WhatsApp Adventure (Season 1)

This work of fiction,
tells the story of my whatsapp chat with Nigerian ladies, around our country,
A story of sex and romance,,
Grab your seat while I take you along with me to the promise land,,


Ada.Oh famous don’t stop,, s–k me hard,, please don’t stop am cuming,
Famous.I want to hear you say you love me,
Ada,yeah yeah yeah,, I love u baby you are the best man in the world,
Ooooooh!!! Yeeeessss!!!
She came and she released all over my face,

Before I forget, my name is Tony, 24years old,, from anambra state,
Abeg forget the local government joor,, i was disvirgind at the age of 17, at st Charles the great secondary school ikotun Lagos,,
all my life as a kid i have dream of becoming a catholic priest to live the way of God and be holy,
Sorry i forgot to tell you that i am the last born in the family of 6, 2boys 4girls, am not the overall last born oo, i am just the last born in boys,, but last born is last born Shaw, i am tall , handsome and have a nice body that all the ladies like,, i am chocolate and has a pointer eyes, that can intimidate any girl dat looks at me,, that’s just the gift of God oo,

Ok lets go back to were i stopped,like i said before i have dreamed of becoming a catholic priest when i was a kid,, my families are anglican,in our family, only my uncle and his families are Catholics, on December 2015 i followed them to the church and i felt in love with the church, from that day i began to have some hatred for anglican church that i always follow my uncle to catholic every Sunday, but my parents was not happy with me for that,, and they never show it out,,
One day my dad got angry, and asked me not to go to that church again,,but i refused nd he beat me merciless that night,
The next day i packed my things and moved on to my uncle house

To be continued!

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