Episode 6

My eyes kept being drawn to Jane’s bum and every now and then she bent over to get something from a cupboard, giving me a tantalising glimpse of her p—y. I remembered the taste I’d had from my fingers and suddenly I was desperate to taste her from the source; tempted to skip dinner and just dine on Jane instead.

She turned to face me with a massive grin on her beautiful face, the mirth back in her eyes as she seductively licked something from her fingers.

“F–k you’re sexy” I managed to croak.

“You’re not the only one that can tease you know. I thought you were getting hot under the collar — I could hear your breathing change.” And with that she turned back to the stove, wiggling her arse at me while she laughed.

“Don’t be so mean or I’ll stick this cucumber where the sun doesn’t shine!”

“If that was supposed to be a threat then you don’t know me nearly as well as you think you do!”

The banter continued but we managed to keep our hands off each other long enough to eat, however I was very glad that the chairs at Jane’s kitchen table were polished wood because I was sure I’d be leaving a stain if they were fabric. Starved as I was I demolished my omelette in record time and sat back, patting my tummy in a contented sigh.

We grabbed a bottle of wine and settled down onto the sofa to watch a film. I still felt a little strange being naked but as Jane snuggled up to me and pulled a blanket over us I felt absolutely wonderful. The last time we’d cuddled under a blanket it was for warmth and as I now realised, we were both disappointed that it didn’t lead to more but this time it was a skin on skin cuddle and I knew we’d be spending the night together.

Now one thing that Jane and I don’t have in common is our taste in movies. She’s much more highbrow than me and half of her DVD collection has sub titles but we’d settled on a film that she assured me was a romantic comedy — what she didn’t tell me was that the romance was between two women.

We were snuggled together cosily until about 20 minutes into the film when the two main characters engaged in a very steamy kiss that set my heart racing. As Jane had her head on my chest she was fully aware of the effect and just chuckled to herself.

Ten minutes later there was a scene where they were making out and although it was artfully done, with none of the action plainly shown; it was quite obvious that one of them was caressing the other’s boobs. I felt Jane’s hand slip to one of my own now aching nipples and by the time the on screen characters had started to take their clothes off I was oblivious to the film because Jane had latched her mouth onto my other n—-e and I was moaning in undisguised pleasure.

In a decisive move that made Jane jump, I pushed her off me and got up off the sofa, dragging her up with me by the hand.

“Problem?” That mischievous arched eyebrow again!

“Not for me but your sofa is going to be ruined if we stay here, now get your arse into the bedroom pronto!”

“Oooh getting all forceful on me now are you?” but she was already heading for the stairs and I was hot on her heels.

We lay on the bed just kissing and touching for a while (a minute, a day, an hour — time seems to lose meaning when Jane touches me) until the kisses started to get hotter and more urgent. I felt Jane’s hand travelling down my tummy and followed her example and I think this was my favourite yet! Being able to look into Jane’s eyes or kiss her deeply as we fingered each other was amazing and we both tried to keep our eyes open when we came to see the other’s ecstasy.

As we lay in a post coital snuggle I was just about ready to doze off to sleep when Jane untangled herself and headed to her wardrobe, rummaging around with her back to me. I wondered what she was up to until she turned around waving a harness in her hand.

“Too tired or up for another round?” she smirked.

“Bloody hell woman, are you trying to wear me out?” I did like the idea but I was just too sleepy, so I had another idea instead.

“Are you working tomorrow?” I’m self-employed and work from home, so my schedule is fairly flexible but Jane’s job was more 9 to 5 than mine.

“I am due into the office but I’m also overdue to take some leave; did you have something in mind?” Her eyebrows were waggling furiously in a comical manner.

“Actually I fancied a day at the coast since the weather is lovely and I’d rather go before the kids break up for the summer”

Jane looked instantly disappointed and I couldn’t keep a straight face either.

“But it’s only an hour drive, so we could have a long leisurely lay-in before we went and you could continue my Sapphic education!”

Placated, Jane slid back into bed beside me and in a move I considered initially rude, she forcibly rolled me away from her onto my side, however when I felt her long, lithe body tuck in close behind mine as the big spoon, her arm draped over me with her hand gently cupping my boob I smiled to myself and slipped almost instantly into a deep sleep.

I woke to the sound of Jane’s voice, initially disorientated and not a little disappointed at finding myself alone in bed. How had I got here so quickly? After two years of sleeping on my own you’d think waking on my own would be the norm but just a night with Jane had me craving her presence, her touch, her love.

I got up and ambled into the on-suite bathroom and just as I was emerging Jane was climbing back into bed, a big smile on her face as per usual.

“Morning Beautiful, sorry I wasn’t here when you woke, had to ring the office to tell them I’m playing hooky today.”

I slid into bed next to her, straight into her waiting arms, a contented sigh escaping my lips as we embraced and kissed softly.

“Are you ok after yesterday’s revelations?” Her look of concern was touching, so I cupped her face gently and looked into her gorgeous eyes as I answered.

“More than ok, as long as you’re still ok with your best friend declaring undying love for you?”

“Never better.” and she pulled me forward until our mouths were once again joined in a soft, sensual dance that left me breathless. D–n but that woman can kiss! I felt my body responding appropriately and much as kissing was wonderful I desperate ly craved Jane’s touch.

She must have read my mind, as just as my own hands started to roam her body I felt her fingers trail down my spine making me shiver deliciously, cupping my arse and pulling me tightly against her body.

“Oh god Jane, you turn me on so much!” I moaned “make me c-m please.”

In the blink of an eye I was on my back and Jane had her mouth latched to the nearest n—-e as her fingers danced over my lips and c–t. My head was spinning with how fast my body reacted to her and I thought I was headed straight into an o—-m but I was wrong.

Jane stopped, sat up, licked her fingers and grinned at me when I groaned my frustration.

“Just making sure you were nice and wet; ready to continue your lessons?”

I didn’t answer verbally but I’m sure the fire in my eyes and the way I wantonly spread my legs wide gave her all the clues she needed, so she jumped off the bed and grabbed the strapon from where it had been discarded on her night stand and rummaged through a drawer.

“Small, medium, large or f—–g huge?”

I rolled over and peered into the drawer, seeing the 4 different attachments on offer. The small one was too small, although I made a mental note to mention to Jane that I quite liked anal, as it looked ideal for that.

The f—–g huge option was just that and for the life of me I couldn’t fathom anyone enjoying having it stuffed into their p—y but made another mental note to ask Jane about it later.

Reaching into the drawer I selected the medium option, deciding it was a good starting point for now. It was about 7 inches long, with a decent girth and ribbed like a real c–k, although due to the bright blue colour its resemblance ended there. I was surprised to feel that it wasn’t completely hard and rigid like the vibrator I had at home as I handed it to Jane who was already strapped into the harness.

As she attached the vibrator I positioned myself on the bed watching her hungrily, my anticipation starting to dribble out of me. Jane reached into the drawer for a bottle of lube but I shook my head, telling her she wouldn’t need it, so she lay down between my legs, the d—o trapped between us and kissed me deeply.

She was rocking her hips slightly and the friction of the d–k sliding up and down my lips and over my c–t was driving me nuts. Leaning up on her arms she positioned the head with one hand and pushed in slowly — I however was way too impatient for slowly, so I wrapped my legs behind her bum and pulled her into me, forcing the d—o to fill me.

Jane held still, smiling at my impatience, a silent “ok” in her eyes.

“F–k me Jane.”

Christ on a bike did she f–k me! Sex with Rob had always been amazing and he had good staying power but once he’d c-m he needed at least half an hour before he was ready to go again. Jane had absolutely no restrictions in that department! She started by f—–g me in the missionary position, pounding into me hard and fast until I was ready to explode but then slowing down and holding me on the edge, kissing me fiercely and swallowing my moans.

Leaning up so she could look into my eyes she whispered “c-m for me lover,” and that was it — I was blinded by an incredible o—-m that tore through my whole body, my hips bucking up against hers to milk every ounce of pleasure from her.

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