Episode 40

“welcome young Val. I believe you had a very stressful journey?. You can go shower, rest and come out for dinner. I have the whole of tomorrow to listen to your side of the story and it better be good” Adaora’s mum said seriously while i nodded with a smile even though my heart pounded furiously as i stood before her….
An hour and half later i joined Adaora and her mum in the dinning room. We all had a quiet dinner, exchanging nothing but few words throughout the course of the meal. Adaora’s cold behaviour towards me was equally very noticeable. She refused talking to me or even looking towards my direction. It really kind of affected my composure because i wasn’t used to the cold treatment she metted out to me.
Later in the night, i sneaked up to her room to have a little private chat with her. I silently prayed as i slowly walked into the dark room..
“of course, as usual you are here to take advantage of a gullible girl. You are here to tell me how innocent you are” i suddenly heard Adaora’s Voice as i made my way in. I froze instantly and gazed at the direction of the voice, straining my eyes to see clearly. It was obvious she was expecting me.
“isn’t it so Val?” she asked, switching on a small electric table lamp beside her bed. The room instantly lit up to reveal her sitting on the bed and facing my direction.
“Adaora you should have at least listened to my explanation before making up your mind to break up with me. Seriously” i murmured carefully. She hissed.
“you got no shame. You are very despicable. Your own mother has even given up on you. What on earth are you even doing here?. Of course you know i can never buy your lies again” she said seriously. I swallowed hard and breathed deeply.
“Adaora” i called her name softly, taking a step closer to her.
“you have no dignity, shame nor a little common sense. If you had any, you wouldn’t have showed up here. I despise you. I can’t believe i’m even talking to you” she said bitterly.
“Adaora” i called her name again.
“i have moved on. I have a new guy already, so the best thing you will do for yourself is to get the f–k out of this house first thing tomorrow. Now get out of my room” she screamed out loudly, not caring that her mum was in the house. I instantly backed away, terrified and scared..
I couldn’t risk spending another minute in her room in order not to attract her mum who could misinterpret the whole scenario… So i left

During breakfast the next morning, Adaora did a very shocking thing by asking her mum to send me out of the house.
“I’m not comfortable with Val’s presence. Mum you have to send him back to where ever he came from, unless you want me to leave in his place. I can’t spend another hour with him in this house”she seriously said to her mum, as i joined them for breakfast, shocking the woman who instantly grew pale.
“hey young lady, i hope you are not trying to disrespect me?. I’m the owner of the house and i alone decides who stays or leaves” she cautioned Adaora who instantly sprang up from her chair.
“fine, i’m leaving. Enjoy your house” she shouted back at her mum, eyed me and walked out on us.
“mum, maybe i should leave” i quietly breathed.
“no you are going nowhere. I invited you and you are my guest. I’m coming” she replied, got up and went after her daughter. Within seconds i heard mother and daughter exchanging words in the bedroom…
I really felt so bad and ashamed of myself. I never knew Adaora could shun me to that extent. Perhaps Frank was right after all. My trip to Abuja was simply a waste of time…


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