Episode 10

Now I had no excuse for her. She was waiting for my
return and made herself a seat from a heap of old
cloths I could not manage to get costumers to buy.

As I tried to drag aside the corrugated iron sheets which
served as my door, I saw her from over the sheets. She
was here for the usual. I normally told from the kind of
cloths she wore on such times. They were either lewdly
revealing or questionably skimpy. Today she was on a
white see-through tight gown that only managed to get
to her mid-thigh. It was not perfectly transparent but
the nature of the material meant that you could tell
where her black areolas began filling the tip of her
B—m. And you could also tell how these later two
swelled into her chest as her curves ran down to her
shapely hip. Chidinma was beautiful and excessively
sxy*. I always wondered how she was not attracting
the richer guys even though, what amazed me more
was how she always did manage to visit all the way
from her home with the kind of things she usually wore.

I never got to unravel this. I could recall a very recent
occasion where she visited with a super micro mini
black skirt which still had a daring slit at the back.

While walking, you could see the lower parts of the
p@anties she had on! That very day, I was lying on my
makeshift bed when she got in. Before I could tell who
it was, she just disposed the sheet I had spread over
my Unclad body, took my J0yst!ck, gave it a little sU-Ck
and forced the partly limp meat into her already wet
K!ttyC@t. It went in seamlessly as I filled her with my
enormous flesh! We soon got into the roll and in just
my second time of meeting her, I got to spill my thick
Pour into her yearning womb!! I had satisfied her well
enough in our first F**K and I just did so again on our
second. Now she was back again and I sure knew what

“You are welcome”, she started when she found out I
was the one opening the ‘door’.
“Yea babe. Has it been long since you started waiting?”,
I was pleasantly ogling her smoking body
“Not at all. Not up to an hour”, she was spreading her
barely covered thighs; exposing a thoroughly shaven
crotch to me. She had no p@anties on! I was now
heightened up. My J0yst!ck was desperately pushing
into the fabric of the denim trouser I had on.
“Really?”, happily letting her know that I could see her
generosity towards me and how I appreciated the view!

She had brought her butt0ckz a bit forward and I could
now see her slightly parted labia. Her inner lips looked
rather plenty in size and I licked my lips on seeing how
they glistened.

“Have you eaten anything yet?”, I asked further not
bothered about how foolish the question was. I stayed
alone and she couldn’t have possibly gotten anything
from anybody. I was gradually stooping low; now facing

“Not yet”, she replied obviously choosing to play the role
fine. I smiled.

“Really?”. I grabbed her thighs by my arm and in a jerk
brought her entire crotch, butt0ckz and K!ttyC@t to my
lusting mouth!! I s—-d on her entire K!ttyC@t region
and I immediately felt how satisfying that was to her.

She gave a gasp as she let her head fall behind. I grabbed her butt0ckz as I made her come further
forward into my mouth! I ate her K!ttyC@t with certain
aggression and I made sure my tongue had access to
every fold she had got!

As soon as I felt her K!ttyC@t convulse, I immediately
disengaged my mouth and propped myself up with one
knee. I needed to penetrate her now. I freed my 8inch
boner through the fly of my denim and I guided it to the
entrance of her K!ttyC@t. She was readying herself in
preparation and as I got closer, she grabbed unto my
pullover shirt. We were ready to rock again. Applying
some saliva to the tip of my J0yst!ck, I seamlessly slid
into her! She was warm and largely moist. I soon began
to pump away making sure each stroke was driven
home as much as her K!ttyC@t could take! She soon
began to m0an. Asking me to F**K her harder! I
responded by grabbing her butt0ckz again but this time,
getting it to stay off the ground. This let me keep her
into position and as I resumed my strokes which I just
made more frequent and harder, all she could do was
hiss non-stop! She was now completely devoid of expression. We were both sweating furiously but I cared less. I was determined to flog the K!ttyC@t of this
girl that had come to s£duce! She had done so quite
excellently and I was giving her the master’s reward!
In one jolt we both froze and an unexpected shuddering
took over! Our lower halves which were locked in a
viscous bond of ecstasy convulsed violently!! Both of us
were cumming at the same time and how intense it
was!! Stream after stream of gloppy white jizz kept
jetting into her honeypot while my J0yst!ck was
continuously flooded with sticky K!ttyC@t juice!! I was
very fulfilled!! As we cleaned ourselves up, she asked
about where I was coming from of which I tried
parrying. I knew where her question was going to take
us both so I never gave her the required answer. One or
two hours ago, I was on the pew receiving a sermon.

One or two hours later I am cleaning off s*x fluids from
f—–g a Chidinma. Perfect! Absolutely perfect!

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