Episode 2

He pulled a stool and sat down, right between my legs. He could see every detail of my waxed cunt. I felt heat suffuse my face; I must have gone red in embarrassment even with my deep tan. He grinned devilishly at my discomfort and then bent his head to consume me.

I had to bite my lip to keep from shrieking.
He gave every attention to me. He went fast and slow at the exact right time. Fork. Even with my wide open legs, he placed his fingers near my labia and pulled. My K!ttyC@t opened further.

He grazed his teeth over this exposed and tender meat and buried his tongue deep.
I came apart.

As I was coming down from this high, a knock sounded on the door and we froze. Did somebody hear us? He hastily released my arms from the restraint and dropped my legs from the stirrups.

I stood up and pulled on my scrubs very fast.
I brushed my hair back and tried hard to look innocent. The door opened and a huge black man entered with a beautiful woman.

Segun Okoya
I stepped into the office and the subtle scent of K!ttyC@t hit me. The blond doctor ushered I and my girlfriend to the seats in front of him. We sat down and a glanced around the room.
I saw a very tiny nurse standing in a corner of the office. She couldn’t meet my gaze and as I stared, I saw the blush building from her neck up to her cheeks.

Vanessa was explaining her issues to the doctor who tried his best to look concerned. I knew then that we’d interrupted something.

I took in the very large wet spot on the gyn table and I grinned. Definitely. I looked at the nurse again and she quickly flicked her eyes away. Gotcha.

She’s very beautiful. Slanted Asian looking eyes paired with a very straight Caucasian nose. Tiny, heart shaped lips. She looked absolutely exotic. Her hair framed her face in wild frizzy curls. Her small stature gave her a delicate appearance as she was swallowed up by her scrubs… ”Yes, so the cramps couldn’t make me sleep..” Vanessa finished.

The doctor scribbled something on a prescription sheet ad gave it to us. The nurse hastily left the office and I got an Insane shock.

I expected her to be tiny all over; just like her nonexistent breasts, but her butt0ckz is almost huge!

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