Episode 22

In slow steady strokes I began to F**K her K!ttyC@t!

Each stroke was replied by a bath of juices as her fluid
kept pouring out, splash after splash! She began
whining heavily, interrupting herself with talks about
how she loved me! By the time the strokes had become
quicker, she was breathlessly holding unto my arm and
screaming into my ears! She was close and even before
she could announce it, she was convulsing in her
eruptive first o—-m of the night!! It was so intense
and her squirting K!ttyC@t sprayed the entire bed with
“Oh gawd!! Oh gawd…..” she kept screaming! Doing her
best to regain her strength, breath and composure!
But that wasn’t going to be, as I still had a lot of points
to prove! So I quickly picked her up, flipped her to her
backside, and then began inserting my still turgid meat
for a second time! She attempted requesting for a rest,
but I ignored her as I hurriedly plunged into her, basking
on the lubrication her fluids had afforded me!
“Ohhhhh….F**K!”, she growled! Closing her eyes, while
letting her head fall back. She had never had it this
fierce before.
I began banging her again! Doing so much quicker and
doing well to drive home my pole to the balls! She
would lift her hip to meet my t—-t despite her being
out of air. Causing our bodies to slap against each
other in loud sounds! After several thrusts, she began
to growl again. Doing so endlessly while lifting her
hands and placing them across my neck! She was in
another world!
I tried to change us into another position but she
wouldn’t let me as she was lost in the furor of our
lovemaking! Even I myself began feeling my J0yst!ck
pulsate as she began working her K!ttyC@t muscles;
draining my pecker in the process! As soon as I felt my
seed travel, I told her I was going to Pour! To which,
she let me pull away, and then adjusted herself until
she had her mouth under my J0yst!ck. This came at
just the right time as I soon began shooting loads of
creamy goo into her mouth and across her face! She
drank them as they landed and even licked up the ones
on her face with her tongue! She smiled as soon as I
was done.

“That was one good F**K”, she said, still smiling
“Well,…it isn’t”
“How?….” her face, a mixture of surprise and laughter
“BECAUSE I AM STILL NOT DONE!!” I yelled, pulling her
closer again!! She became very spellbound at that point!
“But you just released….” She barely said as I turned her
over and forced her unto all four
“I am a tough guy”
She laughed long on hearing that! But that didn’t get me
to stop as she tried restricting me from penetrating her

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