Episode 1

On that fateful day,I have just finished exams and didn’t want to go home with any of my close buddies as usual.I stayed in school till around 5pm in the school library,reading theleft behindseries as my usual way of calming my nerves and soul after a strenuous semester exams.

I came out through the normal school gate facing one of the major roads in Aba(aba/owerri road).As usual,the environs was bubbling with people marketing their wares and other sellable stuffs,vehicular movements were ever present, and a brief view or gaze at the left hand side of the main road presents you with two banks with numerous peeps lining up to withdraw their cash from the available ATM there.

I walked on to the point where I was gonna stay and cross to the other side of the road and enter keke to a trekkable point before entering my street to my house.And that was when it happened,that was when I saw her!
I have seen pretty girls in my life,heck,I have dated pretty girls in my life and I am friends with many more others,but none can compare to what lay before me.

Is not that she is pretty that wows or amazes me,but the distinctiveness And uniqueness of the beauty,it was rare.I didn’t help but notice this the minute I took a glance at her,which made me take another serious gaze again to certify my curiosity.

I wasn’t the only one stunned,but mine was visible enough that I just had to take a little walk nearer to appreciate the rare beauty cuz I was sure I was never going to see her again after that day.As I was a step near her,it was as if she noticed and she took some steps forward to cross to the other side of the road.That was when I heard people Shouting and screaming at the top of their voices.Pretty wanted to cross the road knowing fully well that there was an incoming vehicle on heavy speed.I couldn’t believe my eyes and didn’t even know when I rushed up to her(being the closest to her) and forcefully held her back from taking that final step that could have ended her life,drawing her back with such force,she was literally in my arms.The accident was averted!

Peolpe la!d abuses on her as I was still holding her very close to myself,even the vehicle came to a stop and as the agbero driver came out from the vehicle, he rained curse upon curse on the girl.They were all saying the same thing,that if the girl wanted to die,why make another take the fall?
I held the girl tightly,shielding her from people As I made her follow me as I took some steps back and walked on straight back to the school gate,and made for the other road leading to the park..People still watched us,and pointing in our direction,with fractions of them gathered here and there,discussing!
All this while,I never talked to her,neither did she talk to me.I never even stopped to think for a moment about what I was actually doing,and why I was helping the girl,and yet there I was holding her hands firmly and she followed me without a word and no struggling to free herself.

After walking off far enough from where the incident occurred, I crossed the road with her and we both entered Keke after she confirmed she was going in almost the same direction as me.When we reached where she will be alighting, she alighted and after I told her I will pay for her,she said “Thank You!”,and left.

As I went home that day,the constant question on my mind was “why would pretty wanna kill herself?”..

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