Episode 3

Looking down into her gorgeous face I couldn’t miss the mischief in her eyes and it turned me on even more. A thought flashed through my mind that knowing Jane so well and having such a similar sense of humour was making this even sexier and more fun than ever before. I’d had lots of very exciting, varied and steamy sex with Rob, but I couldn’t remember it ever being so much fun — I certainly couldn’t ever remember giggling during sex!

These thoughts were cut short by the first swipe of Jane’s tongue across my c–t, at which point my brain shut down completely making room for all the myriad sensations she was stirring up. Now I wasn’t an oral virgin by any stretch of the imagination but Jane was driving me wild!

Her tongue seemed to have a life of its own as she switched between f—–g me as deeply as her tongue would allow, licking and s—–g my lips and nibbling, licking and s—–g on my c–t. As soon as I thought I’d sussed her rhythm out she changed method, always keeping me on edge.

I knew I was babbling incoherently but I’d never been this aroused in my entire life, my hips bucking wildly as my hands clutched at the sheets, my t–s, her head, anything to anchor me and stop me floating off.

I could hear and feel Jane moaning into my p—y and the realisation that she was loving this too was thrilling. Eventually she must have taken pity on me because she s—-d my c–t into her mouth, flicking it with her tongue as she drove two fingers into my soaked p—y and pressed them straight into my G spot.

I came. Oh my god did I c-m? My hips and back were off the bed, my legs rigid as spasm after spasm rocked my world. I was panting and sweaty and limp and exhausted as I collapsed back onto the bed but Jane’s fingers were still moving within me, gently but firmly stroking that magic spot; refusing to fully allow me to calm down. She kissed the inside of my thighs as her fingers worked my sloppy p—y and when she rested her thumb on my c–t gently I was propelled straight back into the stratosphere, wailing my pleasure with a string of barely intelligible curse words as a second c—-x rushed after the first.

If I’d have had the energy I might have c-m a third time just from the sight of Jane licking her fingers clean. I could see my juices glistening on her face as she crawled up the bed toward me and having her kiss me deeply with her face covered in my essence was as hot as hell.

“You are absolutely amazing!” I stated when I finally had enough breath to speak.

“That’s just the start Babe, I seem to remember that the second thing on your list was tribbing?”

“But I want to give something back to you!”

“Ah that’s the joy of tribbing — you’ll see.”

The next thing I knew Jane had manoeuvred us into a position where she was crouched over me with one leg thrown over mine and was holding one of my legs in the air in an odd position. I started to laugh again, not sure how this was going to work but when Jane sat up a bit and lowered her p—y down onto mine it all because abundantly clear.

Jane was as wet as I was and as she slowly rocked against me our pussies slid over each other in a delicious fashion making us both whimper and moan. She kept it slow and sensual to start with but as our passions rose she upped the pace, my own hips rolling upward to meet her as she moved against me, our clits rubbing together causing sparks to fly.

This was amazing! From my vantage point I could see Jane’s t–s bounce and jiggle as she moved and the look of utter rapture on her face was mesmerising. I reached up and grasped her boobs, squeezing and pinching the nipples between finger and thumb and was instantly rewarded with loud moans and an increase in tempo, our pussies grinding hard against each other until we were both screaming in ecstasy as we succumbed to an earth shattering c—-x that left us in a heaving, panting tangle of arms and legs.

“Bloody hell woman, if I’d known you were this good in bed I’d have chanced it ages ago!” I panted as I tried to regain my equilibrium.

Jane rolled off me and snuggled into my side, her head in the crook of my shoulder and an arm and a leg thrown over my body in a way that felt strangely possessive and made me smile.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself — you do realise we’re not finished yet right?”

I turned to face her and kissed her deeply, my hand cupping one of her arse cheeks and pulling her tightly against my body.

“More to teach me huh? When do I get to play with your body?”

“Absolutely anytime you like but I seem to remember you asking I had a strapon?”

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