anties. I was probably going to eat tasty meals and a box. The food and cocktail were simply the best anyone is had. I wouldn’t bother trying to explain how it tasted, right now as I type I feel my tongue wetting up.

Washing over my mouth, nose and eyes was Beverly’s colourless, lemonade tasting squirt.
After eating we relocated to the front of the TV. The mood heralded sex. She sat for a while, then disappeared into her room. It’s been a while since she is been there, I hope she hasn’t fallen asleep. Tonight, I must humble her. My filled stomach promised that I would do that. Beverly reappeared with, a lighter, two glasses and a bottle labelled Scottish Rum. She set them on the side stool, sat next to me, and poured a full glass and half a glass.
“Top your own na.” I leered. “I thought you were a bad girl.”
She laughed.

“Actually, that” pointing at the half glass “is yours.”

She raised her top, overturned a side of her p@anties, produced something straight, fat and wrapped in brown paper. I watched her put its smaller end in her mouth and put fire at the other end which was rotund and enclosed. Is this what I think it is? The air in the room; dense with smoke. She puffed fogs through her mouth and nostrils.

“Do you know what Buddha is?”
“No, I don’t.” She beamed, her eyes smaller.

“Have a taste of Buddha.” She offered, and I refused. I was content with sipping the rum and watching music videos playing on my beclouded TV. I never liked smoking, I’d smoked when I was a young man at a party. But, that was the only time. She pulled off her top. While I watched her breasts bounce with tilts and shifts, I remembered Kofi talk about a one time girlfriend of his back home at Ghana who when high from smoking weed, could never be satisfied with several romps.
“I love this song.” She screamed and dropped the Buddha on the couch when Mike Okri’s rumba dance played. I picked up the Buddha to avoid it from burning the couch. Her boobies bounced on her chest randomly as she danced around the center table and towards me. When she wasn’t facing me, I took a drag and the world slowed, a strange but sweet calmness overcame me. I peered into the cloud I had exhaled to see Beverly smiling at me. She urged me to continue,then produced another stick from her p@anties again and dropped it on the table. I took a few more drags and everything became smaller like I was on top of a skyscraper. I felt my legs pulled, then heard my butt land with a thud on the floor.

“Have you eaten?” She asked and stood with her legs spread by the sides of my head, my eyes directly staring into the sky; her blue coloured p@anties was far ‘in-between’ her fair thighs.
“Have you ever eaten a woman?” She distracted my wanton focus. I have eaten but eaten a woman? No, I am not a cannibal.
“I am not a cannibal.” She snorted.
She stepped aside, peeled off her blue p@anties and sat on my face.
“Well, you about to be one.” And took a swing of her drink.

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