WhatsApp Adventure (Season 2)



Yes shade left for her home, but not after getting to know each other more, we even nearly kissed but the return of her sister brought us back,
Ok let me go back to were season 1 ended,,

Me. Oh really what did she tell you about me,,

Shade. Everything about you,

Me. Ok oo,

Were became mute to each other for sometime probably waiting for the return of her sister miss ade,

Me. Shade right?

Shade. Yea,

Me. Can I ask you a question?

Shade. Yes ofcus,

Me. Please don’t be offended, how did you get all this beauty,,

Shade. How?

Me. You are too beautiful, that I was so intimidated by that to look at you very well,

She blushed and smiled before replying me.

Shade. Am I really that beauty?

Me. You look simply like a goddess

shade. you are making me blush tony,, please am not a goddess ooo,,
But you are not bad, you are even more handsome than I expected,

Me. But not to be compared to yours,,
How old are you?

Shade. 16 and yours

Me. 17,
Are you a student ??

Shade. Yes am a student of Laurel high school iyano kpaja, am in ss1, just came back for the little break, will soon be going back tomorrow morning

so we started debating on what to choose after this first term of ss1, whether to choose art or science,, honestly, shade has already personally planned to go on science,, but she changed that day immediately I told her about my intentions of doing art because I want to read mass comm in the university, she told me she wanted to be an engineer but she is going to do law because she is changing to art, we both laughed, she dig hand into her bag and brought out a black samsung phone, she seem to be hers

Me. You have a cell phone?

Shade. Yes, I heard you guys don’t use phone in this school, we do,

Me. Wow I wish am in your school,

Shade. But you do have cell phone nah,, because when I was pressing my sister phone I saw your whats app chat with her, when she told you that she will like you to meet with me,,

Fear catch me oo,, what if this girl has already gone through my chat with miss ade, did she really see all I chatted with her,
I became short of word,

Shade. Tony am talking to you,

Me. Yea I have but we do hide it in this school, because if you get caught, you will be expelled,

Shade. Wow that’s a huge one, you have been staring at my lips for long, seems you want to kiss them,

Me. (I became ashamed, she caught me red handed,) oh sorry, but they are so tempting,

We both laughed, she started chatting with her friends on whatsapp I guest because the way she smile every now and then,

Me. Why are you smiling all to your self,

Shade. Whatsapp jari, just take a look at this,

She came close to me to were. I was, to show me a picture,
It was a picture of her friend kissing her boyfriend,

Shade. They use to be enemies in our school. But now they lover, and even kissing each other, their love is strong that no one can break,

Me. Wow, that’s good,

We both looked at each others face and became mute again, staring at each other,she we started coming close for a kiss, we were almost close when the door opened, it was miss ade,

I think she caught us, but she pretended not to,

Miss ade. I know you guys has been getting along,

as she handed over the two chilled malt to us, and headed straight to her kitchen, she came back after 2 or 3 minutes, with 3plates of rice, and relaxed,

Miss ade. Shade its almost 4pm. Go get ready let’s see you off,

To be continued

The adventure returns!

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