Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Baby Pov
“Thanks oppa” i yelled and jumped up
“but you know baby you have to stay in the commoners zone ,i dont have the money to
pay for the other side okay ”
“Yes oppa,am okay with it”i said exictedly
“And also this is an opportunity to make your parents proud ,do not look for trouble
make sure you learn properly because coming out of there in two years time i
want you to be the top korean best singer and dancer”my oppa said and i kept smiling
“Go get ready we are leaving early tomorrow”
Well like you guys all know my name is Baby mia ,my parent died in an accident few years
back so i moved in with my uncle and his wife and they have been really nice to me
,and today is the most happiest day of my life ,my uncle registered me into Talent high
the best training school in seoul although i
have heard rumors on how they treat commoners in the past and commoners
dying or commiting sucide out of fear and pressure but since they divided the building
into two were the rich stay and were the poor stay everything the death rate have
reduced .

So coming into this school i have two aims that is :coming out as the best korean
singer and dancer and changing how commoners are being treated I ran to my room after calling my best friend
lena to cover over and i started arranging my stuffs

“baby i have good news “lena yelled as she ran into my room
“Me too” i yelled back
“Let me say mine first”lena said happily

“My parent registered me into Talent high”lena yelled happily
“Me too ” i replied and we jumped up screaming exictedly
“I cant believe we are going to the school ,this is going to be fun “i
said as we sat down on my small bed

“And the second good news is the twins are
going to be part of the training teachers
“lena said
“What is good there”i asked her
“c’mon baby you know i have a crush on
one of the twins,i mean who wouldnt
everybody loves them and they are greek
god too”lena replied smiling
“well i dont see anything in both of them” i
replied and lena gave me a suspicious look

“Baby you know you can tell me anything are you a lesbian”lena asked and i bursted out laughing

“What no ,am as straight as a pole “i replied her and we both started laughing

“Well we need to go for a little shopping and
get our things prepared” lena said and i starred at her
“Dont worry i will pay”she added and we left
Unlike me lena was born with a sliver spoon her parent are d–n rich but she never
allowed all those stuffs get into her brain and we have been friends right from

Maddison POV
“Honey the ones you bought are they not
enough” my mom asked
“No mom ,i need more “i yelled
“But why”she asked again
“mom i need to stand out as the best “i
replied her getting pissed off already
I am starting talent high and i want
everyone to fear and respect me
Well my name is maddison ,i am very pretty ,i
havent seen anyone more prettier than me
,my parent are very rich and am the only
daughter call me spoilt i dont care but i
always have everything i want and i hate
commoners ,the sight of them alone wants
to make me puke ,i have a beautiful voice
and am not sure anyone one can beat me
apart from the twins ,and am going into
talent high to be the best and also make one
of the twins fall inlove with me ,i dont have
any feelings for them but dating one of
them will make me even popular
I head into my room and ordered my maids
out so i can work on my voice i need to
make everything perfect for tomorrow mimi

Baby Pov
I woke up early took my bath and began
dressing i wore a crazy jean trouser and
yellow top ,well i dont dress girly am more
like a tom boy as some people call me ,i
brushed my hair and head out immediately
to meet my uncle waiting for me ,i dragged
my box of clothes to the car and soon we
zoomed off
In one hour we arrived at a beautiful
building that was neatly decorated ,from the
entrence you can see students tropping in
with their expensive cars ,my uncle dropped
me at the gate and i dragged my box of
cloth inside with a lot of students looking at
me like am from out of space
The tyre in my box of cloth removed and i
angrily threw it back and it hit someone
“Ouch” the guy yelled and held his head ,i
turned to see the most handsome guy ever
holding his head and looking at me angrily
,students have already gathered round
taking pictures and some where telling him
sorry while i kept a straight face admiring
him and with the way people were
interested in us it seems like he is some kind
of celebrity with bouncers arround him

“Are you going to apologise or you want to
keep staring at me “the guy asked angrily

“next time dont stay in my back “i replied
and carried box and began running
Nobody was pursuing me but i was running
,gosh i just made a fool out of my self and
created a scene on my first day

But that guy is really cute ,i wonder if he is
cute than the twins lena kept talking about
,but that guy is rude he is suppose to be
telling me sorry for staying in my back

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