Episode 1

I checked for time on my gold watch, it’s was almost 6 PM. In thirty minutes, we would have waited for two hours. I should not have obliged when my wife suggested we did a road trip back to Lagos from Abuja. I looked up and saw her looking through one of the windows as did most passengers who were not standing outside it. She watched me pace back and forth by the bus, berate the driver and argue with the big-headed passenger who had tried to the defend the driver. In truth, I was more pissed at my wife than I was at been stranded in this bushy express way where wild animals or a band of robbers could hop out of its bushes.
Anna never interfered or tried pacifying me. We had been married for 27 years and time has taught her to leave me alone with my anger. Anger was my shortcoming and I had been working on it for years the only way I deal with my temperament was on my own, alone. Any interference by anyone would only escalate it. Shortly afterwards the long awaited replacement bus appeared. It took another 15 minutes for us to get moving.

Anna took the window sit this time. About an hour and half later, we stopped at a road side eatery. We got down, Anna went to the convenience room while I ordered two packs of the colourful tasteless fried rice and badly seasoned chicken with two bottles of table water. I did not realize that the meal wasn’t great until I had eaten enough. I was more famished than I thought.

“The food is not even good, I just wasted my money.” I looked to my adjacent right to see who just spoke my thoughts. A young lady with frazzled hairs, fair in complexion probably a 23 or 24 year old, in white, sat across the passage a seat away from mine to the back. Her huge breasts were struggling to bust through her gown. Her thighs were spotless under the white overhead lights that brightened the bus. The gown had ridden up, too high that I could probably see her underwear if I sat opposite her.

“Don’t you think so?” She cooed and startled me. She smiled lecherously. I could not conceal my embarrassment. I tore my eyes off her thighs like a student caught cheating in an exam and looked through the window. I felt her black eyes burn through my skin, I turned to face her and nodded to her question. While making sure that Anna who had her head propped on the head rest of the next seat didnt catch on what happened.

For a man in his early fifties, I could have passed for a forty year old. My phobia for getting old made me work out regularly. I have full beards that were dyed black and well oiled. I have had several ladies throw themselves at me over the years and I have had just a tiny fraction of them.

The young lady beside me had set my heart racing at the same velocity it did when I had set my eyes on Anna. What could be the reason why I feel this same way? She was skinny with mountainous breasts, quite tall her head and shoulders rose above the chair. I never liked skinny women; they don’t have the cushion feeling that comes with ramming into the big ones. And I endeavoured to keep my distance from women that make me feel small because of their intimidating height.
“Sorry for interrupting.” She touched my arm lightly with her lacquered nails and for some unknown reason, I felt she was drunk.
“Sir. Do you know where we might be?” She chirped. Her voice; similar to Dolly Parton’s but laced with more s£nsu@lity.
“I don’t” I whispered. Why I whispered I am not sure maybe because her voice was salacious or because she licked her thick lips in a slow motion.
“What’s your name? I asked. “And what do you do?”
“My name is Indiat Ibrahim, I am a fresh graduate posted on service to Lagos.” Her voice faded off to the background. Her large dark eyes took the centre stage, it reminded me of the night sky filled with stars. I imagined her thick lips wrapping my…. CURVE — her thick lips made a upward curve and dissolved in to a smile. I rewoke to reality. Her knowing eyes stared deep into my soul and fished out my thoughts. I found myself and listened on.
….”haven’t been to Lagos and I don’t know anyone except my friend.” She gestured to the plump girl sitting next to her. “I am really excited.” She concluded after she ran the whole sentences like a commentary in one breathe. When I thought she was done talking she added.

“Are you Sir based in Lagos?”
“Yes, I am but I’ll be traveling to London in about a week I and my wife here.” I gestured to Anna. “Are just returning from the Embassy.”
“Wow. That’s great when would you come back?” I motioned her to stop talking by putting my fore finger on my lips. Anna had just moved. I zipped open my pouch, extracted my phone and passed it to her
She quickly entered her digits and discreetly returned the phone just as Anna straightened her back.

“You good?” I asked Anna. I needed to ascertain that she wasn’t eavesdropping all the while I and Indiat conversed. Her face didn’t show any tale-signs.

Two hours later, we arrived Lagos. Indiat and her plump friend alighted at Berger, the first stop we made. Indiat’s straight legs appeared to grow when she stood to take out her paraphernalias from the overhead compartments. My eyes scanned them prudently from her feet and climbing until they disappeared at the mid-section of her thighs into the white gown.

This is one hell of a woman. She followed her friend through the passage to the front exit with her head held up high, back straight and her moderately shaped hips swaying and she walked gracefully clutching a carry-on bag and dragging a small brown rucksack. Before she disappeared into the night, she turned towards me. I guess she looked directly into my eyes and like smoke she was gone. I could not help thinking about having her on her back taming her with my fat member.
Anna never suspected a thing, if she did she never showed it. I was not perturbed about that either. I had done nothing yet, it’s been long since a drama found it’s way to my home anyways. Since the last time about ten years ago, I had been very careful not to let any of my “side chicks” know as much.
I couldn’t sleep until about 7 AM, Indiat occupied my mind. I rolled on my bed all through the night. Thankfully, Anna and I don’t share same room. I was like a young boy who just discovered love.
The first thing I did when I awoke was scroll down my phone contacts and dial her number. She picked on third ring.
“Hello! this is Indiat, who am I unto” she said. This her voice.
“Good morning, Indiat this is Arthur”
“Good morning Sir, how was the journey? Hope you arrived safely?”
“How did you know it was me who was on the line?” I asked feigning surprised.
“Haba Sir, your baritone voice is distinctive.” She crooned. Her voice melted my brains and solidified my John.

“How are you?”
“I am fine sir”
“How have you settled down?
“We managed”
“What will you be doing tonight? I want to show a little of Lagos before I travel”
“Wow! thank you sir, let me do one or two things then I will call so you come and pick me.”

Few hours later we navigated from a place called Akiode in Ojodu through the traffic to Festac. She was on a black gown and a heeled pair of shoes. It took a moment to find my voice. This dress was longer but an off-shoulder, her breasts where literally jumping out. She had big round earrings and a tiny one on each ear, prominent dark eyelashes and light make up. She oozed of raw s£nsu@lity. I was enthralled. I felt my fat member get turgid, the first time in a while without a mouth action.
We talked about alot of things but those were not important, I was determined to end our discussions. When we got stuck in traffic. I moved my hand from her soft arm to her cheek, snuggled closer and guided her face to meet mine but she evaded my lips and was smiled shyly.

“Arthur, I thought you wanted to show me Lagos?” She said and baited her eyes with desire lurking in them.
“Well, of course, I will take you round Lagos but first let’s get you some dresses” I moved my hand over the gown, almost touching her inner thighs but she held my hand.

What’s the hurry, she is here now. It’s just a matter of time before I have her “washipping” my fat member and begging me to pummel her harder. The image that came with a thought orchestrated a smile on my face.

She turned and smiled knowingly, that’s the thing offsetting about Indiat she will have you wondering if she was psychic

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