Episode 4

Continues from last Sequence..

(Till at Ethan office)

How was he going to work this out within a week was his worries now, he knows Ethan will definitely won’t be able to see reason with him, he has just experienced first hand of his arrogant behavior, he exhale heavily before getting on his feet, Richard was waiting for both Mr William and Mr Edward so he could walk them out, he do feel sorry for Mr William as he has heard great things about the man but it was not his place to say a word.


Mr Williams walked into his living room and immediately sat on the couch resting his head on the inside back of the couch (The up edge of a couch) lost in his own thoughts.

His wife Elena also known as Mrs Elena Williams descended from the stairs with a smile on her face but her smile was quickly replaced with a frown seeing the worried look on her husband’s face, she quickly walked to him sitting just right at his side and placed her hand on his lap, this brought him out of his thoughts as he was lost in them without realizing his beloved wife has sat close to him, he looked at Elena without saying a word as his mind was still occupied with thoughts,

“ are you alright “ Elena asked,

Mr William sign lightly before sitting up properly still not saying a word.

“ please Williams, if something is wrong let me know” she pleased.

Elena or Mrs Williams as many people call her is in her late 40s but beautiful and young for her age, she is dark skinned and average in shape and in height, both has been married for 25 years now and have loved themselves ever since, they have one daughter called Nadia who they love so much.

Mr William rests his hand on Elena hand that is on his lap and caress it gently,

“I won’t lie to you, all is not well” he said, “ I’m just coming from Cloudworld technology worldwide, I was invited to a meeting with the CEO”

“ Cloudworld technology worldwide “ she asked trying to remember where she has heard the name.

“you remember ten years ago when we were having difficulties with the company”

“ yes I remember”

“ and we had to ask for a load from Late Mr Donald, father to Vivian’s husband”.

Elena immediately remembered,

“ yes, and since then we haven’t been able to meet up with the payment”

Mr Williams nodded in agreement, that was when Relaxation came to her

“oh my God, did he call you for the load, but Mr Donald is dead,

“yes he’s late” Mr William answered,

“ and his grandson took over, oh my God.

she knew that was not good as she too have heard many uncomfortable things about Ethan from Vivian.

“ and I must say he is just as we heard, arrogant and proud “ he said angrily remembering what transpired between them few hours ago. “ so what did he say” Elena asked,

“ would you imagine that boy, giving me a week to pay the debt, how on earth can I get that money right now when the company is not doing well” he spook in anger.

“ what” she was shocked to hear this, that is a huge problem on their part because she already knows what is to come if the money is not paid within the deadline,

“ what are we going to do”

“ I don’t know I really don’t know”

And with that the whole place fell into silence as they were both lost in their own thoughts.


Ethan is at the back seat of his car, as usual Richard is on the passenger sit while the driver drives, he is heading straight to Rockage cooperation to meet Mr Williams himself, he knows fully well that Mr William will not come to his office as he has waited for him yesterday to call or send an Email but nothing came through, obviously he doesn’t have the money which is good on his part as his plan will go just fine, he was brought out of his thought with the ringing of his phone that he held in his hand, he turn the screen to reveal Jake his best friend name on the screen, Jack and Ethan have been friends since high school days, well he is the only friend Ethan actually has, Jack is older than Ethan with just a year making his 28 and he is a doctor that has also done well for himself.

“ you are finally back” Ethan said on the phone as soon as he picks it, he has been out of the country for a month to do an important surgery in Canada. Jack laughed in the other end of the phone,

“ I know you miss me baby, but don’t worry I will make up to you tonight in the bedroom” he said teasingly

“ you wish”

Jack has always been the free and jovial one among the both of them, and more nicer too as he is the opposite of Ethan.

“ well I missed you if you don’t “ jack said,

“ of course I know that, so how was it? ” Ethan asked him

“ well it was good that’s if you are referring to my journey back”

“ yea I couldn’t care more about someone been cut open”.

Jack laughs to this, Ethan hates hospitals for the reason that it brings back the bed memories about the death of his mother.

“ where are you, I want us to meet, I have so much to tell you”

“ more than what you have told me for the pass one month you have been in Canada”

“hmmmmmm maybe, so where are you home or office”

“ car”

He knows jack is putting on a confused look right now

“ am on my way to Rockage cooperation”

“ for a meeting” Jack asked,

“nah” so he went on and told jack everything leaving nothing untold.

“ woah, they have fallen into your trap haven’t they, so sorry them”

“ whatever”

“ well at least the man didn’t lie, they are really going through a lot”

“ and how do you know that”

“ a patient of mine son work there as Mr William personal assistant, so we are kind of close, and I have seen his daughter, such a beautiful lady”

Ethan was surprise to hear what Jack said,

“ What, do come again”

“ you didn’t know, You should really keep track on your debtors” Jack tease him again

Ethan cursed under his breath, he really should have do some background check on Mr William, he shifts the phone away from his ear.

“ Richard”. Richard immediately turned to his boss, “ yes sir” , “ give me every details about Mr Williams daughter, if he has one, now”

“ yes sir” and with that Richard went to work on his laptop, Ethan place the phone back to his ear.

“ someone is in love” jack said tensely again, this will make it the third time Jack has tease him in their conversation and he doesn’t like it,

“shut up” jack laughed again

“She is beautiful you know, hot and sexy”

“just shut up jack” he knows jack was trying to get under his skin.

“ ok man do what you have to do and give me a call once you are done, deal”

“ deal” with that he headed the call, just than Richard’s voice was heard, “ sir I have got it” that was one thing he loves about Richard, he is always fast in things like this, “ tell me”

“ Her name is Nadia, she is 22 years old, she did her 22nd birthday one month ago, she is a two hundred level student currently in the university of Abuja studying Marketing and Management, she has done well for herself in her education as she has won many awards from different competitions, she is really love by…. I will say mostly everyone, she have a blog that help people with business problems and she got fans, I have sent her pics to you sir”

Just than Ethan phone vibrates indicating the new arrival of a message, he quickly open his phone and the face of a beautiful young woman came in view, in the pic she was wearing a dark blue lapel straight knee length dress with a short sleeved, with a silver heel, her 26 inch human hair was left loose, she had a light makeup on, she look beautiful in the pic,

“ and she is his only child” Richard finished

He tried not to be captivated by her beauty, to him woman are all a distraction, when a man and a woman comes together it created a stupid feeling called love that will only be the beginning of a man’s downfall, that is what he believes and no one can tell him otherwise, he was still thinking about this when a new idea came to him, he smirk at the thought of this.


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