Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Today is a great day! It’s just 10am and Id’ve made so much money.

“This okada (motorcycle) get money today oh… let me quickly visit Mama Odashi’s kitchen for a plate of food”.

Mama Odashi, how are you today? “customer welcome”, she said. Abeg give me one plate of rice with two fat meat and one bottle of chilled coke.

While eating, a beautiful damsel walked in, I almost choked by food I was eating because I was already fantasising how wonderful it will be to have this kind of lady.

I noticed she came to buy food in a ‘takeaway’ (disposable plate). I quickly finished my food, paid Mama Odashi and rushed outside to “shoot my shot”.

“Hello beautiful, where are you headed? Can drop you off”, I said…

She looked at me and gave a smirk, “I’m heading back to campus, I just came to get some food” She said.

Do you care for a ride?

“With what she said”…

My heart sunk, and at that moment I wish I had a car, but because I have come this far, I told her on my bike. “Oh you are an okada man (bike man)” she said.

I felt so embarrassed and wanted to say no, but from my looks, wearing an old cap and an ancient boot I quickly said “I do it when I am bored” she said “oh I see”.

She climbed on my bike and we started the journey to her campus, while on our way I asked her “what’s your name?” Betty she said…

Beautiful name I said, where do you come from? She was silent and I didn’t ask further…

We arrived at her school gate and I requested for her number and ask if I can always come and pick her each time she needs a ride.

“She looked at me from my head to my toe” and reluctantly collected my phone and typed her number and she left.

I happily saved the number and left her school when I got another passenger…

Another one today again! I asked myself while walking back to the hostel, “What have I done to all this okada men? why am I only attractive to Okada men?”

…”I know what to do to him” I mumbled to myself and i entered my room.

“Betty, what took you so long?” Anna said…

Anna is my roommate.

She always gets the big boys in town asking her out, but my own case is different. If it’s not a bike man then a bus conductor. How sure am I that my village people are not after me?

Is not that Anna is more beautiful,I am prettier and even taller.

Betty!!! She yelled and I snapped out of my thoughts.

I looked at her, drop the plate of food on my hands and went to the kitchen to get spoon and water before my phone began to ring.


…this looks like the bikeman number, so he’s actually trying to get my attention. “I will use this one as a scapegoat”, I said to myself before picking up.

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