Episode 17

The sight was just too sxy*. Several drips of her
saliva kept dribbling down to the root of my J0yst!ck
straight from the swollen head. I was having plain
pleasure! She tried to drive the tip of her tongue into
the little hole at the apex of my steel as though it could
find its way in. It sent amazing streams of pleasant
s£nsat!on down my spine. My head was just not
thinking anymore. She jerked the s—t with her Saliva-
covered hand as she s—-d the knob at its head and on
several occasions brushed it along her clenched teeth.

The feeling was just simply unequivocal and at each
time I tried to hinder her from going further for the fear
that I could suddenly spill my seed so early, she would
resist me and instead attempt more mesmerizing
things. She obviously knew what she was doing. After a
long period of sU-Cking, licking and jerking, Chidinma
gave the knob of my J0yst!ck one last drawn sU-Ck;
lapping up the bubbly pr£cuum formed at the tip in the
course. She got up to her feet while still over me,
lubricated her v—a with the saliva in her hand and then
lowered herself, crotch-first unto my 8inch boner which
was already stiffer than the word ‘stiff’. My pecker
speared her warm tunnel apart as it went straight for
the bottom. It felt so warm and as we began grinding
out, it was a tale of hard shell in an abundance of
cocoa butter. I Fed her with all I had got and she wailed my name endlessly. I crossed both arms over her elevated butt0ckz, making sure I had her K!ttyC@t well placed on my tool as close as it could get as I began giving her the pounding of her life. She was absolutely ecstatic! I was doing this because I was aware that this might be my last night with Chidinma. The happenings of these past few days had gone too quickly. I was barely recovering from the very first visit I paid Elizabeth at her office, which suddenly turned sour as I felt I had taken things a bit too hurriedly, thereby forcing her out of her office with embarrassment. But contrary to these thoughts, we were soon suddenly summoned again by the same woman. And from the reactions I got when I asked other new converts who were my colleagues, she barely had anything for us. This was exactly when I began having strange thoughts about her intentions. I was further proved right when I finally walked into that office. She was completely breathing sx! She just was not so certain about asking it from me, but as she starred at me while leaning onto her office door, I totally lost control of myself. The dream of my life was just playing out in my face. Not only was I close to having sx with such a goddess, I was equally being offered it with a plea. But, I was not to be carried away. Elizabeth whom I had suddenly started calling Lizzy, had a ‘Pastor’ nomenclature to her name. She was equally a pastor’s wife who we all kept assuming has the fire of the Lord burning in her. If we both were now so comfortable to have an affair together, it just would not start right inside her office. What will I give my dead parents as my reason if an usher or steward were to find my grossly veined rod buried into the bottoms of our pastor’s sipping K!ttyC@t? How will we explain the act to her handsome husband when he hears about it? I simple had no answer, so I tried all I could to think of something else, other than K!ttyC@t, J0yst!ck and FK! I pleaded with her to wait. We
needed a plan. We needed to find a place and a way of
meeting regularly to sU-Ck and eat each other’s s
fluids! We needed to think. Now, this was where she
once again showed how smart she was as she told me
she would suggest my being her personal assistant to
the husband. Not like, she was going to obviously
request for just me, but instead she would make him
think it was entirely his idea. She was simply brilliant.

Our little escapade ended in that manner on that faithful

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