Episode 1

I just finished writing my waec examiniation few days ago. Sitted in my stepmum’s shop i saw a car drive into the market where our shop is, two guys were inside and i recognize them immediately. The two brothers that normally came to drop their mom’s wrappers in bags into her shop close to ours.

I greeted them as usual, the senior one would always answer nd the second would just smile at me.

Before i forget, my name is shantel i am 16 years old and i leave with my dad and stepmum. About my mother, she died when i was 11 years old of kidney failure and i am her only child. My stepmum hadnt been able to give birth but we are still praying shaa
i am a tall girl, having a chocolate coloured skin. I am not overly beautiful but i have an attractive face and body. You know all these flat stomach, manageable hips and a sleder figure.

Those guys i told you about, the senior one is called hillary while the second is chidi. Chidi was just a friend to me always helping me in carrying somethings out in the morning whenever they came to drop their mothers bags of wrapper. So this particular morning chidi told me that he would see me in the evening when they come to offload the bags from the shop. So i was expecting

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