Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

I always desired money, jewelleries and other expensive things but these were just my dreams.

My name is Tina, my mum always told me to search for job and to stop being lazy and fooling around.

I have a boyfriend called Adam, he gave me everything I wanted in life, luxury, money, jewellery and accessories too.

But my love for money made me to get a job as an housemaid in Lagos.

My first day was very good, my boss gave me my own bedroom and bathroom and a good amount of payment.

She doesn’t even give me any stress at all to cook early in the morning although that was what I was there for.

But still, I was very jealous of my boss, her husband and her child Rita so I started making their daughter suffer which they don’t know anything about.

One day, my boss and her husband went out for an occasion but didn’t take their daughter along.

This is your food, Tina said. But this is yesterday’s food, Rita replied. Are you okay, you want to start wasting food right,

I’ll not let you do that but if you like don’t take the food that’s your problem because this is the only food left, Tina replied. Mtcheew Rita said

Nonsense, so you’ll be the one to enjoy all this wealth right, Tina added.

Jesus, mum and dad chose a very wicked maid, God knows what she will do to me next, I’ve always tried to tell mum and dad about what she does but they never pay attention, Rita said in scare.

We are home, Rose said. Mum, dad, welcome, Rita replied. Welcome baby, oh, your stomach is growling, you didn’t eat anything, Jay asked, well aunty Tina,

Welcome madam, welcome sir, Tina interrupted. Welcome Tina, Rita we are going to freshen up now, it has been a long day, mum dad Rita said. Don’t even try what you wanted to do now okay, Tina said.

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