Episode 3

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The name of Ethan personal assistant is called Rachael, but it will be change to Richard. So you will not be confused.


Continues part.


As soon as he enter his office which was on the third floor of the company building he ended his call, taking his seat he placed the phone on the office desk while Mr Edward helps in arranging the file in the suitcase on the office desk.

“ any news from our investors in China” he asked picking one of the file. “ yes sir, I have scheduled a meeting one week from now, they will be flying down to Nigeria next week” he answered with a smile, “oh that’s good you have done a great job”, this even made his smile grow wider, he always work hard to be appreciated by his boss Mr William, he opened a small file he has been holding since the arrival of Mr William and brought out a piece of paper. “sir an Email came in yesterday from Cloudworld technology worldwide“, he said heading the file to Mr Williams who took it with a surprise look.

Mr William has heard so much about the company, he still remember it was once ran by Mr Donald but with another name, once Mr Donald passed away he headed it to his grandson who manged the company with his and called it Cloudworld, he has heard so much about the new holder from his cousin sister Vivian, who is married to the father of the holder, though he doesn’t know the name, he always choose to call him Mr Donald, but to receive a letter from same company that helped him many years ago brought a feeling to him, he doesn’t know if it a bad feeling or a good one.

“ Mr Donald, the CEO of Cloudworld technology worldwide is seeking for a meeting with you, scheduled in two days time that will be thursday” Mr Edward said, Mr William gaze at him before shifting his eyes back on the paper in his hand, trying to process the reason for the meeting, “it stated there that it is important, but I haven’t given an answer yet” Mr Edward finished, “ that will be okey if I don’t have any plans for that day” Mr William wasn’t going to let anxiety take the better part of him, he is going to accept the invitation whether it is good or bad, but he just hope it is not something he can’t handle.


Cloudworld technology worldwide

Mr William is seen sitting in Ethan office, he has been here for the past 10 minutes and yet Ethan hasn’t showed his face, Mr William was already growing inpatient though Richard the personal assistant to Ethan, as he came to know has given him the reasons for Ethan delay, he isn’t just satisfied because he knows as business men they always keep to their time, if that is how Ethan goes late to his appointment his company couldn’t be one of the best in the world, so to him it was hard to believe what Richard told him.

He gleams at his wrist watch again Ethan was another minute late, he angrily stood up, “ Edward” he spook to Edward who as been standing close to him in silent “ yes sir”, “ let’s go it seems Mr Donald don’t have anything important to discuss with me”, Edward only nodded without saying anything, just as they were few meters away from the door, the door swing open as the face of Ethan came to view follow by Richard , he walked right straight to Mr William extending his hand for an handshake, there was no smile on his face well he doesn’t even know when last he smiled. “ you must be Mr William, I am Ethan Donald“, Mr William took his hand not smiling either, he was still upset about the delay. “finally”, that was all he would say because he doesn’t want to sound rude “please” Ethan gesture him to take a seat with his other free hand as they were still shaking hands, with this they disconnect the handshake as they took their seats, Ethan unbutton his suit so he would be comfortable while sitting down which he normally does, “ you are late, late isn’t a good meeting agenda“, Mr William said not wanting to hold himself back, but he tried not to sound rude, he has used the opportunity while Ethan was sitting to absence him, he look really young for a CEO and a billionaire but with the great achievement he has he know he was good at what he does, “ well you can’t blame me, was tide up on something”, well that was a lie on his part, he has been in his other office observing Mr William through the CCTV in the office they are , he just wanted to make him wait and to observe what kind of a man he is, Mr William was irritated by his answer, not even an apology, what he has heard about him were all true, with all his money he is an arrogant man.

“ now let’s get to the reason why you are here, Richard ” immediately Richard extended a file to Mr William who hesitated at first but later took it and went through it, Ethan watched as Mr William fling from page to page until he stopped immediately, this caused a smirk on his face because he knew Mr William has gotten to the good part.

Mr William look at Ethan who has quickly removed the smirk on his face, “ you do understand what is in there don’t you” he asked Mr William with a serious tone, now it is time for business which is something he doesn’t play with, “ yes I do, it was the agreement I made with your grandfather when he loaned me some money 10 years ago” “some money, 45 billion dollars isn’t some money, it’s a huge money removed from a company’s account, you will agree with me right.

Mr William was silent, not knowing the next word to use, “ so” Ethan continue “ I will love to asked why you haven’t respected that agreement, I was told that you promised to pay monthly but there have been no record of that, so I asked why is that” he finished his sentence with one go, Mr William sign heavily, he knows what was about to go on but he wasn’t going to show defeat, “ well I understand were you are coming from, I know you wasn’t there when the agreement was made but as the CEO now you have every right to question, truly it is a huge amount of money and am deeply sorry for the delay of payment “

“ delay of payment” Ethan interrupted him “ you call 10 years delay of payment, let me refeze that, you decided not to pay because of course, your cousin is married to my father, did I get it right” “ I beg your pardon“ Mr William sound offended with the words of Ethan, how can he think such a thing, Richard and Edward gave themselves a gleam before focusing back on their bosses.

Mr William tried to clam himself down, he knows misunderstanding will make matter worst, he was the older one there, “ I would have paid that money but my company is still passing through some crisis that hasn’t been resolved, but I promise to pay back once it’s done”, Ethan was silent for some time, not really considering what he said but was just acting up so Mr William will think that way, “no” Mr William was shocked with his answer “ you had ten good years of grace, grace don’t last for ever, I want my money within one week, failure to do so, we will then see in court, Richard here will attend to you”, Ethan said getting up, he doesn’t want to push the matter too long even though he is having fun he has some other things to do, “how do you expect me to come up with that huge amount of money within a week” he asked in disbelief, “ Mr William, you will come up with it, same way my grandfather came up with it, I will hear from you in a week time, please do see yourself out” with that he left the office leaving Mr William dumbfounded.

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