Episode 7

She came in some few hours after he was brought in and couldn’t believe her eyes. She said she’s in shock over “his hideousness” and needs some time to get over it.

She never came back.When he woke up, he disturbed everyone, raging for vanessa.

We didn’t know how to break the news to him and I actually tried getting in contact with her but she told me to call her back; only when he’s gotten cosmetic surgery done.

He became a surly, temperamental bear and I screamed the truth to him, one day out of frustration! His Nessa was not coming back!

She doesn’t give a flying Fork! After her initial visit,she didn’t come back and it’s 2 months already! That got him to calm down.

Segun okoya
I went through all the stages of loss; I couldn’t believe Nessa could betray me that way..anger, depression, and finally acceptance. I took it all out on the Japanese nurse who tended to me.

The beautiful, beautiful, angel who accepts it all like a pro.

I began to yearn for her calm presence; and whenever she’s not on the shift, I feel agitated and couldn’t wait for her to come to work.

She became my beacon in a dark world. I have nothing. Nothing. I’d built my world all around Vanessa and the emotional security she provided.

I yearned to Sophia’s gentle touches and the way she yelled at me in encouragement during my physiotherapy sessions. She didn’t have to come with me, but she does, every time she’s on duty.

She became just more than a woman to me.

She became a friend. She didn’t look at me uncomfortably;the way other people do because of my ugly face. She kissed my scarred face.
I began to heal from inside out.

After 3 months, my surgery was scheduled and I had it done. My face was sculpted back. I was discharged from the hospital and she insisted I move into her apartment.. She’d keep a closer eye on me, she argued. My house is just big and empty.. No personal care.

My brothers loved her and readily agreed.

Who am I to say No?

We got married few weeks later


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