Episode 1

Yep. So you see that killer of a
woman up there? That’s me!

Daniela Chucks. I am not going to
be surprised if you have ended up
taking more time to really look at
the pic – analyzing every bit of me
in the process and even casting
repetitive glances at it without
end after now. I wouldn’t be. After
all that is what all of them always
do. I mean the guys. They just get
absolutely blown away whenever I
get into their paths. Like some
brazen show-stopper, I am usually
quick to disconnect their heads
from their bodies with that ass of
mine! This can be in spite of their
girlfriends or wives being with
them as both are always helpless
to the charms of my enchanting
s£duct!on. Some say I am overly
pompous, others say that I am
simply the most arrogant they
have known, well, while that isn’t
my problem, I seem to be more
interested in the other thing they
equally always have to admit, and
that is, I am an absolute stunner!
Anyways, you will be more
surprised when I tell you more
about myself.

Like I said earlier, my name is
Daniela Chucks. I am from the
South-south region of Nigeria. I
wouldn’t be willing to mention my
precise state of origin here on this
story for privacy reasons but I can
only add that I am fluent in
English, Efik and a bit of Ibo. I am
actually married and have been so
for exactly 20 years by next
month. Given that I am 36 now
(did you think I was that old when
you saw my pic?), you should
easily tell that I had my first kid at
16 (what?!!!). Yea. I was that
sexually active as at that time.

Being very beautiful right from
birth, I easily became a victim of
endless sexual abuse. It began
with an uncle who actually popped
my cherry, and that was when I
was only 9 and half. Since I was
staying with a single mother, it
was difficult for her to really be
the mom (who watches over) while
still hustling for our feeding. I was
often left in the hands of relatives,
friends, neighbors and even plain
strangers on certain occasions.

Growing up was a stark challenge
and before I could get to 12, I had
already had sex with several men.

While I don’t dance over it now, I
wouldn’t deny that I enjoyed every
bit of it back then and can still
remember when it got to the stage
when I began to long after the
men myself. It always paid off too,
since I was very attractive. At 12, I
already had a sex partner who was
over 8 years older than myself. I
also knew homes of so many men,
and on challenging nights, I slept
over at their homes. Mum would
only come looking for me in the
morning – no beating up, not even
a rebuke. And it seemed very

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