Episode 7

She slowed down as I started to recover and I expected her to stop and pull out as Rob would have but she just kept going slowly until I was panting and begging once again. She leaned down to kiss my neck and whisper into me ear, “play with your c–t for me,” and in no time at all I was in orbit again as Jane’s long, deep thrusts coupled with my fingers drove me back into oblivion.

This time Jane did pull out, lying down next to me to cradle my panting, quivering body in my arms as I tried to regain some semblance of control. I thought I was done in and was totally amazed at how my body responded when she asked “what was your favourite position with Rob?”

The next thing I knew, I was on all fours with pillows under my head, my arse stuck high in the air and Jane kneeling on the bed behind me. She didn’t waste time teasing me but pushed straight in, leaning over my back to kiss my neck and shoulders as she took me. She was slow at first but as my fingers found my c–t again Jane grabbed my hips and increased speed. I could hear her breathing get rough and I realised that Jane was also getting close, so I looked back over my shoulder.

“Will you c-m with me?” Jane growled her response and her thrusts got faster, harder and deeper until we were both falling over the edge, eventually collapsing into a sweaty, heaving tangle on the mattress.

We never did get to the coast that afternoon; however I did learn to wield the strapon and was delighted by the bump on the inside of the harness that rubbed my c–t as I used it. I wasn’t very skilful in that first instance but I’m proud to report that in the years since that fateful weekend, I have become just as accomplished at pleasing Jane as she is at pleasing me.

We’re still the very best of friends and delight in spending all our spare time together. We also still try to have our regular date nights on a Saturday, although having been together for so long now we have to travel further afield to find anywhere new. We never did start dancing lessons — I didn’t feel the need once I didn’t need an excuse to be in Jane’s arms anymore, these days I just have to look at her in a certain way for her to wrap me in her arms and smother me with kisses and I couldn’t be happier that we crossed the line between friendship and lovers.

The end

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