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The Wish

[Sarah’s POV]

I, Sarah Donkor, had always envied my friends who had big brothers who seemed to take care of them so much. For a strange reason, I thought it was a prestige for them to have big brothers, something I didn’t have and could only imagine in the fantasies of my own memory,taking comfort only in a fictional big brother who cared for me and loved me. The reality was, I had no brother to protect or come to my aid anytime I needed someone to stand up for me.

Day in day out, I would either dream of having one or imagined having one. I had a good reason for such sentiments. My two siblings and I were all females.

An incidence happened in school one Monday that rekindled my desire to have a big brother. Mr. Addo Vincent, our English teacher, gave us an essay to write and the essay was: “Describe your big brother and mention three things you like about him. “When I was given this essay to write, I became down-spirited. Sadness descended upon my soul like a lion pouncing on its prey because I don’t know exactly what to write. For one hour, I struggled to pen down something.

At the end of the exercise, I submitted virtually an empty sheet of paper with just a few meaningless words. He marked and gave us the result. I scored zero because I didn’t write anything meaningful on the page.

Mr. Addo, not knowing why one of the Star students in the school will fail in a simple essay called me to come in front of the class and began to inquire why I failed in the essay writing. My hard won reputation escaped through the window, as if chased by an invisible mob, clamouring for its life. Sadness descended on me like clouds on the horizon.

I shook with emotion, my legs wobbled like an unstable toddler. I began to sweat. My sweat rapidly merged with the tears trickling down my cheeks. I was not oblivious of the fact that my colleagues were staring at me, surprised by my sad mood, since the assignment was given.

The whole class was stone silence for a few minutes before Sandra, who had three big brothers broke the ” ice” by her hurtful remark, which was said undertone,

“Sir, she can’t write this essay because she doesn’t have any big brother to give her that experience.

I tried to control myself but succeeded for only a few seconds before the torrent of tears poured out onto the floor.

I moved towards the entrance of the classroom without uttering a word to Mr. Addo. He was totally shocked by my behaviour. “Sarah, what is ….”he initiated a question but couldn’t finish it before I rushed out of the classrooms, with about fifty pairs of eyes, staring at me.

For three days, I couldn’t go to school. Eventually, I went back to school on the fourth day. I decided to see Mr. Addo in his office to explain why I was very emotional on Monday.

Me: Good morning, sir.

Mr. Addo: Good morning, Sarah, I have not seen you in school for the past three days. Why, are you sick?

Me: yea, sir, I’m sick…. err…not real sickness but psychological.

Mr. Addo: Please, can you explain yourself more clearly?

Me: Yes, On Monday I was very emotional because of the essay you gave us to write. I have no brother and I didn’t want to lie either. When you ask me to come forward to explain myself, my emotions overwhelmed me and I couldn’t control myself.

Mr. Addo: Hmm, it’s a pity. I think I understand your predicament now. Sorry if I touch a sensitive spot of your emotion. I was just giving an intellectual assignment, not considering the sensitivity of the issue.

Thanks for opening up to me.

Me: You are Welcome sir.

“if there’s a single lesson that life teaches, it’s that wishing doesn’t make it so.”- Lev Grossman

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