Episode 17


“ You are fired”

Ethan shouted at the young boy that was trying eagerly to arrange the files that was placed on Ethan’s office desk,

“ sir, am searching for it now, I knew I brought it to the office with me”

“ yeah and it disappeared into tin air” he scowled at him defiantly, the young boy that was standing in front of him stopped what he was doing, it very obvious that he must have forgotten the file that Ethan has requested for at home.

“ am sorry sir” he murmured loud enough for Ethan to hear

“ yeah, sorry for yourself, now out of my office and from my company”

With his head bowed, he walked out of the office. Ethan leaned deeper into his chair, the past two days since he came back from the party hasn’t been easy for him, he also has left the next day to Abuja and since then he has been working non stop, he thought he will be able to get a good PA once he got back from Lagos but that wasn’t what was happening, he contemplates on calling Richard back but his ego and pride won’t allow it. The door opened to reveal Jack, who walked in with his hands on his jeans pocket looking intently at Ethan, Ethan who could no longer stand the hard gaze that his friend was giving him spoke out

“ what?”

“ your new PA just got sacked again, do you realize that is the third you are sacking in just two days?, at least this one lasted longer than the other two” he said sarcastically

“ yeah, tell me about it” he went back to tying on his laptop

“ you are being difficult” jack remark but Ethan ignored his remarks as he continues to type on his laptop, jack got silent with his silence, he sat down placing his two hands on the desk as he leaned closer.

“ why don’t you drop your ego and just call Richard back, that young man is good at what he does”

“ so as everyone who has been working here as my PA for the past years” he restored

“ and yet, you fire them, truth be told, Richard is the only one that has stayed longer that the rest” he pause few minutes then continues when he saw Ethan wasn’t going to comply to his request,

“ you know I hate it when you choose to be stubborn and adamant on something, I really can’t get you to change your mind on something and its really frustrating” he said leaning unto his sit in defeat.

The office was replaced with silent, the clicking sound of the laptop keyboard was the only sound that could be heard, but not quite long as the ringing of Ethan phone was heard, Ethan stopped what he was doing, taking the phone from the desk, he immediately picked the call as the name Senator Philip was written boldly on the screen.

“ Good day sir………., that’s great…….. Of course…… I will……… bye sir”

And the conversation was over, Jack raised his eyebrow in a WHAT’S HAPPENING way.

“ it’s Senator Philip, he called to inform me that he is in Abuja and wants to see me”

“ ohhhh” was all Jack could say as he went back to his phone.

Nadia rushed out of her room as she headed to the sitting room, she just got a call from Senator Philip not long ago and he wants to make her in twenty minutes time, well she has use seven minutes to get herself really, she was dress in a simple wear of a blue skinny jean, a white button down shirt to go with it, on her foot was a simple flat and on her hand was a white small handbag, as always, her hair was loose with no make up on she look extremely beautiful.

She spots her mum coming from the kitchen, she was obviously cooking, with the little cloth in her hands she wiped her wet hands with it,

“ you are going out?” she asked

“ yeah, need to meet up with a friend of mine, I will be back before dinner, I promise”

“ okey, just be careful”

“ I will” with that she went out of the house, getting into her car she speed out after the security opened the gate.

As she drives, she thought of the out come of the meeting that she is about to hold with the Senator, and prays he understands her and agree to help. Her father was now getting better, though he doesn’t go out to work but sometimes walk round the house to exercise himself with her mother’s help of course, her mother and her try so much not to make his mind ward off to the situation at hand as the doctor has advised that he shouldn’t think too much, they have to prevent his blood pressure from increasing, she had feared for the worst but she thank God for helping her father, only one thing can bring her father back to his feet again and she was going to make that happen.

She arrived at the address that was given to her by Senator Philip when he call earlier, she parked her car outside just close to the gate, getting to the gate she lightly knocked, a security opened the gate and came out almost immediately as if he was expecting her to knock.

The security was dress in an army uniform to indicate that he was a soldier, of course who will be in the best position to protect one of the senator of the federal republic of Nigeria if not soldiers.

“ good afternoon” she wasn’t sure what time was it as she didn’t check the time before she dashed out of the house

“ good afternoon” the army guy politely respond

“ Am hear to see Senator Philip, he knows am coming” she said giving him her best smile

“ your name”

“ Nadia William”

“ yes, please come in, he is expecting you”

“ thank you”

Nadia walked in to the house as the army guy gave way for her, there were more soldiers inside the compound on guard, she was not sure if she made the wrong decision in coming here.

What if the Senator isn’t a gentleman?,

what if he tries to do something to her?,

how was she going to escape?,

what if he harms her?.

She didn’t even told her mother where she was heading to.

All this question was roaming around her head, she was lost in thought that she didn’t know she was standing at the front door that was already open and a young lady was standing at the door gesturing her to go inside, she turned to her side and found no one there, the security must have left when she was deep in thought, with a light nod she walked into the house.

She didn’t have time to assess the house when she was walking in as her mind ran off, but she knew it was a two-storey building, inside design was very simple that she doubts if the senator lives here, of course, this couldn’t be his home, many politicians have a lot of houses all over the country for security reasons.

Not long after she was offered a seat and a cold glass of orange juice by the maid, Senator Philip came into the sitting room with a smiling face,

“ good afternoon sir” she greeted him wanting to stand up but stopped mid way by his voice

“ oh no need to get up, please have your seat”

Nadia did as she was told followed by senator Philip

“ I can see they have already offered you refreshment, that’s good”

Nadia only nod with a smile platter on her face as she didn’t know what to say.

“ now we are here, so without wasting your time and of course mine, can you now tell me what is it you want to tell me about” he asked looking straight at her.

Nadia released the breathe she has been holding as she began to tell senator Philip everything that has been going on between Ethan and her father, excluding her out of it, senator listen with great attention as Nadia continues with what she was saying.

“ interesting” that was what he said the moment Nadia finished with what she was saying, he has been nodding his head as Nadia was explaining the reason why she was around, not for once interrupting her.

“ my friend, late Donald was a generous man, who help people without hesitation, he was and still remains my best friend and brother, so that is why I believe what you told me about him leaning such amount of money to your father, and I also believe your father didn’t meet up with the agreement because I know all about the loan, of course, late Donald was like a brother to me so we didn’t hide anything from each other but……… do you know your father is at fault”

“ sir, I know, he made a great mistake for ignoring the agreement he made with last Donald and he has nothing to justify himself”

“ well, I have heard what you said but I still don’t know what you want me to do”

“sir, I am aware that apart from his grandfather, you are the closest person he call family, so I was hoping you could help me talk him out of this and we can put an end to what ever that happened and ……….”

“ you should know that Ethan is a man of his own, he makes his decisions” he said interrupting her, she wasn’t going to back out now not when she is so close

“ yes I know sir, but yet there is someone that he listens to” she said looking straight into senator Philip eyes, both of them glared at each other for some time before senator Philip broke the glared, he thought for sometime before opening his mouth

“ you are one determined lady, I won’t ask you how you got the information regarding the fate that Ethan does listen to me and respect me a lot, but I will tell you to stop digging into his private life, he won’t like that and I too won’t” he said nonchalantly,

even if he sounded calm, Nadia knew that was a warning and she thank God for him not asking where she got the information from, she wouldn’t dare to sell Richard out, but she tried not to show any fear, and tried to put away anything that will give her away.

“ has he taken full ownership of the company and other properties of your father?”

“ no sir, we were given a month to prepare, but due to my father illness, we haven’t done anything, sir I am not just speaking and pleading just for my self and my family but also for the workers of my father, many of them will go jobless and they are the bread winner of their families, please, help me, even if you don’t want to then help the children of those workers please”, she pleased with him, she don’t know but she felt broken, she was using all her will not to share a tear in present of him, Senator Philip also took note of this and the sincerity in her voice, he was amazed to see such lady.

Senator Philip knew about the issue that was going on between Ethan and Mr William, from when it started to now, he wasn’t shying on Ethan but he has close eyes on him, he was a son to him and he was doing everything to make sure he is always safe, so his eyes are always on him, He has never got involve in the business of Ethan because Ethan has already proven himself to him that he was capable of running his business without fear, and he was proud of him, but on seeing and hearing from the young lady sitting opposite him right now, he don’t know why he feel like helping.

“ I can gave out my help in talking to him and like you said he does listen to me”

Nadia face light up immediately she heard him.

“ but” senator Philip continues “ you will have to do something for me”

The joy hasn’t left her face, she knew there will be conditions but she was ready for it as far as it has nothing to do with marrying Ethan, she will do it

“ yes sir”

Senator Philip observed her for sometime, he wanted to make sure that he was helping the right person, she has to prove to him that she is worth helping and prove also about the words he has heard about her from his shy.

“ you will do one thing for me” he pause again to observe her, with the way he was delaying his words, Nadia knew something was up

“ you will spent one night with me then I can and will help you”

Nadia face grew pale, there was silence in the sitting, the only sound Nadia could hear is the numerous voices ringing in her head, she just can’t put together what he meant by spending the night with him, maybe he wants her help with something or or…..

“ please make me understand by spending the night with you” she drawled out

“ come on, you are not a kid, are you?” he asked smiling

That did it, she was right, he wants to have sex with her, she breathe in deeply to clam her nerves, she didn’t want to sound rude to him because he was seriously, if not mistakly her father age group.

“ I don’t expect you to answer me now” Senator Philip told her, he has noticed the reaction of Nadia but can’t understand it. Nadia got up quietly avoiding eye contact with him

“ I thank you for having me sir, I will take me leave now”

“ of course, call me tomorrow for your answer”

Nadia didn’t reply him as she made her way out of the house and out of the building, she got into her car and drove off, her mind was in fast mood as so many things was going round her head, when she couldn’t hold it any more she parked her car, holding the car wheel she scream at the top of her voice immediately bursting in cry,

Why will he ask her that?,

Did she look that desperate to him that she will run into his bed?,

She has never been embarrassed the way she was today,

She felt stupid,

He must has look at her like some cheat s–t for him to make such request

As she continues to think of these things she cried more, she cried for her family, for the employers that will lose their jobs, she cried because she felt useless, she cried because she let her parents down, she should be able to solve this, she help others with their problems, why was hers difficult, she continues to blame herself as she cried more in the closure of her car.

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