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Many a times people go through life’s challenges without knowing the source of their problem.

This was the case of my husband, Kashim Olabisi.

We were married for ten years without an issue. We had done many tests and sought for all manner of medical help to no avail. We even did IVF twice but they both failed. The second IVF we did in the US that failed was the first failure in Dr James Daniel’s career. All medical reports pointed to the fact that we were both medically fit to have children but none came after ten years.

Beside childlessness, we had loads of problems in our marriage. My marriage with Kashim was like hell loosed on us. We attempted many spiritualists and prayer houses but we couldn’t get help. Our search

for a baby led us into many abominable things and almost stole our salvation from us. The frustration, humiliation and anxiety was unspeakable. It was so bad that one of the prophets we went to had to sleep with me right in the presence of my husband and then asked my husband to do same thereafter.

Assuring us that his sperm will prepare the ground for my husband’s own to fertilize my egg to enable me conceive. That month, I didn’t get pregnant and he advised we have to repeat the process all over.

Words cannot explain the pain and shame I went through, having sex with a man I didn’t love in the presence of my husband just because I wanted a child. It will be difficult to believe the second process didn’t give the desired result and we had to do it again. This time for one week non stop. I was having sex with two men at the same time, one after the other in front of each other for eight days.

Toyin my friend, was my saviour who aborted the fourth attempt. We had scheduled to meet with Prophet Adelaja for two weeks on the same process when I confided in Toyin. What? Toyin screamed.

Are you out of your senses, Nneka? How can you accept to do this dirty thing because you wanted a child? Don’t you know only God gives children and his time is the best? But why? Why? Why? She asked and bursted into bitter tears. This time you are not going back to that wicked and heartless prophet again. In fact, I will get him arrested and make sure he rots in jail. We looked at each other and cried bitterly. Toyin knew what I had been through all these years while trusting God for a child.

Please, Toyin you can’t arrest the man. You want everyone to know what had happened between us?

You would obviously make me and my husband a laughing stock. Please drop the idea of arresting him, I

begged Toyin. She quickly adjusted her emotion and reasoned with me. You are right Nneka but that man must not go unpunished. Do you know how many other women he must have molested like you?

He must pay for his evil acts. She rained curses on him in her bitterness. But how we both agreed with my husband to do such an abomination is yet a mystery to me.

I will take you to my pastor tomorrow for prayer and counseling. You may also need to carry out some medical checks on yourself. I just hope he hasn’t infected you with dangerous diseases! It will never be well with him in Jesus name. This man will not know peace, his children and children’s children will pay

for his evil deeds. I hate him, Toyin boiled. She picked her phone and called her pastor, booking an appointment with him. I will be coming with my friend, Nneka. Tomorrow was like a year to me, I wished we could start going immediately.

But how am I going to tell my husband that we are not seeing Prophet Ade but Toyin’s pastor? I began to think how to convince my husband.

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