Episode 16



The day has been stressful for Ethan, with Richard not around he was finding it difficult to get some things right, I hope that his Human resources manager will be able to find someone before he comes back from Senator Philip’s party, going to Lagos wasn’t a problem for him as his private jet was always ready whenever you wish to travel, he wasn’t going to spend long at the party, not that he wasn’t a social person, he is, but being around some old politicians wasn’t something he values.

He was at the bar at the party drinking from a glass of champagne that was given to him by the barman, he was just waiting for Senator Philip to give his speech so he could run off to his room that was just on the seventh floor of the same hotel that the party is been held, the hotel belongs to him though only few people knows about this, and Senator Philip again decided to use his hotel for a party. Senator Philip was a man who loves parties that Ethan wonders how many parties he throws a month, he had refused to come but senator didn’t want to hear of it so there he was as always, he just don’t know how to refuse him.

“ I knew I will find you around”

Without turning to see who it was he already knew, he let it a frustrated sign before he could stop himself, turning around he came in face with Nina, who had a little frown on he face, she is obviously not happy not that he cares.

“ you have been ignoring my calls?, please kindly tell me why?” she said crossing her hands on her chest, as usual she is dress in a red knee-length Bodycon bandage one shoulder midi dress with the drees cut open at the side to reveal her fair thigh, parking her hair into ponytail with no necklace on just gold earrings, matching it with her red heel and golden purse, and of course her heavy makeup that fits her perfectly, This’s part of the reason he just don’t like her, Ethan love sexy ladies but not definitely the kind you have to be dressed half naked in public to get attention.

Ethan rolled his eyes at the question she asked, manner lost as always

“Good evening to you Nina, it’s like you forgot your manners at home again “

“ oh please, yeah yeah yeah, manners lecturing again, that is obviously not the topic “

“maybe if you have asked more nicely I could have told you why am ignoring your calls”

He said this dropping his glass of champagne as he made to walk away, Nina looked at him with her jaw dropping, how could he ignore her calls, she quickly caught herself as Ethan walked passed her but she wasn’t going to let him walk away, she just doesn’t know why she keeps trying to win Ethan love even when she knows Ethan has no interest on her, she always gets what she want and Ethan won’t be an exception, even if she has to wait, she will.

She quickly got hold of Ethan arm turning him over to face her, “ you just don’t walk out on me okey” she said her voice a little bit raise, she wasn’t angry but she needed to pretend to be.

“ so you did agreed to ignore my calls”

“ I really don’t have time for this Nina, can we do this another day”

“ well you don’t have another day as you are the one ignoring calls”

He was about to growl in frustration only for him to feel the pressure of someone press upon his back, thank God for the work out he does, he could have lost his balance and obviously fall on Nina who was still standing opposite him, that could have been embarrassing, he was so ready to put all his anger on who so ever decided to be the scape goat,

“ am so sorry, so….so…….sorry” he heard the person apologizing voice who obviously was a lady, he turned round with his angry face only for his face to be replaced with a surprise one on seeing who bumped into him.

They both stood there just staring at each other, each not knowing what to say to the other because them were both surprised to see each other. Well Nadia wasn’t that surprise to see him here but she never expected to run into him, but as for Ethan, he was surprised to see her, after what seems like forever, Ethan decided to break the silent, it wasn’t exactly silent as there was light music playing at the background, it’s a party after all.

“ what are you doing here?” he asked suspiciously but calmly

Nadia was more surprised to hear him talk so calmly but she knew unbeneath that calmness there is a beast about to explode.

“ hello, hi lady, can you stop staring at my man now”, that was Nina who snapped at Nadia who raised her eyebrows in surprise, was she for real or she was just trying to play a joke, any way she was going to play along, at least maybe she can use it to get away from here,

“ oh so sorry, it’s my fault to bump into your man” she said stressing the last word, Ethan let out a frustrated sigh, he was obviously not enjoying this.

“ so now I have apologized, I will just take my leave, bye bye” she was about to turn and walk away but Ethan wasn’t going to have that, he grabbed her by her hands lightly not wanting to leave a bruce on her soft skin, Nadia who didn’t expect to be pull back gave out a light gape of shock.

“ no way you are walking out of here just like that” he said as Nadia stood now facing him,

“ what…..”, Nina wanted to say, for she was shocked at what Ethan did, did they know each other?, or Ethan was just trying to vex his anger on her for bumping into him, but she was cut short by Ethan who interrupted her by raising one of his finger

“ not now Nina”

With that he walked away dragging Nadia along with him, Nadia tried to protest but the hold on her was not letting go, she fear for herself as he watched Ethan heading to the elevator,

“ where……are you…. taking me to?”

She asked stammering in fear, only to be ignored by Ethan. Not long they were inside the elevator yet Ethan didn’t let her go, the little sound from the elevator signal them that they have reached their destination and the door to the elevator opened, Nadia didn’t know the floor them where, but judging from the movement and how long the ride was, she knew they went downward, maybe to fourth of fifth floor.

Ethan immediately let go of her as they entered the hallway, he has took her here because this floor was a private floor, so him and of course those he calls family and friends has rooms here and they all seems to be enjoying themselves at the party.

“ now tell me, what are you doing here and how did you get here?” he was no longer calm, there were not in public so he had nothing to worry about, not that he care more about what others think but if he will end up getting married to Nadia, he wouldn’t want to give them something to talk about before they even get the chance to say I do.

“ well isn’t it obvious, it’s a party after all and I know its not your party”

She replied him, she needed to act as if she is unaware that senator Philip is his godfather.

“ don’t play dumb with me Nadia” he snapped at her, he knows Nadia was here for something and don’t know how to shake the feeling off him.

“ am I?, you are the one that took me to only God knows where and start asking questions”

“ are you following me?” it was more like an accusation than a question

Nadia raised her eyebrows in amusement

“ oh please no, and why will I do that, okey look I know you have your doubts but hey, I didn’t come here for you, why will I even do that”

“ really” he wasn’t convinced

“ I am not following you okey, why will I even do that”

“ I don’t know, you tell me” he said this taking a step closer to Nadia who in return take a step back.

“ what….what are you doing” she was stammering, a little scared of what he was going to do to her, there was no one here so yea she was scared and she did nothing to hide it. Ethan didn’t stop moving until her back touched the wall, even at that Ethan went closer to her until they were no space between them only the hand of Nadia that rest on his chest preventing him from going closer, from the way they were standing, you will mistake them for lovely couples. Ethan was few inches taller than Nadia making her to look like a little child in the arms of a young man, Ethan was so tempted to take her into his arms as naughty thoughts came flashing into his mind, but he quickly shook it off, He placed his right hand on the wall few inches away from Nadia, Nadia hates the warmness his body brings to hers, there was so much warmness coming from this man standing in front of her but yet he seems cold, that’s why she just can’t seems to warm up to him.

“ you are acting all smart now right?, that means the little message I passed to you this morning didn’t clear out things, did it?, I could have allowed you kept in their custody, maybe you wouldn’t be in here right now” he seriously said, Nadia thought about what he meant by what he said until everything clicked

“ you did that just to get to me?” she said more like a statement than a question, Ethan leaded even more closer to her, she tense with his closeness now, this was too close, he didn’t seem to mind their position as he whispers in her ear

“ oh I can do more if you don’t stop pushing me, I am that one man you should beware of, next time, you will not be this lucky, you will leave this place immediately, that is an order coming from me, and you will obey if you want to leave here in one piece “ he threatened

Oh she really want to leave in one piece and he doesn’t need to threaten her for her to do that, she was always on her way out if not for him that brought her here, she didn’t say anything as he just stare at him, after saying that he stepped back and walked away, Nadia let out the breath she didn’t know she was holding, well now is for her to find her way back, she was scared that he could do something to her but hopefully nothing happened, at least she has gotten what she came for.

Nadia arrived to Abuja the next day morning, she took an early flight because she wanted to arrive home on time to avoid unnecessary questions from her mother, because her mother wasn’t aware that she traveled to Abuja, she just has to come up with something to tell her, just as she has planned her parents were still sleeping when she arrived home, she went to her room and immediately went to bed as she was still very tired and sleepy due to the fact that she didn’t get enough sleep before waking up to catch her flight.

The ringing on her phone woke her up, she picked it with looking at the caller, it was an unsaved number

“ hello”

“ Good morning miss William”

She recognized the voice, she immediately sat up on her bed, sleep leaving her eyes,

“ good morning to you, i wasn’t hoping to hear from you again” she said trying not to sound exciting, she was really happy to hear from him, she really needed someone that can help her in arranging her next plan, even if she doesn’t know him that much he felt he can trust him.

Richard chuckles in the other end, “ well of course, just calling to know how yesterday went?”

“ oh it went well, I met with him and luckily for me he left me his card”

“ woah, that’s a good start, so have you called him”

“ no not yet”

“ so what are you waiting for, you have to call him so he can fits am appointment with him, you know he’s a busy man”

“ yeah, I will do that once it’s mid day”

“ it’s already midday”

“ its already midday?” She asked surprisingly

“ yea, it’s 2pm already”

2pm, she was surprised that she slept that long, she won’t blame her body, her body needed it.

“ once we end this call, I will put a call to him”

“ okey then I will leave you to it, just call me back once you are done”

“ okey”

With that the line went dead, she immediately got out of bed to her bag where she has kept the card, immediately she got hold of it she sat back on her bed and dialed the number, she did the sign of the cross as the line began to ring at the other end, after the fourth ring a male voice came through the phone,

“ hello, this is Senator Philip speaking”

“ Good afternoon Senator, am Nadia William, the lady you gave your card to yesterday at your party “

She hope he would remember her, since she knew he might have given his card to a lot of people that night, but what he said surprised her.

“ Nadia, of course, I have been expecting your call, I know you have something you will love to share with me, so how about we meet?”

Well that was easy again.

“ yes sir you are correct, I do have something important to share with you, but at the moment I am in Abuja, but that won’t be a problem for me as I can take another flight to Lagos to see you”

“ no, that won’t be necessary as I will be in Abuja two days from now, I hope whatever you want to tell me can wait still then”

“ yes of course”

“ good, see you then, I will save your number now and put a call to you one am in Abuja”

“ okey sir, thank you sir”

“ Don’t thank me yet, until whatever you want me to help you with is done, you take care”

“ you too sir” and the line went dead.

How was things working so easy for her?, though she has expected this, but she never knew it will be this easy, she was thinking she had to explain herself more before he will even agree to hear her reason for requesting a meeting with him, lord be praised, she quickly went through her call log and daily Richard’s number.

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