Episode 34

We soon fell apart after a very breathtaking sex session. Tessy slowly dropped her hand on my chest and smiled at me.
“thanks love. You are so wonderful” she said sweetly.

“i love you so much, that’s why sometimes my feelings do cloud my judgement and make me behave a bit strangely” she whispered, drew forward and expertly suc.ked my left ni.p.ple. I enjoyed it for a while before softly pushing out her head from my body.
“so tell me, is your husband truly alive?” i asked curiously. She instantly frowned, shook her head and returned my gaze.

“i have told you countless times that he’s fine and okay. What else do you want to know?” she asked uneasily. I shrugged and breathed deeply.
“so what exactly was he doing at your house the morning i walked in on him?” i asked. She frowned again, kept quiet for a while before sitting up.

“he wants me back. It Seems like the mistress he has been enjoying since we parted ways years ago left him. He took my kids, accusing me of many laughable things, thinking it will change my position. He was in my house to beg the morning you walked in on him. Please i don’t want to talk about him again” she said with a coloured face. I breathed deeply, reached forward and caressed her hair a little.
“i hope all you told me is true?” i murmured with a smile. She scoffed and said nothing…

Early the next morning, she got ready to leave. And as she kissed me goodbye, she told me that we won’t be seeing each other for at least two weeks.

“i have a lot of things to do my dear. My businesses are about crumbling due to the running around i have been doing lately. Being without you nor my children really is very difficult.

Even though i so much want you to travel back to Abuja with me, I can’t force you to go with me. Anyway do know that i’m contented with the recent position of our relationship. My money is yours as well. Whenever you are in need of anything, do inform me. I love you” she said with great emotion before leaving that fateful morning…
Later in the evening, i was surprised to get a credit alert of N200,000 paid into my bank account by her. Frank equally called me that same evening to tell me that Tessy paid N50,000 into his bank account. I really was very surprised by the unexpected generosity and i couldn’t help but wonder if she now finally was convinced that she had me under her control.

Slowly the first week sped by, so was the second week. I spent the days all alone, working on my website and developing my stories in preparation for the final stage of my plan which was movie production.
Yea the two weeks were totally uneventful without any exciting event. However, early monday of the third week, my younger sister called to tell me that Adaora was back in the country.

My heart skipped on hearing the news…


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