Episode 7

However, once the bus he boarded drove away, I found myself rushing back home. From a quiet casual stroll to a sudden hastened waddle. In fact, I even started running at some point, smiling in my head as I did! I was going to have a chance with Mr. Johnson and how that elated me! He was at the main house alone as always and I was going to be reporting for morning duties once I got home. So when I crashed into my house like some flaming rocket, I quickly made for my wardrobe where I had hung the skimpy cloth I intended to wear that morning. It was an old frail white sleeveless gown which I had never worn without any cloths underneath given it was rather very see-through. However, on this occasion, I slipped myself into it without hesitation and with no other thing underneath except for my red g-string p@anties! I was initially interested in dumping the p@anties all the same but I wasn’t certain he wouldn’t feel insecure so soon, if I did. So I pulled one on. A red one which was so conspicuously elaborate through the sheer transparency of the gown. My aim was to gradually lure him into me s£nsu@lly. And anything contrary to that was going to be undermining! I was to erotically trap him into having the heavy urge to touch me. If he could be so aroused by me to come on to me, then I was through with my plan. This kept ringing inside my head as I found a red matching slip-on to wear heading to the main house in the course.

After a second thought, I decided to change my manner of encounter. I had initially felt I could just walk into his bedroom and find a reason to remain there with him longer than normal, but quickly thought otherwise. Doing that will only make him easily suspect I had come in to s£duce him. If I would succeed in luring him to me, then I needed to approach it as though that wasn’t my aim. I was barely into the thought when a fresh one struck me, and that was exactly what I chose to do. So I hastened up my steps. I could feel the cold morning breeze sweep through my nakedness underneath. My heaving boobs were obviously aroused already causing my nipples to stand out through the sheer material of the gown. I could feel the weight of my wide ass as it flapped from side to side as I took my quicker steps! I could feel the moment. My body was yearning for this!
When I eventually got in, I went straight for his door. Going by my plan, I needed to ask him if I should get his bathwater ready given what time it was. I found his door shut which meant he was having his routine ‘Quiet-time’ but given that the plan had to be executed precisely, I screamed the question to him from outside, ignoring the obvious ill-timing. And quite surprisingly, he replied and asked me to go ahead. So I went into the bathroom to mix his water. I was fortunate it was the old system where bathrooms were not attached to the bedrooms. If it were now, I still wonder how I would have pulled this off. However, after working on his heater and getting his water set for use, I didn’t come out of the bathroom. I remained there. There was a ‘dresser’ corner of the bathroom which contained a credenza and some sanitary objects and were generally curtained away from the rest of the bathing area. That was where I remained. The little AC hanging on the wall, just above the window I usually peeped from, kept me cold. My large boobs were now pushing out into my gown. Everything that made me a woman were now so elaborately visible through the transparent material! You could even tell the number of dots I had on each of my areolas – that was how bad it was!

“Madam Daniela, you don finish?”, he called out after several minutes of wait. “Abeg, do dish my breakfast for me. Mommy prepared fried eggs and yam.”

I remained silent. I could feel he was very close to the bathroom door so I needed not to let him know I was in there.

He started whistling a song as he walked into the bathroom. I could tell out his dark silhouette through the curtain but was sure he couldn’t see me, given where I was standing. His shirt was first to go and then his shorts as his fat tool quickly sprang into full silhouetted-view from his shorts! I felt my knees begin to go weak as my p**sy began to let out the juice. After what seemed like a year, I decided to come out from my hiding. So I picked up some of the used towels dumped in a bowl by my side and with my bum, slid my way through the curtain out into the open, delivering a very tempting view of my ass.


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