Episode 19

The floor was ridden with terror and colored with screams. Ocheuwa leaped out through the window. Kofi buried his fat body inside the wall.
Mr. Balogun aimed the gun at me as I backtracked towards the stairs. Before he shot, Ruby jumped in between us and begged her father not to shoot. I turned and flew down the stairs. I ran blindly through the reception.
Nervously, I ignited the engine almost made it out of the compound when I heard the loud bang of a gun, my off-side-front window perforated and rippled with cracks, he had missed me probably by hairsbreadth. Fearfully, I glanced towards Mr. Balogun. Stanley was making it hard for him to trail the gun at me. I didn’t know Stan was still here, how could I when I was blinded by an imminent death. As I exited and turned out into street another shoot rang, I saw Stanley go down through the side mirror.

I drove with frenzy. Is Stanley dead? Ask Mr. Balogun na. What would have happened if I had hesitated? You will be dead. What was Mr. Balogun doing with a gun? To kill you. I did more oral examinations in my head until I drove into my house.
“Arrest him!” Big Daddy blared. I was beyond surprised seeing my father-in-law for I was not notified of his visit. What has Uma done that they are arresting him? I climbed of the car about to prostrate.

“I said arrest him.” Big Daddy pointed at me, before I could process what was going on, his security details surrounded me.
Cuffs slammed around my wrist.
“Daddy, what is going on?”
Beverly sat on the front porch weeping her bags and clothes littering everywhere.
“What had happened?” I searched for Tiana and Uma.

“Daddy, please Sir. What is going on?” I protested.

“You are asking me.” He moved with a lightening speed and flashed a slap across my face. How I got to the ground, I couldn’t tell but I was pulled up from it and forced into the back of their Station Wagon.

For bad three days, I was thoroughly disciplined before I was released on the morning of Saturday. I was driven to Big Daddy’s house. Tiana saw me first and averted her eyes. I felt like a new fowl in a house I had visited countlessly. My sin was out for Uma had talked.
Today, I draw the curtains as I flash back with a pang of nostalgia. That was the day I felt the weight of what my family had said; I was the BRIDE. Stanley sustained a bullet to the hips and has been on a wheel ever since.

And Beverly, the last time I saw her was at Joyce’s marriage; my last child. Beverly and her husband had come back from England for a visit and came by for the wedding. She had not changed much there was only a hint of extra fat. And she didn’t hesitate to flash her insides when nobody looked. My Dixk grew and nodded with affirmation, I couldn’t remember the last time it got hard without a help.

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You were the oil that kept the fire of the story burning.

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