Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1

Back then, I made up my mind that the interview with Dreg fashion line was going to be my last. if I don’t make it to the top then i will look for some other job to do.

I have tried different modeling agency just to get in line but It never came through.

After my fourth times which Julie convinced me to give it one more shot and I did and as usual my name did not come out on the list. For one reason or the other I was left out again. I begin to loss interest in the modeling thing, maybe is not really my calling.

I wish I have an important person who can recommend me to a good modeling brand and give me a push but I only got myself and my looks which doesn’t count anymore.

After my last try with Dreg fashion line I began to look for other means to make something out of my life.

I only got my Dad and younger brother, my Dad runs a plumbing shop with my brother and nothing much was coming from there. I needed to sit up and make something meaningful for myself.

At that point in my life was when I got the offer to take the very job that I detest so much.

“A professional maid” Julie, my good friend convinced me again to take up the job which was going to be something that will occupy my mind and I will get my paycheck at the end of every month.

I got the job after lying that I had experience on it. I had no experience at all except the one I got from home.

I clean every sufface and wash every vessel in my home. My dad likes it when the house is sparkling clean and I make sure of that.

That was the only experience I gathered and lying to the Cole family was my only way in.

I was good at the job and they like my way of cleaning but I hate every bit of it. My brother Jon tried everything possible to talk me out of it, I ignored him because of the pay.

I was beginning to support my Dad and have some savings too but I struggle with the fact that I was actually a maid.

I began to pick interest while working for the Cole until Mr Cole who was way older than my father started making sexual advances on me.

He will deliberately touch my buttocks while passing by, winked at me when his wife is not watching and several other dirty act.

The Cole were well to do family and I was just begining to enjoy working for them before all this started.

I once threatened to tell his wife if he continues with such indecent act but he even got worst. He said his wife won’t believe me because she trusted him.

He has two daughters, one is older than I am while the other is younger.

And it was just as he said.

I couldn’t suffer in silence anymore and when I tried to resign the woman asked to know why, I summon the courage to tell her but just as the husband said she didn’t believe me and called me a liar.

I left the Cole without collecting my last paycheck.

It wasn’t a good experience and that was why I decided to look for a different job but none was forthcoming.

I stayed home depending on my Dad after spending my little savings.

Julie was concerned about me, she told me about another maid Job, a big household looking for a “professional” housekeeper I told her I wasn’t interested.

Nothing was going to make me go back into scrubbing somebody’s floor and getting insulted.

Few days later I began to think about it, I was tired of doing nothing. I needed to get serious.

Julie said this household is far richer than the Cole family and doesn’t have time for nonsense which was why alot of people will be fighting hard to get the job.

She asked me to apply via email right away before the offer closes.

maybe she’s right, I will give it another try. Hopefully I will be shortlisted for an interview and if possible I may even get my dream of modeling come to reality, all it takes is the right connection and this new household “the Desmonds” has it all.

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