Episode 7

It seemed like ages but it was not more than twenty
minutes before it was his turn. I had spent less than
two minutes on his fellow converts. Finally it was his
“Good day ma”, he greeted while still standing at the
already closed door. He was respectful and showed no
sign of hooliganism. I wanted to look up and swallow
him in an amorous embrace but managed to restrain
myself. I however, couldn’t look him in the face. But
the pheromones emanating from his body was obvious
and the scent of s*x was very palpable in the small
office. God, how I wanted him!!!
“Yea.” I answered avoiding his gaze. “Do have a seat”.
He walked to the seat I waved him to and sat. I had
been making notes on the other converts but could only
doodle in his case
“You are Daniel Chukwuma”, I began again.
“Yes please”, he answered, but with a concentrated
look at my face. I was flustered, at a loss about what
to do. I didn’t remember what questions to ask and
what advice to give. I just stared at the floor. His
charisma was overwhelming.
I dropped my pen, pushed the sheet I was doodling on
away and rolled my chair to his front while still seated. I
decided to take the situation by the horn. I won’t allow
him to intimidate me, after all I was older than him and
a pastor at that! The chair made slight squeaky sounds
as it rolled towards him. I was a bit tense as I looked
up to meet his eyes for the second time that day.

I crossed my legs trying to suppress the feelings
churning in my K!ttyC@t, the s£nsat!ons flooding my
body from just sitting close to him and the lust
emanating from my entire body.
“On what day did you join our church Daniel?” I asked
trying to save the situation between us that I felt was
now becoming increasingly bizarre if not embarrassing
and my mention of his name was an attempt to feel
quite comfortable once more. He responded in the right
way even though he constantly brought his eyes to
either my B—m or the curve of my hips, further
heating me up. This made me even more uncomfortable
and I pressed my crossed thighs together tighter than
before. I was trying desperately to stench the flow of
K!ttyC@t juices that kept welling up and flooding my
pants, my eyes seeing stars.

“Been a week now, Ma” he answered in that masculine
voice of his
“Are you born-again?” I asked, saying the last word with
a swallow and wiggling in my seat causing my skirt to
slide further up my thighs. He kept looking at me
lustfully, his eyes devouring my thighs and B—m,
looking for all the world as if I was Unclad. I had never
been so sorely tempted in my life!!! His looks were
sending daggers of lust through my entire body causing
me to want to expose my thighs more to him, bare my
B—m to his hungry eyes and have him eat the whole
of me. I know I was behaving not like a pastor but a
w—e but I actually felt like a w—e!!!. My spirit
rebelled against his looks but my body responded
greedily, straining from my cloths, wanting to be
physically worshipped by that perfect specimen of a
male body.

“Yes Ma. I am. I was prayed for” he responded, not
taking his eyes from my B—m. One would think I was
Unclad with the way he was staring fixedly at them!
“And…..ehm have-you-been….living the life?” I laboured
to ask. My breathing was becoming increasingly
heavier! I couldn’t help myself, I just had to see and I
looked at his crotch! I was gleefully delighted to see
him spotting an enormous erection! I was not the only
one affected, I smiled inwardly. He also wants me!
“Yes I have. Even though it has not been that easy.” he
kept staring at my eyes making sure I knew that he
knew that I was staring at his erection!
“Really? What have been the challenges?”
“A lot Ma”. He answered, blatantly staring at my thighs
this time around.

“Can I know some of them?”
“Sure ma”, He replied. I guess he didn’t know what to
say and this relieved some of my anxiety making me
quietly relax back into my chair; bringing down my
crossed legs while doing so. I followed his gaze and
noticed him looking at the space between my thighs,
making me all flustered again.

“Have you been battling with fuc–I mean, s*x?” I asked,
while the vile word almost escaped my mouth. I quickly
changed it and used the proper form!
I noticed a boldness come over him at the word I almost used.

“Yes Ma. I have been f—–g a lot even though I had
been prayed for” He maintained eye contact and his
hands dropped on his upper right thigh. My eyes
followed his hand and his action brought that feeling on
again, stronger than before making me press my thighs
very tightly together.

“Well Daniel, it’s important you stopped such life” I
avoided his obscenities. The room was getting real
heated now with the smell of s*x pervading the tiny
office, I felt choked, almost gasping for breath.
“Do you have a wife?” I asked to gain control of the
situation and bring the conversation back on line, but
my subconscious pleaded that his answer be a NO.
“No Ma”, and so saying, he started to scratch his
crotch!!! Spreading his legs wide enough to reach his
concealed privates, and continued scratching. Making
his bulge nudge back and forth! This was too much to

I stood up, mumbled an excuse and ran out of the
office to the rest room where I sat on the toilet seat,
removed my pant and began to finger myself frantically
with eyes closed and one hand tweaking my erect Tips,
I saw him push me to the table in my office, raise my
skirt up and tear my p@anties away. I rubbed that little
knob in my K!ttyC@t as fast as I could as I see him
shove his manhood into me and F**K me hard and fast
while sU-Cking greedily on my B—m. I imagined him
thrusting deeply into my clenching K!ttyC@t and so
continued to shove my fingers deeper and deeper into
my starving K!ttyC@t, wanting relief. This I did for less
than three minutes and had one of the biggest orgasms
I have ever had. I screamed out my release but quickly
swallowed the shout as reality came crashing down on

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