Episode 43

I waited for Tessy for about an hour but she never returned to the room. I simply slept and dreamt of better things.

Early the next day, i freshened up and grabbed my bag to leave. I searched for Tessy in the other rooms but couldn’t find her. However on getting to the sitting room, i found her lying on one of the long chairs. I drew close and sat by her side.
“i really don’t know why you picked offence simply because i said no to sex without protection. I have done many humiliating things to you in the past but you never got annoyed. Anyway i’m leaving. Thanks for everything” i said quietly, waited for her to at least say a word to me which she never did. I really was surprised but kept my feelings to myself, got up and left…..

it was a long bus journey from Abuja to Owerri and as the bus sped along, i closed my eyes to reflect on so many things. I wasn’t getting any younger, and apart from the little inheritance my dad left behind, my website which earns quite a good income and my certificates, i really had nothing as a man, no achievement whatsoever. All I always did was just to come up with plans which i fail to carry out in the end.
Why?, what’s my life going to be like in the next twenty years?” i wondered and shook my head.

Of course i needed being with my family and carry them along with many things. At least that could help them share my thoughts and stop them from seeing me as a prodigal son. But at the moment i felt staying away from them was a better decision. I felt starting a separate life away from home could make me more independent and respected as a man.
I kept thinking back and forth. The more i thought about my life the more confused i got….

Starting up my own T.v career seemed the only welcoming alternative. But it was something that needed much time and investment before any profit could be generated. A venture that attracted me with one hand and scared me with another. I had scripts, stories, and many young friends willing to work with me, but then i still was far off from putting things together. I needed an expert in the field to help me. I needed Tessy’s money to sacrifice. My phone ran that moment, interrupting my thoughts. It was frank calling.

“hello bro, how far?, you never called me. Na wa for you ooo!” he said seriously.
“i’m sorry brother, but i’m on my way back to Owerri. Can we meet at my house?” i asked,
“yea sure. When you get close to Owerri, do notify me so that i can start coming” he answered.

“fine” i accepted and hung up.
I remembered the twin girl as i dropped my phone, and dialled her number instantly. I couldn’t even remember the last time i called her after she left my house very sick.
“hey how far?” she greeted on answering my call.
“i’m sorry for having not checked on you for long. How is your health?, are you still in your school?” i asked.
“yup, i’m fine and in school” she answered.
“are you free?, can you come over to Owerri?” i asked.
“no i can’t” she answered coldly.
“maybe i should come see you then” i offered.
“no don’t come. Bye bye jor” she answered and rudely hung up, leaving me shocked.
The d–n girl had always been very weird and i just didn’t know what to make out of her behaviour.
I kept my feelings to myself, and thought of other things until i got to Owerri very late in the evening. Frank and I met at my apartment and we spent the rest of the evening discussing.
” i tried stopping you from going to Abuja but you never cared to listen. Adaora is a nice girl really, but you guys have one hell of a history. I think it’s time you finally try getting a job or creating one for yourself, find a new girl who knows nothing about your past and marry. As for Tessy i really don’t know how things will end between you guys. Everything rests on you bro. You better start making the best decisions from now” he advised while i shrugged and nodded.

Things are always easy to say but carrying them out is quite another thing. Yea i can’t deny that i was just a clueless boy surrounded by confusion.

Episode 44

Two weeks later, precisely on a cool monday morning. I got a very disturbing call from Adaora’s mother.

I really was about making the first updates of the day on my blog when the call came through. The question she asked me was cold and direct, instantly sending my heart into a freezing point.
“do you think Adaora is capable of harming anyone?” she asked.
“hmmm, i don’t understand mum” i murmured softly.
“do you think my daughter can attempt to take someone’s life?. I know quite alright she got a hot temper just like me, but do you think she can go that far?” she asked quietly.
“of course not” i answered instantly, wondering what prompted the question. Ever since i left Abuja two weeks ago, i kept myself calling Adaora nor even Tessy.

“what’s happening?” i asked curiously.
“well your Tessy and her friends are trying very hard to pin a crime on my daughter. They are accusing her of sending assassins after them. Funny enough a policewoman who turns out to be Tessy’s friend is the one making all the accusations. I just don’t know what to believe anymore” she poured out, while i breathed deeply with surprise.
“like seriously?, of course such accusation can never sell” i laughed.

“No wonder Tessy hasn’t called me since i left her house weeks ago. I never knew she was up to something” i reasoned.
“c’mon mum, you shouldn’t get yourself worked up over the little accusation. We all know that it will result to nothing, just let me call Tessy, i will get back to you shortly. Hope Adaora is safe?” i asked.
“yea she’s with me, but it was hard getting the police to release her. I virtually used all my resources to get it done” she answered.

“i’m really sorry for everything. It’s all my fault” i apologized, hung up and dialled Tessy’s number. She answered right away.
“i have been expecting your call” she breathed quietly.
“you simply shut yourself from me because of the plans you had for Adaora. How on earth do you think hanging a crime on her head can help our relationship. You made me a promise to help me marry any woman of my choice. Why are you doing this?” i shouted desperately. Tessy kept quiet for some seconds before replying.

“listen to yourself Val. Do you think i’m capable of doing such a disgusting thing?. I have got no issues with Adaora but instead she’s the one that has issues with me. She’s the one that needs to grow up. You should have asked how everything happened before pouring your anger on me” she answered calmly, but instead of calming down, my heart throbbed more faster.
“after you left Abuja, i tried making peace with Adaora. I called her like an honourable lady i’m, but she shunned me. I tried begging her to set up a meeting but she declined. Then last Saturday, when i was out with Elinor, to celebrate with a friend Patience who got promoted to the rank of a police D.S.P, i got a call from Adaora, asking me to meet her at an eatery a distance away from where i was hanging out with my friends. I had to beg them to accompany me. It was exactly 7:15pm when we got there. Your Adaora was with a fair plump boy, and the moment we arrived, she kind of attacked me, saying all sort of nonsense which forced my friends to intervene, by asking her to shut up and give me some respect but her male friend grabbed a bottle, almost stabbing me and causing a big scene. He threatened us right there, claiming his father is an Army General and that he can do anything to us and get away with it. He equally said Adaora is his wife to be. We all had to leave when the manager of the place showed up, but can you believe that as i stopped at Elinor’s house to drop her, minutes after, a car almost blocked us, forcing me to take off. We were shot at as i managed to drive away and luckily nobody was injured. If you were in my shoes what will you do?, what will you believe?. Anyway i did nothing, but my friend, the cop who was with us did. I think you should ask Adaora to tell you the whole truth. She has a boyfriend who joined her to threaten me, and one of them carried out the threat, or do you think it was just a coincidence??. I think you should ask Adaora about the boy and let her tell you the truth” she narrated, while my heart sank….

Tessy’s story really sounded very unreal and stunning, nevertheless i made up my mind to keep aside my pride and make contact with Adaora in order to hear her side of the story.

I dialled Adaora’s phone number but she refused to pick up the call.

Episode 45

I had no choice than to call back Adaora’s mother and tell her that i will be coming over on Wednesday.

Early Wednesday morning, i headed to Abuja without even telling Frank. Of course i knew he would try to discourage me from going and i felt it was appropriate to keep him in the dark over the current situation at least till i get back.

I got to Abuja that fateful day right on time to be at Adaora’s house by 5:20pm. Her mum was at home, eagerly waiting for me, but unfortunately Adaora wasn’t…..

I really had a long discussion with the good old lady who once again repeated the story she told me over the phone on Monday.
“seriously it took me quite a lot to prevent Adaora from spending one night in police custody. And ever since then, the police has been coming here everyday under one guise or another. I’m completely fed up and the whole thing is really draining my resources. You know i’m a politician and the last thing i want is this silly affair getting to the press and public. Adaora equally isn’t helping at all. I really don’t understand the type of friends she’s keeping nowadays. It pains me that she was level headed during her days as a student but now turning to something else as an adult” she breathed seriously.
“don’t worry mum, i can fix everything. Just give me a little time. Trust me” i promised and stood up to leave.
“so where are you going?. Aren’t you going to spend the night here?” she asked with concern.

“i planned staying with a friend. Don’t worry about me mum” i answered, smiled and left. But as i left the sitting room, on my way to the gate. I ran into Adaora and a fair plump boy who matched the description Tessy gave me on monday. I frowned on seeing him, while Adaora casually greeted me and walked past me into the house. The boy however stopped and stared at me coldly.
“i have heard a lot about you. But you should know one thing. Your era with Adaora is over. Stop bugging her life” he said like a threat. I scoffed.
“you know what?, i got something right now that you don’t have” he boasted.
“and what’s that?” i asked.
“ADAORA’S LOVE”.. he muttered rudely..
I grabbed him by the collar, ready for a fight..

Episode 46

“hey hey hey, chill bro. Are you trying to fight me or what?. You must be high on cheap weed” the insolent guy laughed, pushing my anger to the limit. But before i could react again, i heard Adaora’s voice from behind.
“Val just leave him alone please. You and I know that there is nothing you can do to him. So just quit the drama and go your own way. let me be, i beg of you” she said coldly, shocking me with her words. I turned to face her, releasing the guy in the process.
“so it has gotten to this Adaora?” i asked.
“of course what do you expect. You had your chance with me and blew it all away” she replied, hissed and walked away while i watched her leave with great bitterness.
“seriously you have to start watching your back from now. I know you aren’t ready to leave Adaora and that’s going to cost us a lot of problem. Be prepared” the idiot of a guy said to me before going after Adaora. I simply stood speechlessly for a minute as i tried very hard to control the anger and pain in my heart.

It wasn’t only Adaora’s behaviour that pained me, but the type of guy she was trying to replace me with. I knew for sure that i was way better than the guy both in character and in everything.

I left minutes after, and headed to Tessy’s house with my pains. It was by God’s grace that i managed to get there without running into any vehicle. Of course i was so dejected and broke. To add more salt to my injury, the smile on the plump boy’s face refused leaving my memory. And i really felt so empty as i managed to drag myself to Tessy’s house that strange evening.


One look at my face, a strange smile appeared on Tessy’s face. She breathed deeply, drew close and hugged me.
“i guess you have confirmed things for yourself. Sometimes the bad guy could be the person putting on a white garment. Don’t be dejected dear. That’s life” she breathed as she held me to herself……

Episode 47

9pm Tessy’s bedroom

I was close to crying as i la!d on the bed thinking of how to settle issues with Adaora. The d–n girl was slowly taking things too far, and she really was hurting my feelings seriously. However one thing i failed to accept was that she could dump my silly a-s for that obnoxious guy. I kinda felt she was just only using him to get back at me. Nevertheless i was terribly wounded.

Tessy walked in, took off her night wear and smiled at me, her beautifully carved naked body hitting my eyes like a whirlwind. I breathed deeply and looked away while she drew close and climbed on me.
“i know you are still thinking about Adaora?” she asked, taking off my top and trouser. I said nothing, trying hard to control my poor spirit.

“your dad was successful in life because he spent his time thinking of how to make more money and not thinking of how to woe your mother. You better forget everything about Adaora and concentrate your thoughts on how to build yourself, your career and make money. Trust me with money, you will get to dine with all the beauties of the world. Remember i once warned you about Adaora months ago when you thought i was the devil ruining your life. Adaora is just like every other Igbo girl in Nigeria, never mind she stayed with you this long” she said softly, pulling of my underwear and kissing my half aroused d–k in a way that excited me.
“so tell me how do you feel?” she asked, swallowing my d–k and crushing my two n—–s with her fingers. My head almost exploded with swift excitement.
“let’s rock tonight and forget about our problems” she breathed seductively, rose up and lowered her dripping k—y over my d–k. I m0aned loudly as i felt the hotness of her thing down below.
“i beg of you, let’s make use of a condom” i begged as she rotated her waist over me. She breathed deeply and stopped.
“fine, get one” she accepted and climbed down from my body, giving me the chance to fetch a condom, which i quickly wore before devouring her all night long. We both had great appetite for sex which kinda made us something like birds of the same feather. But that very night, all i saw was Adaora’s image as i made love to Tessy.


By 8am the next morning, i dressed and got ready to head to Adaora’s house once again while Tessy hurriedly prepared to head to her office.

“I know you won’t like going with any of my cars, but just don’t go there to fight anyone. If Adaora still chooses to be unreasonable, simply turn and walk away” she begged, her eyes filled with care.
“you know we are yet to seriously discuss the issue that brought me to Abuja. I mean the attempted murder charge your friends are trying to pin on Adaora, but that will be when we meet in the evening” i said with a smile, kissed her and headed to Adaora’s house….

I walked into the compound with a fast pounding heart, but i soon froze as i saw the same plump boy of the previous day, dressed in suit and standing beside his car. As i stood with shock, Adaora emerged from the house, dressed in suit as well. It was obvious they were heading to a function or something like a seminar, and even though it pained me to admit. They looked good together…
“Adaora” i suddenly called out, throwing caution to the wind as i advanced towards them. They both froze with shock as i closed in on them..
“val please quit embarrassing yourself. its over between us” Adaora suddenly said, while the plump guy clenched his fist in anger. I ignored him and grabbed Adaora.
“this ends today. we have to talk” I said seriously with red eyes.

Episode 48

“Val’s what’s wrong with you?, can’t you see that i’m heading for a job interview?, or do i look like someone going to a party?” Adaora asked seriously, pushing me back with her words. The plump guy scoffed, weighed me, turned and headed to the driver’s side of his car while Adaora gave me one last look as i let go of her.
“anything you plan saying to me should wait until i get back. I don’t have the time to listen to you right now” she said with a softer tone, breathed deeply and joined her friend in the car while i swallowed hard as i watched them leave the house…

After standing alone for some minutes, i soon got tired and went into the sitting room to wait for Adaora’s return. I earnestly prayed for her to return on time but unfortunately things never went as i hoped. I stayed till 3:30pm all alone with my thoughts until her mum showed up at the house with a friend. She really was surprised to see me and after i told her how long i have been at the house, she kind of had pity on me.
“don’t worry Val, just go home, i promise by tomorrow or next, i will invite you over for a serious discussion with Adaora” she promised, leaving me with no choice than to accept her words.
I picked up myself and headed back to Tessy’s house with a more relaxed mind.
However on my way to her house, another strange idea hit my mind. I suddenly felt it was strange staying in Tessy’s house while trying to fix things with Adaora.
“what if Adaora or her mum decides to run a tab on me?. Hmmm, God forbid bad thing” i reasoned, shaking my head with fear. I decided straight away to move out of Tessy’s house that very evening or the next day, to be on the safe side.

35 minutes later, Tessy’s Bungalow. ABUJA
As i made my way into the compound, i ran into Elinor at the gate. It really was a situation i had always tried to avoid but luck wasn’t on my side that very day.

She smiled on sighting me while i recoiled cautiously.

“hmmm the lover boy is back” she smiled. I nervously greeted her.
“Your friend Tessy isn’t feeling too well. She almost fainted in her office today. She’s feeling kind of dizzy and weak, and has also refused seeing a doctor. She’s lying on her bed. Hopefully she will pull through, but I hope you haven’t gotten my friend pregnant huh?” she asked with a mischievous smile, forcing me to smile back even though i was deadly scared.

“Tessy is a big girl. I doubt if such thing can happen to her” i answered weakly.
“of course she’s” Elinor smiled coldly, shook her head and walked away.
I rushed into the house and ran straight to Tessy’s room where i saw her sleeping peacefully. I stared at her body searchingly, not knowing what to make of Elinor’s words, going through my head at the same time, checking back on the numerous times i had sex with her.
Of course the last thing i wanted was Tessy getting pregnant for me. I thought of her husband who she managed to keep away from me after the unfortunate incident in Owerri a couple of weeks ago. I thought of my family. I thought of Adaora. My plans, My life, My future, everything could all change if Elinor’s suspicion turns out to be true.
“God forbid” i spat out, settled on a couch and nervously waited for Tessy to wake up..

Episode 49

An hour later, Tessy’s bedroom
Tessy yawned, turned and woke up with a sweet smile. I instantly drew close and held her hands, staring at her with concern.
“how are you my dear?” i asked curiously. She rolled her eyes and licked her lips.
“oh Val, how i very much wish that i will always wake up to see you watching over me with great care and concern. Really that’s all i do pray for. You are so sweet” she breathed, staring deep into my eyes. I blushed and swallowed hard.
“so how are you feeling?. Elinor told me you fainted in the office?” i asked gently. She smiled and closed her eyes.
“don’t mind Elinor, it was just a little attack. I suddenly felt weak as i was going through my stocks in the shop. I had to abandon everything and call her. I’m fine. I’m slowing regaining my strength. I also took some drugs when i got back. It’s nothing to worry about. It’s just stress and it happens to everyone” she answered convincingly. I shrugged with resignation and pushed her no further, even though deep down, i would have loved to ask her when last she saw her monthly circle but i couldn’t ask the question without giving her another strange idea.

“so how did it go with Adaora?” she suddenly asked. I shook my head and look away sadly.
“i couldn’t get to talk things with Adaora but i still have my hopes up. Her mum promised to invite me over so that we can all put heads together” i answered. She shook her head, smiled reassuringly and placed her right palm on my cheek.
“anything that will make you happy, is okay for me, but please use your head and not your heart in this situation” she said softly, forcing me to stare back at her. I really couldn’t help but notice a little sadness in her tone.

“i don’t know if this is the right moment to tell you about my new plan” i muttered while she stared at me speechlessly.
“Tess dear, i will be moving out of here tomorrow. You know it isn’t cool staying here with you. It’s just a precaution in case Adaora or her mum decides to get curious” i muttered carefully while her eyes dimmed with sadness. But before she could talk, a call from an unknown phone number came into my phone. I picked it up, breathing deeply.
“hey it’s Kingsley, Adaora’s new friend” the caller said with an authoritative tone. I instantly recognised his voice. It was the plump guy’s voice.
“what do you want?” i asked coldly.
“i want us to meet and talk things like men” he answered.

“so are you now ready to leave Adaora alone?” i asked.
“no that’s not going to happen” he answered swiftly.
“then we have nothing to talk about. Moreover how did you get my number?” i asked.

“val, val val. Hmmm you are yet to realise that your time is over. Watch your back bro, because i won’t let you have peace as long as you keep disturbing my Adaora” he threatened and hung up while Tessy stared at me curiously.

“who called?, what happened?” she asked, but before i could reply, a text message came into my phone from the same number that called me seconds ago.
“Adaora is mine. I take anyone disturbing her as my enemy. You won’t like what i do to my enemies. Chill out or wait for your end. I LOVE ADAORA”was the text message he sent. I read it over and over before giving Tessy the phone. She read the text message, breathed deeply and stared back at me.
“i know you need my help. So what now?” she asked with a dry smile……

Episode 50

“no Tessy dear, i don’t need your help at the moment. Let’s wait till i discuss with Adaora and her mum. After then will i know my next move” i answered, while she nodded in acceptance.
“that’s cool my love” she murmured softly. I leaned forward, dropping a kiss on her lips. She instantly blushed while i smiled.
“so what’s up with the murder case involving Adaora?, can’t you get your police friend to drop the case?” i asked curiously. She breathed deeply and laughed.
“of course you should know already that such a case won’t get anywhere. There isn’t any strong evidence to hold anyone. Moreover Adaora’s mum has already closed the case with her money, though i know the greedy cops still visit her to extort more money. Just forget about the case” she said calmly. I heaved a sigh of relief.

Later in the evening, i called Obinna on phone and told him about my plan of staying in his apartment. He had no difficulty accepting my request, and so early the next morning i left Tessy’ s house with the promise of visiting her everyday till the end of my stay in Abuja.
Fortunately for me Tessy created no scene nor made any unusual demand. She simply let me go after a long hug.
“just know that my feelings towards you remains the same. I will do anything to make you happy” she breathed as we hugged…..

I barely had gotten to Obinna’s apartment when Adaora’s mum called on phone asking me to show up at her house as fast as i could. I quickly had a little discussion with Obinna, freshened up and hurriedly headed over to Adaora’s house with a fast throbbing heart.

I really was so nervous and excited. I simply just felt like a politician who was waiting for his election result….

I calmly walked into the empty living room, quickly spotted Adaora and her mum seated in the dinning room and instantly headed towards them. It was very obvious they have been there for hours. They weren’t eating but discussing quietly..
“you did great by showing up on time. I never knew you would come so fast. It shows Adaora means a lot to you” Adaora’s mum said with a smile. I blushed and looked at Adaora who avoided my eyes.
“i have talked with my daughter and i have listened to her views as well. Val you know we all love you. We love your family. We love your community. Since your childhood we have always wanted to make the family bond stronger with marriage. Adaora has always done her part but you took her simplicity and easy nature as stupidity. Anyway it’s all in the past. Adaora is still yours. It’s left for you to patch up things with her. Adaora dear hope you are with me?” she addressed me before facing Adaora who silently nodded in agreement. She smiled with satisfaction, got up and breathed deeply.

“I have to leave you two together. I have a meeting to attend. Please don’t fight again” she quickly added, got up and left. Leaving Adaora and i all alone.

I stared at Adaora not knowing what to say. The excitement, the joy, the happiness was just way too much. I couldn’t imagine how her mother did the magic without even needing me to say a single word to help my case. I felt overly indebted to the good old lady who i always had thought to be proud and arrogant.

“Adaora, my love” i breathed, stood up and drew close to her, placing my hands on her shoulders from behind. She kept quiet, making no effort to push me away.
“i just don’t know what to say. Thank you for giving me another chance. You are my life. I have always been messing things up and i know there isn’t anything i will say to you right now that you haven’t heard from me before. I rather say nothing” I breathed, bending to rest my head on hers. She closed her eyes for some seconds, breathing deeply.
“Val there is something i have to tell you” she said softly, freezing my heart with her words. I stared at her with all eagerness

Episode 51

“it’s about my friend Kingsley” she muttered, stood up and faced me with trembling lips. My heart froze on hearing the boy’s name. I really didn’t know what to expect next.

“oh dear, don’t tell me you have been sleeping with him?” i prayed with fear, deeply shaken with the suspense that overcame me. She quietly shook her head and looked down.

“no of course not, but” she replied, her face drawn with a slight frown. I slowly lifted up her face, staring deep into her eyes.
“now tell me what it’s all about. I beg of you?” i asked curiously. She swallowed hard and breathed deeply one more time.

“Kingsley is very much in love with me. And he has been acting like my boyfriend all these while, especially in public. I never did anything to stop him. And when he popped the request, asking me to date him, i declined at first but he kind of insisted and i was forced to tell him that i would think about it. Ever since then, he began playing the role of a boyfriend, and the way i have been treating you lately sort of encouraged him to assume that my heart is with him. Now telling him that i’m back with you will definitely hurt him. A situation i really won’t want to experience. I know it’s an easy thing to some girls, but the truth is that i have never been in such precarious situation” she poured out solemnly. I smiled and hugged her.
“he will be here any moment because he called me earlier before you showed up, telling me that he was coming over” she added fearfully.
“telling him your feelings shouldn’t be a problem my dear. Just tell him the truth and apologize if need be” i answered softly.
“noooo” she breathed.
“yes my dear” i insisted, drew back, held her face and stared into her eyes.
“oh how much i missed your lips my darling” i breathed while she blushed.
“Val you know i have always loved you. Our relationship is not all about family pressure. It’s forged out of real love but i’m still scared you will mess things up once again” she confessed, her eyes growing dim with real passion. I gently kissed her, taking my time to savour every moment. But as we were kissing passionately, we heard someone call Adaora’s name with great energy.

We turned to see Kingsley staring at us with disbelief. We never heard the sound of his car pull up into the compound, neither did we hear him enter the room. I guess the passion Adaora and i were sharing that moment blocked our ears.

“Kingsley i’m really sorry you are finding out things this way. I just don’t know what to say right now. You have been a good friend to me. And yes i’m very fond of you” Adaora quickly said to him, breaking free from me and advancing towards him. Her words unfortunately got the guy more angry.
“don’t dare move an inch closer. Of course i now get it” he barked, stopping Adaora with his words.
“you guys just had a little problem and you used me to get back at him. You used me for your own selfish interest. Why are women like this?. You wasted my time, toyed with my feelings and played with my heart. But it’s not over. At least you know what i’m capable of. No woman toys with my heart and lives to tell the story” he threatened, forcing me to step forward and advance towards him in anger but Adaora held me back, preventing me from going any further. He scoffed at me.
“Val you are just a little fly to me. Crushing you won’t take more than a minute. Ask Adaora, my actions speak louder than my words” he shouted, turned and left with rage. Adaora quickly hugged me, shaking with fright.

“i know what he’s capable of doing. I have witnessed it first hand. He dealt with Tessy and her friends when they attacked me even though i never fully supported what he did. Nothing happened to him, and i bet he can easily do the same thing to you, just to get back at me” she confessed softly.
“and why keep such rascal as a friend?” i asked with a slightly raised voice, but she never answered.

All she did was to cry on my shoulder. I had no choice than to calm her with sweet words, caressing her hair as well.
But what’s the reason for her tears??

Episode 52

“i’m really so scared” Adaora muttered as i held her. I smiled reassuringly, kissing her ear softly.
“how about we go somewhere quiet, away from the city, the noise, the pollution, the distractions. Somewhere we can stay together, all alone, away from everyone. Just you and i in a quiet place. We eat, make love, play together. We can stay for a week or more” i suddenly suggested. She drew back and stared into my eyes with great excitement.

“that sounds cool but where can we find such a place?” she asked curiously.
“baby i promise, this is something that is going to be quite different and more spectacular than honeymoon” i tuned. She rolled her eyes and breathed deeply.
“so where exactly do you have in mind?” she asked breathlessly.

“my village of course” i pronounced calmly.
“nooo!” she exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hands.
“of course you know there is no serene place like my home town. Our large family house will be the castle, the vast compound will be our paradise, the backyard with all the fruits and leaves will be our garden. The birds of the night will always be there to entertain us with noise and music. You will be my queen and my work will be to worship and adore you every minute” i poured out sweetly.

“you must be out of your mind Val. You must be crazy” she passionately laughed with disbelief.
“c’mon that place will be very scary. Just you and i in such a big house. C’mon have you forgotten how dirty the whole house will also be by now?” she asked with great spirit. I laughed and kissed her.
“of course and that’s how it’s going to be. Me and you, all alone, together as one. Remember my dad was also buried there. So we won’t be alone” i added while she playfully hit my chest.
“of course i know it’s going to be fun. You so much like village things” she hissed and backed me. I grabbed her from behind and playfully carried her up.

“we will set out tomorrow. A bus ride to Owerri. Then we head to my apartment, get my car and together we head to the village to enjoy the wonders of nature and beauty of love” i summarized and kissed her..

We ate and played like kids until her mum returned by 3:30pm. She really was overly delighted to see that we were finally at peace with each other. We equally told her our plans and she gave her consent. I left an hour later, headed to a nearby bank and made a huge cash withdrawal before heading to Obinna’s apartment with great excitement.

I gave my friend the good news and he congratulated me happily.
“i guess you are going to get her pregnant in the village?. Don’t mess things up this time” he suggested while i laughed..
Thirty minutes later, we headed out in search of a new beautiful befitting engagement ring for Adaora. We went to many shops until i found what i was looking for. Hmmm no need describing the ring but it was quite exquisite and cost me a fortune.

Later in the night as Obinna and I shared a bottle of wine. We discussed my future and he asked about my plans for Tessy.
“so what’s up with Tessy? Have you told her about the recent development?” he asked.

“No i haven’t and i think it’s best that way for the moment”. I answered. He shrugged and said nothing. But deep down i knew he was very worried over my relationship with such a rich unpredictable lady. Of course who wouldn’t be….
I couldn’t help but pray for the Lord’s help and mercy.

Episode 53

Obinna’s Apartment

As we finished the wine and i got up to head to my room for a good night rest, a call came into my phone. I gently settled back on the chair on seeing that it was no other person than Tessy who was calling.
“hi dear” i greeted calmly.
“what’s up, I didn’t hear from you again. Are you coming over tomorrow?” she asked curiously.
“no, i won’t be coming dear, because i’m leaving town with Adaora tomorrow. We have reconciled” i opened up while she kept quiet for some seconds.
“so you settled with her and felt it wasn’t a good idea telling me about it right?” she asked with a strange tone, putting me in a tight corner with the question.
“no dear, the truth is that i was with her all through the day and I never got the chance to call you. I’m sorry” i apologized carelessly.
“big lies, anyway it’s cool. Good luck with her” she replied and hung up. I dropped the phone and smiled at Obinna whose eyes were all over me.
“Tessy right?” he asked. I nodded silently.
“brother, i know with my type of lifestyle my advice won’t worth a penny. But in order to live a full happy life with Adaora you have to let go of Tessy no matter how difficult it would be. You have to try and do that bro, unless you want more problems in future” he advised. I breathed deeply and nodded in agreement even though deep down, i knew pulling it off would require a great deal of luck, zeal and courage.

Early the next morning, Obinna and i went over to Adaora’s house to pick her up for the journey ahead. The time was exactly 5:55am when we got to her house. She was already dressed up and fully prepared.
Her mum served us tea and equally advised us strongly.
“there is nothing greater than finding happiness with the person you love. You guys should make good use of your time together to plan your future. I will be expecting to hear your wedding plans when you return. May God protect you two” she prayed sweetly. We thanked and hugged her before heading to the bus station with Obinna.

On getting to the bus station, Obinna hugged Adaora, whispered some words of advice to her before facing me. He led me a distance away from Adaora, before speaking to me.
“hey brother, i’m really happy for you. God loves you man. You have a good degree. A great family. A lovely girl and lots of money. Don’t mess things up this time. I hope to hear your wedding plans when you return” he said sweetly, shook hands with me and left….

Fifteen minutes later, Adaora and i headed to Owerri with our heart filled with dreams and love. I couldn’t help but reflect on my struggles with her as the bus slowly headed to the East of the Niger.

I equally smiled as i planned how to propose to Adaora in the village. I planned doing it late in the evening, when the stars, the moon and birds of the night will be present to witness it all.

“oh Adaora, i Love you so much” i breathed quietly. Just that moment, She threw her head on my shoulder, and held me softly.
“i love you so much my Val” she breathed, closed her eyes and fell asleep…

Episode 54

Sunday morning, Val’s family home, Mbano, Imo State Nigeria

I slowly opened my eyes as rays of light entered the room, yawned and kissed Adaora’s forehead. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled at me.
“Good morning my queen” i greeted. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply.
The Journey from Abuja to my village was really a long and tiring one. We were totally exhausted by the time we made it to my hometown around 8pm. We simply managed to clean up my room, eat and shower before falling into a long sleep. However the stress was worth it at the end because i finally had Adaora all to myself, away from temptations and anything that could jeopardize our happiness. I was so much in love with her and there equally wasn’t any doubt that she was very much in love with me.
“so what’s up?, are we going to be on the bed all through today?” she asked. I smiled and sat up.
“dearest we really have a lot to do today. We have the house to clean, water to pump, and food to prepare. It’s going to be one long day” i answered. She frowned and sat up.

“so what’s the fun when all we are going to do is work. You brought me here to stress me, then after you will call me your queen” she playfully complained, getting up from the bed. I quickly held her by the waist, forcing her back on my body.

“I love you sweetheart. All that is in my mind right now is getting married to you and filling up everywhere with kids” i confessed. She rolled her eyes, breathed deeply and laughed.
We spent the rest of the morning putting everywhere in order. Adaora equally showed how hard working she was by working like a horse. She really surprised me with the effort she put in making the whole house clean, showing me that she wasn’t as lazy and spoiled as i thought she her to be.
Later in the evening, we trekked round the village, played and spent great time enjoying each other’s company. We equally talked about our future and i used the opportunity to tell her about my plans in T.v/movie production, tactifully leaving out Tessy’s involvement. She really was Very impressed.
Finally after dinner, around 7:45pm, we sat outside, under the glowing security lights of our big house and enjoyed the wonderful evening breeze. For the first time in my life, i brought out my father’s old guitar and played music for Adaora. Singing songs i specially composed for the wonderful moment.

I really wasn’t good with guitar but the love and power of her smiles made an expert that very evening.

I sang of love, passion, desire, hope and our future. I told her my feelings and all i felt with my song. She listened attentively, closing her eyes over some words, and shedding few tears in some.

It was all magical as the wind suddenly began blowing as i rounded the first part of the album i prepared for my queen.
“i have never written you a love letter my queen but tonight, i present one to you. Read it and keep it safe” i slowly said with trembling lips as i gave a letter which i embedded the engagement ring on.
Her grew dim with grew passion as she read the letter, picking up the ring with disbelief. I quickly leaned forward, held the hand in which she held the engagement ring and repeated the words i wrote in the letter.
I can’t imagine growing old with anyone else, nor do I want to.

I know you’re the only one I want to share the rest of my life with.
There are many ways to be happy in this
life, but all I really need is you.
When I look into your eyes, I can see a
reflection of the two of us and the life I
hope we’ll share together.
I know my life will never be complete
without you beside me to share it.
The story of our love is only beginning.
Let’s write our own happy ending.
Will you marry me??”

“oh yes yes” she cried with great passion. I smiled and slid the ring into her middle finger. She quickly hugged me.
“this is the best thing that has ever happened to me. After so many years of waiting and hoping” she confessed. I drew back to see her eyes filled with tears of joy.
“can you sing for me all over again?” she begged. I smiled picked up the guitar and sang the exact words i wrote in the letter for her. She soon added her voice to the song and with great love we sang together, and prayed for a great future….




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